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Offer: Safety goggles (Astoria, Queens) - Green plastic with elastic strap. Used.
Request: Toddler bed rail (NE Yonkers) - Good clean condition. Thank you in advance for considering. Offer: Everything and More 10031 (Hamilton Heights 10031) - How do folks. My tablet ( or the power connector thingy) kicked the bucket so I'm using a friend's phone to post. Good thing I have a "nubin". You know that almost 6th finger that was on your hand when you were born but your mom screamed "cut it off, good lawd cut it OFF!"? That's what that signature V that Spock used to do with his hand was all about you know. He was acknowledging the descendents of the 6th finger or the Nubins as we are now known as. Anyhoo, I am offering all the leftovers from previous offers. I would like them to all go at once please. I can't do the piece by piece offer anymore until I get the rest of my mother's stuff outta the way. So I have clothes (14-16+) the 6 (or was it five?) handset landline cordless phone set, the still new Teenage Mutant Turtle Michaelangelo stuffed "pillow", the 3pound bag of stickers, the unopened bottles of Torani syrup in Lemon, Mango, Pineapple and Guava, the Avon Honeydew and Cucumber Shower Gel, the Avon Hot Pink slippers, the new Hush Puppy booties ( a size 8 I think but they fit a size 6 at the most) and yada yada yada. If you want a better idea just look at my Xmas leftover's post. There is also a instant pot but it needs a new top. I got it from a nice craigslister with the understanding that I would get the new top but my name is Pro. Crastinator so now it is yours to procrastinate with. I also still have the outer part of a Bella Cucina programmable crock pot (yeps, I dropped the pot part) so if you picked up the pot that was offered here recently will you now have a set made for each other. There are kids items and more. There are at least 5 nice but ded watches that need batteries. I need someone who can take EVERYTHING, these items have been around away too long. I also have at least 100+ mags- Veranda, Elle, Allure, Essence, Decor, HGTV and more. There are books also but if you want the books take the mags too please. I am up to 5 bags of stuff and counting. Most of these items are in Trader Joe's bags but I've run out so please bring as many as you think you will need. Bring as much help as you will need also 'cuz I can't help you and don't ask my neighbors either. I really do need someone to take it ALL, no exceptions except for the mags, books and did I mention the printer? A HP 5610. I am 4 blocks from the 149th St. #1 Broadway train. I am on the 5th floor of a walkup but there are only 4 flights. Be polite with your requests and we will BOTH decide on a day and time that is good for both of us. Wear a mask too. So lemme see; be polite, bring a lotta bags, bring help, bring oxygen if you need it. Check! Oh yeah I have cats . Please & Thank You. Everything folks! Offer: Tennis balls, highlighter pens etc (Astoria) - 1/2 opened bottle of Rainbow Light Menopause One tablets (food-based multivitamin; gluten and dairy-free). There are probably about 45 tablets left. Typical dose is one per day. /... +++++++++++++++++++++++++ 11" strip of light grey reflective tape (tape is about 1 1/4" wide). Might be enough tape to lay over one of your bike tire mud guards, or else to cut the tape in half lengthwise, and put on two sides of your bicycle helmet. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ NYC-centric magazines... about 10...a mix of New Yorker, Edible Queens, Edible Manhattan, Upstater...all about 5 years old... might be nice for bedside table of a guest room... ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Two slim highlighter pens (yellow color) ++++++++++++++++ Two brand-new Wilson All Court Tennis balls (still in the can, with cover) Offer: Old MacBook (circa 2007) (UWS (W. 84th & Amsterdam)) - I have a circa 2007 MacBook to give away. (Please see photos.) I have erased the hard disk and reinstalled Mac OS Lion. So it’s like a brand new out-of-the-box laptop. The MacBook is old but still works. I didn’t use it for about a year and that wasn’t good for the battery (needs replacement). But you don’t a battery as long as it’s connected to the power supply. Before I reinstalled Lion, I was able to connect to the internet using Chrome. Safe pick up procedures: 1) we both wear masks, 2) maintain reasonable distance and 3) minimize conversations. I will remove the posting after the item has been picked up.
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Offer: New mother with a preemie baby (elmwood park) - New mother with a preemie baby short on cash/clothes Due to COVID 19 and no job.One preemie outfit came from my grandson. parents areFREE of COVID-19 as well as the baby because they stayed quarantined and careful. I hope someone can use it I hope someone can use it Freshly laundered front porch pick up Request: Decking scraps/cutoffs (Bronx) - If anyone is dismantling an old deck or has leftover wood from building new deck I would be much appreciative. seeking 5/4 decking, scraps/cutoffs okay for replacement of rotted sections of deck boards. New or used in good condition will do. Looking for a few deck planks for repair/replacement Very much appreciated
Offer: canon copier (bronx new york) - regular copier for free; does not scan or fax; just regular copier you can connect to laptop or make copies Offer: 3 end tables & coffee table (Clifton) - Dark wood veneer, heavy/sturdy end tables and coffee table. All have cabinets, great for storage in livingroom or bedroom. Fair condition, show some wear, some tops have scratches (see photos).
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Offer: Mattress on Sidewalk 10463 (Marble Hill, w225th & Broadway) - Yesterday (Saturday) I saw this mattress right outside my building waiting to go to the landfill, because I don’t know if anyone who needs a mattress will actually know about this. It says it’s in great condition but the plastic is 1/3 open on one side. Hopefully, you or someone you know can make use of it! It’s located in front of the building next to 38 Marble Hill Ave (by w225th St) 10463. I can check midday & at the end of the day if it’s still there.
Offer: Pillow stuffing (VanHouten/Clifton Ave) - Pillow stuffing ready for a decorative cover; multipleitemsin driveway; email foraddress
Offer: Green Vase (VanHouten/Clifton Ave) - Greenvase alongwith multiple items in driveway; email for address
Offer: Vases (VanHouten/Clifton Ave) - 2 clear glass vases; many items in driveway; email for address;
Offer: Bubble Wrap Pieces 10036 (Midtown West) - Small to medium pieces from packages over the past months. Also have some flat foam pieces and fancy pear foam pieces that could offer cushioning. Request: Chromebook or Kindle (Manhattan) - I need a Chromebook or Kindle to take online classes and read ebooks online. Nothing too old because current applications can't be installed. I can pick up if you're near public transportation. Thanks in advance. Request: Bike to use for city commute (Upper East Side) - I am looking for a bike. I am short so preferably for someone 5’3. Request: Sewing Machine (Lodi NJ) - Hello Guys, I hope this post finds you guys in the best of health during this Pandemic. I need a sewing machine and any accessories. Thank you! Request: Decking (Bronx) - seeking 5/4 decking boards, cutoffs okay of 3-5 foot length . for replacement of rotted sections of deck boards. New or used in good condition will do. Very much appreciated Offer: Baby or Pet Fence (Yonkers, NY) - Fencing is 32 inches high. There is a separate piece for doorways that can be screwed into wall that is 28 inches wide. It latches. And there is a second piece of folding fencing you can out anywhere that is 8 feet long.
Offer: fresh Food (Van Cortlandt park east) - Hi! I have some fresh food that was prepared today with gloves from a COVID free home. I would love for it to go to someone in need especially families with kids. Please only take what will be eaten I would hate for anything to go to waste! 2 containers of salad (lettuce onions black olives and cherry tomatoes) 1 Container of green bean salad with kidney beans 6 things of raisins 1 pizza flavored bag of crackers 2 peanut butter jars 3 packets of Starkist tuna herb and garlic flavor
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Offer: Siemo s66m prewired punchdown block (Astoria, Queens) - S66m punch down block with a s89d attachment that allows for amphenol connectors.
Offer: 6x6 air diffuser (Astoria, Queens) - Should fit into a 6x6 air vent.
Offer: Tp-link wifi pocket router 300mbps (Astoria, Queens) - I can't guarantee for sure that this device works because i don't know how to use it. I went as far as being able to open its config screen.
Offer: Ikea stubbarp 402.935 67 (Astoria, Queens) - I believe these are wooden feet attachments for furniture. Brand new.
Offer: USB A to USB B cable (Astoria, Queens) - Blue cable around maybe 6 feet long.
Offer: Grey USB extension cable (Astoria, Queens) - USB A, male connector on one end, female on the other. Around 9 feet (estimate by eye)
Offer: Golf clubs (Montville, New Jersey) - Golf clubs
Offer: Thermos (Hastings on Hudson)
Offer: Wire basket (Hastings on Hudson)
Offer: 2-slice white toaster almost new (Riverdale (north of Inwood)) - Almost new -- works perfectly, Trap door on bottom to release crumbs. Masked and distanced pickup in lobby. Easy from public transit BxM7 and #1 train.