Home & Personal Care Goods (NW Evanston)

This strange melange of home and personal care goods (with a bath toy thrown in for good measure) was rescued by yours truly from my husband’s ruthless clutches. They are currently residing in my car away from the prying eyes of said husband, so quick pick-up is a must.
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Easy PPU in NW Evanston X-posted

1. Uhhhh…It’s like a functional objet d’art. I guess. Like you can use it to hold pens. IDK. It was a gift.
2. Little scuba diver & assorted sea life we bought at LPZ ages ago & used as bath toys (hard water spots on case & a little rust on handle from carabiner we hung it from)
3. Two 1 tbs scoops -from our laundry detergent (sterilized in dishwasher, food safe. I hope cuz we use them for food.)
4. 3 assorted combs (clean, unused)
5. bobby pins (new, unused)
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