Pour over coffee parts (NE Bellevue nr crossroads)

My TN/BN practices:
--Don't hold for anyone because... people.
--Give to whomever can come fastest 🏃‍♂️💨
--Give address to one person at a time ☝️
--Prompt responses, actionable info, minimum flake ❄️
--Crosspost as needed to get the item gone


1) a tragic Chemex.☕ First the wood insulators protecting one's hands 👋 from daily burns. RIP ☠️ the original leather strap (behold the wood bead from that ligature) and the super strong cable ties which klooged usage of the beloved device years into the future. Then a tragic incident in an unforgiving sink. 😭

2) Bodum French press, similar fate.

Words: coffee espresso
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