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Offer: Four Large Pallets (Clive Vale TN35) - Four large pallets, 45 inches square. You’ll need a van and two strong people to take them away. First come first served, contact for address in Ore.
Photo of free Four Large Pallets (Clive Vale TN35)
Request: a digital printer (Blacklands TN34) - I like doing crosswords and my faithful 20 year old printer has stopped working Request: a printer (Blacklands TN34) - i like doing crosswords an my 20 year old printer has stopped working Offer: Wooden Folding chairs for repairs ideal camping. (Playden TN31) - I have on offer two folding wooden chairs they are ideal for camping in the garden or on the beach. They are in need of attention as the glue has dried out and some of the joints are loose, they are still usable but a bit rocky. Please note I am in Rye.
Photo of free Wooden Folding chairs for repairs ideal camping. (Playden TN31)
Offer: Wellington Boots (Bohemia TN37) - Three pairs of watertight green rubber Wellington boots - insides are clean, hardly worn: 1 pair UK size 4 (EU size 37) 1 pair UK size 5 (EU size 38) 1 pair UK size 6 (EU size 40)
Photo of free Wellington Boots (Bohemia TN37)
Offer: Grey/Blue shale (Loose, Maidstone) - Approximately 20 bags of garden shale, perfect for gardens. Bags not in best condition so feel free to bring some extra bin liners.
Photo of free Grey/Blue shale (Loose, Maidstone)
Photo of free Grey/Blue shale (Loose, Maidstone)
Offer: Stools (Westham BN24) - 3 stackable metal stools. Will leave outside for collection.
Photo of free Stools (Westham BN24)
Request: Hemnes shoe storage (West Hill TN34) - I know it’s a big ask but if anyone has an IKEA Hemnes shoe storage cabinet they no longer need, I’d love to have it. If anyone sees one for sale secondhand in the Hastings area, I’d be grateful if you could let me know! Request: Floorboards (Hastings TN34) - Hi - just wondered if anyone has some old floorboards in the garage/shed not wanted - Thanks …... Offer: Bag (TN24) - Pink mermaid bag
Photo of free Bag (TN24)
Request: Ab crunchers / Rocker (CT4) - Looking for a Ab cruncher / Rocker. Offer: Steam travel iron (Brenchley) Promised - Small and light - hardly used - good condition
Photo of free Steam travel iron (Brenchley)
Photo of free Steam travel iron (Brenchley)
Photo of free Steam travel iron (Brenchley)
Offer: Mini travel water boiler (Brenchley) - Good condition - not much used
Photo of free Mini travel water boiler (Brenchley)
Offer: IKEA wooden wall rack (Brenchley) - Pine unused wall hanging rack for magazines etc
Photo of free IKEA wooden wall rack (Brenchley)
Offer: Remington Travel hairdryer (Brenchley)
Photo of free Remington Travel hairdryer (Brenchley)
Offer: Curtain tie backs x2 (Brenchley) Promised - Two black metal curtain tie backs - IKEA - never used
Photo of free Curtain tie backs x2 (Brenchley)
Offer: Five bags of hardcore (Clive Vale TN35) - 5 x 25kg bags of broken stone and concrete from old path.
Photo of free Five bags of hardcore (Clive Vale TN35)
Photo of free Five bags of hardcore (Clive Vale TN35)
Photo of free Five bags of hardcore (Clive Vale TN35)
Request: Car badges (Old Town TN40) - Please may I be considered for any car badges or wheel inserts. My 9 year old autistic son has started collecting them. They will be very much appreciated. Thank you Offer: Used Painting Canvases (Tenterden TN30) - I have about 20 or more canvases that have been painted using acrylic paint. They are 30 by 20 inches and can be painted over or primed as I have done with good results. Would suit someone who wants to experiment but would only be suitable for acrylic painting and not oils as they are already painted with acrylic paint. Request: wall paper rolls or offcuts (Silverhill TN38) - Looking for unwanted patterned wall paper rolls and off cuts. Request: Garden trolley (Glenleigh Park TN39) - Hi. I'm looking for a garden trolley if anyone has one they no longer use . Thanks in advance Offer: Upright piano (Silverhill TN37) - Practice piano Manufacturer Boyd Ltd London, likely from 1930s. In fair condition, not dried out from central heating so quite good function, all keys functioning and still reasonably in tune (with itself). Finish is good, scratches minimal, would clean up nicely. Belonged to my mother and not played for a few years. Free to a good home. It would probably sell but I need to clear the house. Offer: Ikea Komplement rail (Bohemia TN37) - 75cm Ikea Komplement rail (for use with Pax wardrobe), with end fittings. White. Unused. See one on Ikea here: / Offer: 2 Lampshades (Bohemia TN37) - 2 metal lampshades, 1 black, 1 bright blue (both white on the underside). Shade diameter: 31cm; hole diameter 4cm Happy to give single or together. Offer: large picture frame (Bohemia TN37) - Large black wooden picture frame with distressed finish. Please note, this is just the frame (no backing board, glass/acrylic etc) Outer edge measurements: 74 x 124 cm Inner measurements: 58.5 x 108.5 cm Offer: Snooker VHS videos (CT18) - Four Snooker Trick Shot VHS videos - see photo.
Photo of free Snooker VHS videos (CT18)
Request: Knitting wool (Baldslow TN35) - I'm looking for knitting wool to make blankets and comforters for prem babies in hospitals. Offer: A box of Bicycle Spares (Playden TN31) - I have on offer a box of bicycle spares. There are chains derailleurs, gear changers, inner tubes, lights etc. Found them in the shed. Please note they are in Rye.
Photo of free A box of Bicycle Spares (Playden TN31)
Request: DeWaltor or Black&Decker 14.4V battery case (Broomgrove TN34) - has anyone got one of these please dead or alive only need the casing to be intact DeWalt or Black&Decker 14.4V battery Offer: Hp deskjet printer (battle TN33) - 2600 all in one series Hardly used, needs ink only
Photo of free Hp deskjet printer (battle TN33)