Gamer child
I love this site I am new compared to alot of members in my late 30s and have a young family. My partner is also a member I recently found this out. Having just renovated a play house bought on facebook for my daughter I was looking for some internal flooring, every time I had spotted some it was too late. Including this day I messaged a member in Gaurdbridge regarding some lino, however she had some spare and was willing to cut me a section that was not advertised. Brilliant what a result. I headed home from work to tell my partner the good news to be told that she had the original section plus my cut out. She had said to the lady that it was for a play house they compared notes and realised it was for the same house. This was the day I realised we both had the same app. Florrie loves her playhouse as do many of our friends children. I have met many interesting people of all ages on this site since i have joined and heard many interesting stories thanks for reading mine. Regards Alasdair

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