Decoration rock/gravel (Westbrae, Berk Natural Grocery)

white and tan decoration rock for your garden project!

recommendation: use an online calculator to figure out how much gravel you need. If it’s more than for a potted plant, or for landscaping, then bring a truck with tarpped bed, or car trunk with tarp. we have a wheelbarrow and shovel you can use, you’ll likely want to fill half the wheel barrow, bring it from the yard out to your vehicle at the sidewalk and shovel it in. it is HEAVY, you will want the wheelbarrow! we’ve had a couple people take gravel already and all of them have given up partway due to the physicality of the task, so be prepared! maybe bring a tireless friend! i’m around most days to coordinate, email me with times you want to come, and how much rock you want.

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