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Request: Mens Running shoes (Northern suburbs) - Good day. Im in need of a pair of good quality mens running shoes, size 8 or 8 1/2. If anybody has a still usable pair then pls let me know. Got some knee issues on both knees, as well as asthma. Hoping a good pair of running shoes will help with the knees, while the brisk walking and then eventually the jogging, will help me control my asthma. Regards Cedric Request: Vauum cleaner (NOrthern suburbs) - Hi all. Anybody got one of those small pull along vacuum cleaners they wanna get rid of? We got tons of dust and its agitating my sons hayfever, not to mention my asthma. I would appreciate it. Thanx Request: Any unused furniture (Blue downs) - Good Day all I'm a single mom of 3 beautiful girls, I just recently got my own place and in need of furniture. If anyone has unwanted furniture , no matter where you are inCape town, pleas let me know. I'll make a plan to collect it. Thank you for your time and God bless Request: girls clothing (Cape Town) - Anyone with baby girl clothes between 18 months to 4 years Request: New or used tiles (Bloubergh strand) - I am looking for 4 tiles that is used or new. I will pay R100 each. My tiles broke and can't find any.
Request: Couches (Fish Hoek) - I am looking for couches, if anyone has any that they don't want, I will gladly collect it from them. Request: Bed n mattress (Tableview. Egdemead) - Hi has anyone have a single or double bunk base n mattress that they dont want. Please looking urgently Thanx Offer: Seat made from bath (Edgemead) - Plan was to make a seat from bath, never completed.. any takers?
Request: Tiles (Bloubergh strand) - Hi i am looking for a tile. One of my tiles are broken.Cant find the right one. Pls help. K
Request: bed , microwave ect (bishop lavis) - Good day, i am moving soon and am looking for a fridge , bed , microwave or couches for me and my two daughters , please help, God bless Request: Any electronic waste (Brakenfell) - Any computers,laptops,cellphones ens. Request: Tiles (Bloubergh strand) - Hi i am looking for a tile. One of my tiles are broken.Cant find the right one. Pls help.
Request: Building (Northern suburbs) - Hi i am looking for a few fibracrete slabs any condition crack or broken and two water channels please help and thank you Request: TV (Brackenfell) - Should you have any spare of TV that you are not using, our TV transformer has broken and there is no part any more due to the TV that is so old. Kindly assist as we do not have any funds to spare to buy a TV. We have 2 young children and they really miss watching TV. Request: Any unwanted tools or masjinery (Brakenfell) - Any tools or masjinery,for unemployed to earn an living please.God bless. Request: Any unwanted tools (Brakenfell) - Any tools will be grateful apriciate.Please Thanks Request: Laptop (Table View) - Laptop in good working condition Offer: Clothes (Table view) - I have female clothes to giveaway, mostly size 36/ 34 if anyone is interested let me know Request: Unused electronics (Southern Suburbs) - Good day fellow freecyclers, My name is Ricardo, 6months ago I was Retrenched & as those who have lost their jobs it is very difficult to find work again especially if you have worked somewhere for so long that your type of skills are not sufficient for the next job you apply for, but I am lucky enough to dabble in a bit of everything. So what im asking is if anyone has broken devices e.g, Cellphones, laptop, cracked lcd monitors, old unused computer equipment, non working Xbox,Playstions, you know things like that ,I tinker with them maybe get them to work and at the end of the day put bread on the table. Thanks for taking the time to read this post I really appreciate any help I can get. Regards Ricardo Request: router (Northern suburbs) - hi i am looking for an LTE router please help thanks Request: doors (Northern suburbs) - hi i am looking for a double door or sliding door if anyone have please pass on to me thank you very much Request: Lego Project Collection (South Africa) - All Lego is being collected for a kids development drive