Inculcating Recycling Thoughts in my Students
Greetings from RVIM,
While engaging my classes at R.V. Institute of Management, Bangalore we do spread awareness on Global Goals ,called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There are 17 goals in total and all goals needs to be achieved by 2030 as per the plan( More information on SDGs ) .
Working on this line I felt 'Trash Nothing' can be a part of our activities to promote 'Freecycling' and thus work towards the objectives of SDG 1 No Poverty, SDG 4 Quality Education and SDG 13 Climate Action.
Thus moved to create an account today in pursuit of the Goals through Student Volunteers of RVIM Centre for Social Responsibility.


Assistant Professor
Coordinator, RVIM Centre for Social Responsibility
R.V. Institute of Management

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