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Offer: Lamp base (it works) (high park / junction (Toronto)) - Minus the glass shade that used to be on top of that ring. (My ex boyfriend broke it. So tragic.) If you are feeling creative enough to create a new lampshade or sift through thrift stores for one that fits, it's all yours. Porch pickup near Keele and Bloor.
Offer: CD of Dieufaite Charles' music (high park / junction (Toronto)) - You may have heard him perform in the TTC. Very nice music, though I won't attempt to describe it because that's not my forte. Porch pickup near Keele and Bloor.
Offer: Funko Pop of Orphan Black (high park / junction (Toronto)) - Anyone collect Funko Pops? Anyone a fan of Alison Hendrix from Orphan Black? (the best character, really). If you want her, you can have her. I don't have the box anymore. Porch pickup around Keele and Bloor.
Request: Portable Canopy/Tent cover (The Junction) - To use as rain cover over a table. Moderately easy to put up and tear down. Thanks! Offer: Lot of DVD's & E.C.E. books (Old Colony Rd & Nantucket Dr) - LOST DVD's -Season 3, 4 & 6 The Simpson's DVD's - 1st DVD's is missing Early Childhood Education books
Offer: Computer Monitor (Six Points) - 17" Dell Monitor in perfect working order when last used. It's been sitting without use for about 6 months. If interested, please provide a date and time for pick up. Do not respond unless you are sure you want it. Thanks! Offer: moustache pins (high park / junction (Toronto)) - still in packaging. Porch pickup near Keele and Bloor.
Offer: MSR water filter for camping (high park / junction (Toronto)) - Full disclosure, there's something wrong with the pump, and I haven't bothered trying to figure it out because I splurged on a gravity filter. If you want to give this a shot or want to use it for parts, be my guest. Porch pickup near Keele and Bloor.
Offer: Perfect your French! (high park / junction (Toronto)) - Porch pickup in the Keele and Bloor area.
Offer: Linguistics Books (high park / junction (Toronto)) - Back when I was doing an undergrad in Linguistics at York, this was my reading material. I can give more info on certain books if you'd like. Porch pickup around Keele and Bloor.
Offer: 9" pie plate (high park / junction (Toronto)) - Only used once. The reason I'm giving it away is that the bottom holly leaves are raised which is really poor design for a pie plate cause you can't easily lift pieces out. For that reason, I wouldn't recommend anyone use this to make a pie with a crust. But serving other things? I'm sure it would be fine. Porch pickup at Keele and Bloor.
Request: a paper shredder (Lake Shore and Brown's Line) - Mine just died. If you have one that you aren't using, preferably one with the garbage tub attached that would be be amazing! thanks for considering. Offer: Raclette Grille (Lake Shore and Brown's Line) - Literally only ever used once for a birthday party. Works, clean, comes with tongs and trays and all that you need. Please only respond if you actually plan to pick up. Happy Freecycling!
Offer: File Rack (Lake Shore and Brown's Line) - I am so happy I got through my 'to do' list so now the rack can go. Black, good condition, please only respond if you actually plan to pick up. Happy Freecycling!
Offer: Wine Rack (Lake Shore and Brown's Line) - Yes, we drank it all so the rack has to go. Off the top of my head it is about 18" X 18" X 12". Please only respond if you actually plan to come.
Offer: Painted on silk 15 x 15 cm (Bayview and Steele’s.) - Brown framed painted silk. 15 x 15 cm. Porch pickup Bayview and Steele’s. From a clean, bug and pet free home.
Request: Winter clothing (2 Market St, M5E1Y9) - Looking for winter pants and jacket for a 7 years old girl and a 5 years old boy. Request: Crock Pot (York) - I'm looking for a crock pot to use for community meal preparation. Any size and colour is okay. Offer: Suspended ceiling (Pharmacy and Steeles) - I have over 100 acoustic ceiling tiles (2 by 4 ft - white) plus over 100 4-ft pieces of suspension Cross - T . There is probably another 10 to 15 pieces of 2-ft Cross - T hardware. I was going to install suspended ceiling in my basement but have changed plans and now don't need them any more. Take them all, use whatever you need and recycle the rest (or buy - if you need more). Pickup is around steeles and Pharmacy and I should have them all in the garage shortly. Please let me know if you are interested and when you like to pick them. Turaj Request: Flip Chair (Victoria Park/Gerrard) - Looking for a 'flip chair' ... the kind that opens to make into a single bed Any colour would work .. we just want it to have for an overnight visitor Request: Turntable (Cambridge, downtown Galt) - Hello all! Am looking for a turntable to play records on....if you have one that has a good quality needle, in good working condition and aren't using it anymore, I would like to take it off your hands!! Thank you! Request: working vacuum (east york, Toronto) - any kind with a beater bar, I have a cat and I sew....lots to vacuum up all the time. Offer: Loveseat - Green fabric (Beach area, Toronto, ON) - Loveseat going out to the curb (garbage pickup is Tuesday Jan 21st). Worn but no rips or tears. Pet-free and smoke-free home. Curbside pickup.
Offer: Canadian Living Recipe Booklets (Royal York/Norseman) - Came across these while clearing cupboards. They are old but in great condition. All are from 1982. Themed glossy compilations of recipes. Four issues: Summertime Cookbook, Harvest-Time Cookbook, Entertaining Cookbook, Christmas Cookbook. If you are fond of traditional recipes these are for you. No 'nouveau' recipes! Daytime porch pickup. Offer: two wood photo frames (St. Clair-Christie) - Two of the same size: 6 1/2 in X 12 1/2", beautiful dark oak frames.
Offer: Misc Sewing/Quilting (York) - I am offering the following: 1. 17 x 17 Square frame used for keeping quilts tightened for hand stitching 2. Ruby Beholder 3. Quilting needles - Size 8 4. Handy Thread Spool Holder Serious Enquiries only. Porch Pickup Runnymede/St.Clair *** You may or may not get the whole lot, depending on how many requests I get for these items.
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Offer: Quilting Books and Misc. (York) - I am offering the following books/booklet" Please let me know which ones you are interested in. 1. Quilts Quilts Quilts 2. Heirloom Machine Quilting 3. Log Cabin Notebook 4. An Amish Adventure 5. Loving Stitches - A Guide to Hand Quilting 6. Patons -Learning to Knit booklet Porch Pickup Runnymede/St. Clair
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Request: Old Newspaper/ non- glossy paper (North York , Toronto) - Collecting Paper waste Cardboard Vegetable and fruit peels and waste Tea bags Coffee grounds Hair lol... It is for a compost garden in the spring Request: Clive Cussler Hard Cover Books (Oakville -college park) - On the look out for any hardcover Clive Cussler Books. My retired husband loves reading Clive Cussler. He’s really hoping he can find The Mediterranean Caper, but happy to add any other CC hard covers to his collection. As he suffers from respiratory issues they must be from a smoke free home. Many thanks for considering our request Request: Exercise Bike or Treadmill (Islington and 401) - Looking for an exercise bike or treadmill please. Thanks for your kind consideration!