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Offer: BOOKS mixed selection: Prints: Shells: (Warminster BA12) - Offered:- Four Paperbacks:- 1. The Female Eunuch by Germaine Greer 2. How to Save your own Life by Erica Jong 3. For Her Own Good by Barbara Ehrenreich & Deirdre Englishby Dr. Wayne Dyer. No 1 Best Seller. 4. Your Erroneous Zones TO GO AS ONE LOT PLEASE. 5. ALSO Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome Excellent Hard Back book 215 pages 6. A Doctor's Proven New Home Cure for Arthritis - paperback 7. Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine Large paperback - 1036 pages 8. Six Botanical Prints approx. 6" x 4" ok, but don't look pristine 9. Small collection of SHELLS, including an American Sand Dollar Please say what you would like ................. take all if you wish. PLEASE SAY WHEN YOU CAN COLLECT and I will leave items in the porch for you. Thank you Off Victoria Road not far from Masefield. Offer: ford car radiator (SO23) - Please read discription... FREE: Brand new in box FORD Car Radiator FENIX: FORD2344-PA26 This radiator fits: 2005-06 Ford Mondeo 2.5L V6 Found at the back of my shed. Cannot remember what car it's from, it's been a long time.. Other than a Ford. In great condition, considering we've moved a couple of times Thank you, in advance for taking the time to look. Available on other sites too
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Offer: Out-of-date Maple Syrup (Merley BH21) - We have an unopened but considerably out of date container of Maple Syrup. It says 100% pure and it is 1 in litre volume, produced in Canada. I wondered if anyone who does wine-making would like to take it as an alternative to using sugar as a supplement. It will sadly just go into the bin otherwise. We are in Merley Offer: Large plant (Trowbridge) - Large green plant it's next to a six foot fence for size comparison, if wanted come dig out and take away.
Offer: Leather DFS SETTEE - two seater (Eastleigh SO50) - Very good condition, easy to clean, have fire safely label. Collection in person, viewing recommended
Offer: 1,000 piece Heritage puzzle (Southbourne BH6) - Subject: Dolls House Please get in touch Offer: Mike Jupp 1,000 piece puzzle (Southbourne BH6) - I Love Gardening. Offer: DVD (Westbury BA13) - DVD Can be left in a safe place for collection westbury
Offer: Two brand new keyboards USB - Merley (Merley BH21) - We have two brand new computer keyboards, both exactly the same and both have USB connectors. Can be left outside for safe collection.
Offer: Computer mice - Merley (Merley BH21) - We have three computer mouses that need a new home. One has a ball and PS2? connection and the other two are laser -one with a PS2? connection and one with a USB connection. Can be left outside for safe collection.
Offer: Wax polish for wood - Merley (Merley BH21) - This is an almost full tin of wax polish for use on wood. Hopefully someone can make use of it. Can be left outside for safe collection.
Offer: Plastic Brackets for guttering -Merley (Merley BH21) - Brand new set of 2 plastic guttering brackets. Hopefully someone can use them. They can be left outside for safe collection.
Offer: Safety locks for windows and cupboards - Merley (Merley BH21) - This is a mixed collection of metal safety locks for windows and plastic locks for cupboards. Hopefully someone can use them. We can leave them outside for safe collection.
Offer: Cork pinboard - Merley (Merley BH21) - This is a cork pinboard approx 16”x23” . Hopefully it is of use to someone. Can be left outside for safe collection.
Offer: Computer keyboard - Merley (Merley BH21) - This keyboard isn't brand new, but is in very good condition. It has a USB connection. Can be left outside for safe collection.
Offer: Metal Bottle Tops (Frome North/ East Berkley Road) - Bag of Metal Bottle Tops.. Used... as seeenin photo.
Offer: Plastic Key Fobs , Splt Rings (Frome North/ East Berkley Road) - Bag of Plastic Key Fobs...,used, + Spli Rings, as seen in photo.
Offer: Old Rusty Keys (Frome North/ East Berkley Road) - Bag of Old Rusty Keys, as seen in photo.
Offer: Single Pine Bed and Mattress (Winchester (Fulflood)) - It’s a standard size single pine bed. It’s fairly old but in perfectly useable condition. The mattress has seen better days but again is perfectly useable. I will gladly deliver it for free to anyone within reasonable distance of Winchester rather than queue at the recycling centre!
Request: Artificial grass 3mx1m (Warminster Wiltshire) - Does anyone have an off cut/s of artificial grass? I have and area that I'd like to cover that is 3x1m anythinggratefully recieved. Request: Boxes/ packaging for house move (Bitterne) - Seeking suitable strong boxes for house move. Also looking for newspapers for packaging. I can collect. Many thanks. Request: perspex greenhouse (Wimborne BH21) - hi im after a perspex greenhouse for my son to grow a few herbs,chilli etc ideally dismantled many thanks Offer: Metal Tray (Westbury BA13) - Blue metal Tray ideal for tools Due to social distancing this can be left in a safe place for collection WESTBURY
Offer: BOOKS, Golf: Yachting: Acting: Photo: Vision: 3 Men in Boat (Warminster BA12) - 1. GOLF:- The Power of Golf The Golf Secret 2. Yachting and Boating book of Navigation 3. The Art of Coarse Acting 4. Teach Yourself Photography HB 1960's 5. Lecture Notes on Ophthalmology. (Lots of pencilled additions by someone). All about eyes and vision etc Mostly paperbacks. 6. Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome Large HB in Excellent condition. Please say what you want. I can leave in the porch for collection if you say when you can collect. Off Victoria Road. Thank you. Request: Camera tripod (Bournemouth BH9) - I have been trying to take pictures of the moon and I’m just not steady enough. Would anyone have a tripod they no longer use? Offer: Coffee table (Verwood) - May need a repaint however it's a lovely coffee table Collection verwood
Request: Printet (Creekmoore BH17) - Hi, I would like a printer for the school home learning for my children. Thank you. Offer: Games (Westbury BA13) - Battery operated chess game & others Due to social distancing this can be left in a safe place Collect WEstbury
Offer: Small box freezer (BH21) - Good working order. Ready to collect now from BH21 7HQ. Offer: Yew Display unit (BH21) - Solid Yew. Not sure of dimensions. Splits in to two pieces. Ready to go ASAP from BH21 7HQ. will need a van.