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Offer: Potato Rolls (Lawrence-Bathurst) - New package.
Photo of free Potato Rolls (Lawrence-Bathurst)
Request: Cassette Tape Recorder (Lawrence-Bathurst) - looking for cassette tape recorder in good condition. Request: Computer Mouse (Lawrence-Bathurst) - Looking for wired computer mouse in good condition. Offer: Cleaned Empty Containers (Yonge and 401 area) - I haven't thrown out plastic / glass since November 2018. May basement is overrun but I can't stand the thought of it going into landfill. I don't trust our recycling. I have glass kombucha bottles / plastic nut butter jars, a bazillion or so soy milk containers, plastic soap pump bottles, supplement bottles, oil bottles the list goes on and on. Surely, someone out there somewhere needs something.... I have it whatever it is l-l
Photo of free Cleaned Empty Containers (Yonge and 401 area)
Request: flagstone (Yonge and 401 area) - Building Butterfly Bee sanctuary in my backyard and my dream is to have a meandering walkway winding through it. I'm hoping someone is renovating their backyard and may have some flagstone they're either replacing or have extra random pieces. I'll pick up. Thanks so much. Offer: Beige loveseat (Bayview/Sheppard) - Beige loveseat with 4 small pillows. Needs some cleaning. Smoke free/pet free home. Needs some support under the cushions. You will need to take it out of the sunroom.
Photo of free Beige loveseat (Bayview/Sheppard)
Offer: ladies T-shirt (Leslie/Major Mac) - Navy blue 'Running Room' polyester t-shirt ladies size XS. New condition.
Photo of free ladies T-shirt (Leslie/Major Mac)
Request: Bedding (Jones and Gerrard/Blake Street) - Looking for bedding for whatever size mattress this is and pillow cases... i think its a double. Not sure though. Also looking for bedding for a crib mattress as well for my toddler. Or even just some fitted sheets would do for now since summers coming soon as far as my mattress goes. Thanks in advance. Mama Panda and Rory Panda The Panda Family Xoxoxo 💕🐼🐼💕
Photo of Bedding (Jones and Gerrard/Blake Street)
Request: Wireless keyboard (Beaches) - I'm looking for wireless Bluetooth small keyboard for my tablet. If anyone have working Bluetooth keyboard will be greatly appreciated. Beach area. Thank you Offer: Firewood (Kennedy/Bur Oak) - A bag of firewood. Porch pick up
Photo of free Firewood (Kennedy/Bur Oak)
Offer: 100 used wine corks for crafts (East Scarborough) - Bag of corks Contactless driveway pick up east of Markham and Lawrence
Photo of free 100 used wine corks for crafts (East Scarborough)
Request: Fire pit screen (VP/ Danforth area) - Looking for just the mesh topper. Will pick up east Toronto. Thanks for your consideration
Photo of Fire pit screen (VP/ Danforth area)
Offer: Quart of paint (South Cabbagetown) - Full quart, never used Benjamin Moore Ulti-Mat. Colour is Pomegranite, # AF-295. Bought it last summer for our accent wall but decided to go with a different red.
Photo of free Quart of paint (South Cabbagetown)
Photo of free Quart of paint (South Cabbagetown)
Offer: Curb find: cans @Flemington Park (Lawrence ave W and Allen Road) - Spotted last night around 8:30pm under a tree at Flemington park (near Ranee and Allen Road): canned veggies, soups, peanut butter, etc. Not mine, can’t hold.
Photo of free Curb find: cans @Flemington Park (Lawrence ave W and Allen Road)
Request: Swing seats (Victoria park and eglinton) - Looking for two swing seats. If you have an old swing set and are looking to upgrade the seats I’d love to have your old swing seats. Thanks Request: Large vintage mirror (Cabbagetown) - Large/full body. Gold. Offer: Drywall pieces (VP/ Danforth area) - A variety of sizes. No full sheets. Message me what you’re in need of. Porch pick up ASAP
Photo of free Drywall pieces (VP/ Danforth area)
Offer: Baby boy clothes 6-12M (Leslie/Major Mac) - Used boy clothes for baby 6-12M + sleepsack. Please state pick up time.
Photo of free Baby boy clothes 6-12M (Leslie/Major Mac)
Photo of free Baby boy clothes 6-12M (Leslie/Major Mac)
Offer: Plastic grocery bags (East Scarborough) - Anyone have a use for plastic grocery bags? I have bags of bags. Offer: Soft turtle toy (Leslie/Major Mac) - Soft bigger turtle toy (see photo) from clean and smoke free home. Please state pick up time.
Photo of free Soft turtle toy (Leslie/Major Mac)
Offer: Beaters for hand mixer (East Scarborough) - My old general electric hand mixer died but the beaters are still in good shape incase any one is looking for replacements.
Photo of free Beaters for hand mixer (East Scarborough)
Offer: Flip Flop (Leslie/Major Mac) - New. size: M/L
Photo of free Flip Flop (Leslie/Major Mac)
Offer: Board book (Midland and Lawrence) - Some pages are torn and the spine is broken as indicated in the pictures. Lots of other pages that are fine. Beautiful pictures. Could be used as a story book or for crafts, etc. Porch pick up.
Photo of free Board book (Midland and Lawrence)
Photo of free Board book (Midland and Lawrence)
Photo of free Board book (Midland and Lawrence)
Photo of free Board book (Midland and Lawrence)
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Request: Makeup vanity with mirror (Midtown) - Looking for a makeup vanity with mirror. Thanks Request: Ratchet set (Wellsley/ Shorbourne) - I could use a Ratchet set both , metric and Imperial measure to work on my scooter to get it ready for spring.. Thank you Request: A Game System and Games (Jones and Gerrard/Blake Street) - Honestly my favorite is N64 and havent had one since childhood years but I'd be happy to have anything. Not much to do here at home being inside. Haven't owned a game system of any sort since about 2013 when I had an Xbox 360 I was working at the time and afforded to buy it but when my partner and I split up he decided it was his and the fight for it really wasn't worth the abusive treatment I'd have endured more of which was the reason I broke it off in the first place so I said take it. I really miss gaming alot. Can't afford diapers and groceries barely these days let alone a game system and games. Anyways if you have any old systems that still work but you don't use anymore contact me. Grateful for any and all offers. I don't drive and I live in East End Gerrard and Jones area. Thanks In Advance. 🐼Mama Panda and Rory Panda 🐼
Photo of A Game System and Games (Jones and Gerrard/Blake Street)
Offer: Insulated shelter (Scarborough, Canada) - Insulated shelter was used for the farrel cats in our neighborhood however they are not coming around anymore. There are 2 compartments both insulated. Roof comes off. Pu is Scarborough golf Club and Lawrence. Need 2 people to carry out from the back yard
Photo of free Insulated shelter (Scarborough, Canada)
Request: stapler**scotch tape**thick tape (toronto, north york area) - **stapler**scotch tape**thick tape does anybody have a spare stapler that accepts standard staples that you do Not need? and how about some extra Scotch Tape and/or Thick, Wide Tape? i can meet you anywhere that the T.T.C. goes or at any subway station in Toronto. thank you. Request: Vinegar, Baking Soda, Cinnamon (toronto, north york area) - if you have any Extra Bottles or Boxes of Vinegar, Baking Soda and Cinnamon that You Do Not Need? if so, then please let me know. i am in North York, but can go to You or Meet You Somewhere. Make It A Great Day! Offer: Cats in Basket Decoration/Toy (Pape/Danforth) - New unused cats in basket 🐱🐾 Meows and eyes light up when button is pressed. Great as a decoration or to keep a child entertained Pickup Pape/Danforth
Photo of free Cats in Basket Decoration/Toy (Pape/Danforth)
Photo of free Cats in Basket Decoration/Toy (Pape/Danforth)