My first Car Was Given To Me On Freecycle
Many years ago when Freecycle started I was a student I just passed my driving test. I had no means of buying car a friend told me about the website and I put a post out for asking for and old car and explained that I was a student with no means of buying a car.
I never expected a response but 3 people with cars replied . A kind lady had a daewoo matiz and delivered it with full tank of petrol. I can not explain how much this car helped me and her kindness made me so happy every time I drove that little car. (I hope she is reading this) If you are Thank you 🤗
Since then I gave the car away on freecycle when I could afford to buy new one. I now drive a new Mercedes Benz but that little Daewoo Matiz was still my best car because of the love and good energy it arrived at my door with.
I have given many things away on Freecycle, trash nothing and Freegle and I love to give it out to people who genuinely need it as someone helped me I hope to help others. It's a great place for sharing and it's very important to be polite and say please and thank you gratitude goes a long way as it is a lovely platform. I gave my baby stuff to a pregnant mother when she arrived at my door to collect the pram and toys I felt so happy. I find it more rewarding than giving to a charity shop because I can see who I am helping. As my 4 year old son always reminds me I will remind you.🙂

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