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Offer: 6 bottles of Acetaminophen (Tylenol) - 325 mg (100 tablets each) Quincy & Simms - I have six bottles of acetaminophen, three from Kroger store brand and three Walgreen's store brand. These are just the 325 mg tablets, which my mom's doctor required for her. She has passed away and won't be needing these other bottles. They are still in the original unopened boxes. The expiration dates are 8/2022 and 10/2022. Please let me know if you want these and if so, when you could pick up. I know this is a lot of tablets, so if you only want a bottle or two, that is fine too. Thanks,Elise Offer: Boxes of all sizes, packing material Quincy & Simms - I have a lot of boxes, from very small to pretty large. A few are "moving" boxes, but there is truly a wide variety in shape and size. I have some packing material as well. These have all "aged" in the garage at least a week, but some for months. :) If you have particular needs, let me know. These can all be available for porch pickup. Just let me know what you need and when you can pick up. Thanks,Elise Offer: Vizio 32 inch Smart TV with broken screen Quincy & Simms - This is a weird offer. We had this 32 inch TV in my mom's bedroom for about a month. The TV was too "smart" for the TV system in place at the facility. We had to replace the TV with a "dumb" TV, but in the process of swapping them out, my brother dropped the smart TV against the chair seat and fractured the screen. I doubt the TV works, but I haven't tried. It has been sitting in its original box since September in the garage. Anyone need parts? Want to pull the parts? I saw a video that shows how that said you can generally get about $100 to $130 of parts out of a TV like this. Visio D-Series 32" 1080p Full HD TV. The box says it has Chromecast built in. See photo of box front attached. Please let me know if this interests you and you would like to have it. Thanks,Elise
Photo of free Vizio 32 inch Smart TV with broken screen Quincy & Simms
Offer: National Geographic maps and inserts Quincy & Simms Gifted - I have a number of maps and poster inserts from the National Geographic over the last 20 or so years. They are headed for the recycling, unless someone wants them. They are very informative, with photos, drawings and maps. Please let me know which ones you would like and when you can pick up. Colonizing Mars - 2016Mars Revealed - A New Look at Forces That Shape the Desert Planet - 2001Planets - The New Cosmic Order - 2006Star Birth in the Orion Nebula - 1995The Milky Way - 2000Earth at Night - 2004 Changing Climate - 2007A World Transformed - State of the Planet - 2002 Soccer Unites the World - 2006 Monsters of the Ancient Sea - 2005Planet of the Dinosaurs - 2007 The Face of Seven Billion - 2011Dawn of Humans - 1997 100 Years of Flight - 2003Sunken Treasures - 2001Everest 50 - 2003 Great Migrations (animals) - 2010Bird Migration - Eastern Hemisphere - 2004 Peopling of the Americas - 2000The Dividing Link - Mexico & Central America - 2007The Inca - Machu Picchu Salutes the Sun - 2002The Mesoamericans - 1997Amazonia - 2015Ontario - 1996Exploring the Chesapeake - 400 Years Ago and Today - 2005Boston to Washington - Circa 1830 - 1994A Nation Transformed by Civil War (USA) -19951863 Turning Point of the Civil War - 2012 (2 copies) Africa - The Human Footprint - 2005The Egyptians - Great Peoples of the Past - 2001The North Egypt's Nile Valley - 1995The Greeks - Great Peoples of the Past - 1999The Romans - Great Peoples of the Past - 1997Historical Italy - 1995A Traveler's Map of Spain and Portugal - 1998 Iran - Born at the Crossroads - 2008Afghanistan - Land in Crisis - 2001Middle East - Crossroads of Faith and Conflict - 2008South Asia with Afghanistan and Myanmar- 1997The Khmer Empire - Cambodia's Medieval Splendor - Southeast Asia Monsoon Latitudes - 2008The Two Koreas - 2003 Thanks,Elise Offer: Plastic buckets with lids - approx 5 gallon Quincy & Simms Gifted - 1 to 5 rectangular buckets with lids and handles. Should be about 4 to 5 gallon capacity, and used to have Tidy Cat kitty litter in them. Great for storing loose items, sand, birdseed, or whatever Please let me know when you could pick up and how many you want. Thanks,Elise Offer: Kitty litter - paper pellets Quincy & Simms Expired - EquisiCat (sp?) 25 lb bag of paper pellets (cylindrical) for cat litter. Bag is open and a small amount has been used. Please let me know when you could pick it up. Thanks,Elise Offer: Water Heater Insulation Blanket - Quincy & Simms Expired - Frost King vinyl faced fiberglass water heater insulation blanket Never out of package 48" x 75" x 1 1/2" thick Fits water heater up to 60 gallons - and works on gas, electric and oil water heaters. Please let me know when you can pick up. Offer: Netrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo Quincy Ave & Simms St Expired - 16 oz unopened package of Neutrogena T/Gel therapeutic shampoo. "Long-lasting relief of itching and flaking" It is intended for controlling symptoms of dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis. Thanks Offer: National Geographic Magazines - Quincy and Simms Expired - Small stack of recent National Geographic magazines. Most are from 2017-19. Offer: National Geographic Magazines - Quincy & Simms Expired - I have a box of National Geographic magazines, all in great condition. Mostly from the last 10 years. These are great for cutting up and making collages, or other projects with students. Or you can just sit and stare at the photos ;) Please let me know when you could pick these up. Thanks Offer: National Geographic Magazines Expired - I have a box of National Geographic magazines. Most of these are from the past 10 years. Great for cutting up and making collages, or just staring at the photos :). Please let me know when you could pick them up. Offer: 27" Sony Triniton TV Simms & Quincy Expired - Yes, it is a big heavy old tube TV, but it works great and I'll bet no one ever steals it :). Did I mention it is heavy. I have the remote. Let me know if you are interested. Otherwise it will be recycled/e-cycled. Thanks,. Elise Offer: Small and Medium Boxes, packing material - Quincy & Simms Gifted - I have a number of small and medium-sized boxes available. I was breaking them down for recycling when I realized someone might be able to re-use these before recycling them. Also have a bunch of bubble wrap, air pillows, foam and others used for moving. Some papers for dishes as well. Please let me know what you need and when you can pick up. Thanks, Elise Offer: T-Gel Shampoo Quincy & Simms Expired - This is an unopened bottle, still in the original packaging. Intended for people with psoriasis on the scalp. Please let me know when you can pick up. Tomorrow morning will be the earliest available time. Thanks, Elise Offer: plastic zipper pouches from linens Quincy & Simms Expired - These are mostly from twin or full size linens, so not terribly large. They must be useful for something... Clear plastic rectangular pouches with zippers. Let me know when you could pick them up. Thanks, Elise Offer: padded mailing envelopes - used Quincy & Simms Expired - I have a pile of used padded mailing envelopes. You will have to cover over the previous labels. Let me know if you can use them - some or all. And no, I haven't counted them. They range in size. Thanks, Elise Offer: Night Light bulbs - Quincy and Simms Expired - Three 7w incandescent night light bulbs with candelabra base. From a package of 4 - one was used. Please respond with desired pick up time Offer: Hearing Aid batteries - Quincy and Simms Expired - 5 batteries in package of 6. From Connect Hearing. Mercury Free The tabs say +10 on them, and the bottom right ways P10. Expiration appears to be 03-2019 My parents bought the wrong kind. Please let me know when you can pick up. Thanks, Elise Offer: New Apple earbuds with headphone jack - Quincy and Simms Expired - Brand new, never opened package of white earbuds that came with an iPhone 6S Please let me know when you will pick up. Thanks, Elise Offer: white miniature light strings - non-working - for part? Quincy and Simms Expired - Hi, I have two strings of 100 white miniature lights. Last year I could only get half or less of the string to light up. These are not LEDs. They are on white wire. Originally from Target, so the bulbs advertise that they take 40% less power. Why do I add this? Because regular replacement bulbs won't work. I also have a box of extra bulbs and parts. It's all yours if you are looking for a project or some spare bulbs and parts. Or if anyone knows the best way to dispose of these, please respond. I've holding off on dumping them in the trash... Thanks, Elise