Making the most of a move
Maria from Sunningdale, UK recently moved and has given away over 140 items including clothes, furniture, toys and much more. We reached out to Maria to learn more about her and what motivates her to give so generously.

> How did you first hear about trash nothing?

I first heard about trash nothing from my sister who lives in Peterborough. I had mentioned that I was struggling to get rid of things ahead of the house move.

> You gave away a lot of really nice items. Do you have any stories to share?

The first, I had a dining table chairs and matching sideboard [...] someone contacted me just wanting the sideboard. They were lovely and grateful and upcycled it within a day sending me the most amazing pictures of what they’d achieved.

The second was near the end when I had some CDs books and clothes that no one had wanted. I just bagged / boxed them up and offered them as a charity shop job lot. I had a couple of people offer to help. One by collecting them and storing them, the other by collecting them and taking them to Bracknell recycling centre where there is a Sue Ryder drop off area. I took them myself but the offers were generous as there was nothing in it for them.

I had some amazing people, who were so polite and grateful, I even had one lady who helped me identify how I could get rid of charity shop donations during lockdown.

I even had one man who had a few things off me say he’d miss me. It made me smile.

> What motivates you to make the extra effort to find homes for your used items?

I took the time to list as I didn’t want to throw things away that still had value. There are not many options in terms of how you do this and without charity shops open even less. I don’t like throwing things away that have value, so any effort is worth it.

> Thanks so much for taking time to share your thoughts and experiences. And, for being part of the trash nothing community!

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