Greatly appreciated Trashnothing!!!!
I have had all sorts of website to help me gain all sorts of things cheaper or free or recyclable but today was the first time for me to try “Trash Nothing!” At the moment I am trying to help my father and mother in-law clean up around there house and there yard and I came across two old refrigerators that didn’t work….. (This Saturday we are having a surprise graduation party for my nephew at the in-laws so at the moment it’s pretty urgent that we get rid of any and all huge and unnecessary items away from the house ASAP.) Now I am only 5 feet 2 inches tall and 145 lbs soaking wet. Lol! So I am looking at these huge refrigerators as if they were Mr. Everest!! And I had already posted the items for free scrap on three other site and had no luck. So “Trash Nothing” was my last shot. So I cautiously downloaded the app. Thinking what the heck, it can’t hurt! And in the middle of me double checking my my post to make sure everything was correct, to my surprise within no less then a minute I already had a response for a request to pick up!!! Needless to say this Trash Nothing made life life at ease!! With hardly any efforts of my own at all!! I will definitely be recommending this app. To anyone who is of interest finding extra resources!

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