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Request: Swing set or yard play equipment (Kansas City Ks) - Youth yard play equipment In reasonable good condition Offer: Infant car seat (South overland park) - Infant car seat. Like new condition.
Offer: Only A Week Old (Independence) - Took in stray due to weather because no shelter would, she had 5 babies week late. She and three of the babies still need homes.
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Request: Large flower pots or containers (139th and blackbob) - I am looking for large flower pots for growing tomatoes or peppers and other things or raise container gardens. I have had 6 back surgeries in 4 months and a spinal fusion so I can't move well. This will help me be able to garden and grow food Request: Shingles (Old Town Lenexa) - I'm making a little free library and am in need of some shingles for the roof. I don't need a lot. If you have any suggestions I'm open. Thanks Offer: Samsung Front load washer (Black Bob & 143rd Street) - Large capacity, white, it runs, but takes a lot longer than it’s suppose to.
Offer: Empty beer bottles (Faucett, Mo) - I have several boxes worth of clear and brown beer and soda bottles, plus other glass jars I had been saving for a project if anyone would be interested. Now my other projects are needing space, so if no takers, I will probably just take them to the recycling center. Would consider meeting in Platte City, St. Joe, or possibly Legends/Speedway area Offer: Two Refrigerators and a dishwasher (Blue Springs) - None of items work. Just posting them to see if anyone wants them for scrapping. If interested I'll give you my address and move them to the curb for you to pick up. Request: some horse or cow Manure (23rd st Independence, missouri) - My daughter and i are building a couple raised gardens durring this quarentine. Ive ran out of dirt and moneys tight now. I cant finish. if you could help we would be very greatful. Thank you. Request: 4 twin beds or 2 bunk beds (independence mo) - I need 4 twin beds or 2 bunk beds. My friends kids were sharing a bed mixed ages under 10yrs.To 3yrs old. Need now. DFS got involved. Help these kids stay in their loving home! Offer: Used padded mailers (119th and Antioch O.P.,Ks) - Various sizes 5x7,8x10,8x11 Request: old recliner chair (KCK) - Wanted -a used recliner chair - mine has finally been trashed. Will be using it on my sheltered front porch to rest my old back while doing yard work and other outdoor projects. Not too big or too fancy, would prefer fabric, but will take what I can get. In passable mechanical condition desired. Able to make minor repairs and patching. Senior citizen (75 in July). Have truck - will pick up promptly. Request: Flooring tile or planks (Olathe, KS) - ISO tile or planks for small bathroom and kitchen floor, extras from your projects. Tyia Request: Garden (South KC) - 4x4 wooden posts, 4 to 12 feet. Need 16 poles total, preferred. Also dirt for fill. Request: Moving boxes (Harrisonville, Mo.) - ISO moving boxes. Offer: exercise equipment (Odessa) - working condition Offer: various exercise equipment (Odessa) - older treadmill, & aerobic rider both work Offer: Tv and bbq grill (806 Hope place central Columbi) - Will be sitting in yard in front of house today only feel free to stop and pick up Request: Alpine trees 3’ 4’ and 5’ (northland- liberty) - Alpine trees like sold at hobby lobby doesn’t matter if lighted or not. Needed for classroom pretend play area
Request: Tounge and groove red oak flooring (KCK) - I'm making some countertops and need bits and pieces of red oak T&G flooring. Any width will do, but prefer 1-1/2". Can cut other sizes down to that. Very few supply houses carry the smaller size. Need a total of about 140 sq. ft., but will accept any amount. 913-831-6266 Request: a 6-10 man tent (Kansas City) - Cause my ex kicked me out and I'm sleeping outside on the ground please and thank you Request: Free Manure (64628) - Would prefer Rabbit manure if possible. Offer: Salad dressing and toppings (Raytown and Prairie Village) - My sister buys salads with the dressing packets/toppings included, but she only eats the salad part!?! These are from within the last few months and are piling up! I think there are like 25 large packs.
Request: Small pebbles or rocks (Mission) - Anybody getting rid oFe all Pebbles or rocks or know where I can get some? Request: Desk (North Kansas city) - Sturdy Home desk Request: Gently Used baby items (North Kansas city) - Gently used baby items. Young parents need everything for baby girl. All donations welcome mom really likes sunflowers! Thanks for your time Request: Maternity Clothes (North Kansas city) - Size Med Maternity clothe for young pregnant mom. Due in July can use all seasons! Thank you Request: Flooring tile or planks (Olathe, KS) - ISO tile or planks for small bathroom and kitchen floor, extras from your projects. Offer: Diamondback Road Bike (Overland Park) - This bike is good for someone wanting to fix up a bike and ride it (or sell it). I bought it used about 6 years ago. I put in about 150 miles on it. I lost time for biking and did not keep up with biking or with the maintenance. The handle bars need new tape. New brake lines need to be added. Chain and gears probably need to be replaced. I'm about 5'9'' so I think this bike would fit someone about that height. I will also provide the bike pump, shoes (men's size 8), Bell bike helmet, and bike lock.
Offer: Reef Tank-Coral (Overland Park) - I am moving and will be tearing down my reef tank. I'm giving away 4 pieces of corals. I have a trumpet coral (single head) on a frag. I have a mushroom (single head) on a frag. I will give away a rock with 3 mushroom heads. Another rock has 4 or 5 mushroom heads. Full disclosure. I do have limpets, bristle worms, asterina stars, and aiptasia. These coral will need to be dipped to prevent unwanted pests in your tank. You may tank all or any individual piece. I will not frag the mushroom from their rocks, so you will have to take the full rock or none.
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