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Request: Lattice (off of 5th St near exit 120) - I need a piece of lattice at least 34wide by 80 inches high if anyone has any left overs from a project. It's to make a barrier for a kitty. Thanks so much. Offer: Two Vintage chairs (off of 5th St near exit 120) - These are good quality wood chairs that had a grass like woven seat that was unraveled. Not having the patience to redo that or where to get the material, I cut 2 wooden seats intending to pad and cover with a nice material. However , I no longer feel the need to do that project. They are a very nice wood and I would hate to trash them.
Photo of free Two Vintage chairs (off of 5th St near exit 120)
Photo of free Two Vintage chairs (off of 5th St near exit 120)
Offer: Queen white wicker headboard Gifted - It is in very decent condition and must be gone soonest. Will attempt to post photo. Off of 5th St. near Covenant School. Offer: small jars and containers (off of 5th St near exit 120) - I have a grocery sack full of small jars, some baby food , glass yogurt and small plastic covered containers. Offer: Wood laminate oak flooring (off of 5th St near exit 120) Gifted
Photo of free Wood laminate oak flooring (off of 5th St near exit 120)
Offer: Old Coca Cola clock (charlottesville) Gifted - This is a large electric about 12x12" square clock made of plastics. Has large crack in plastic with metal back but a patient coca cola collector could probably do some gluing.It worked before being knocked down by a cat and jumped on. Off of 5th St.
Photo of free Old Coca Cola clock (charlottesville)
Offer: Burn Barrel (5th st) Gifted - 55 gallon drum barrel-rusty looking but good for burning leaves, yard debris, etc. Has a lid and draing holes drilled into it. Offer: Indoor type greenhouse Gifted - I have a small -maybe 3ft wide by 4 ft high. Easy to assemble-metal poles and 4 shelves. Off of 5th st. Offer: Box of Cat Fancy Magazines - I have a box of Cat Fancy magazines and a few National Wildlife mags and animal calendars.Off of 5th St. I hate to throw them away. Offer: wood picture frames, a keurig 2.0 reusable filter - I have half a dozen or more wooden picture frames of different sizes not 8X10 but larger. Also I bought the wrong Keurig reusable filter-it's the 2.0-fits K200, K300 ,400,500 series. Off of 5th St. Offer: 4 old timey typewriters Gifted - I have 4 old timey typewriters that I'd hate to throw in the trash-they are mostly Remingtons. Need TLC but have been stored in a decent shed for years now. Off of 5th St. Offer: Gardening and Plant Pots Gifted - I have a few terra cotta pots, some misc. gardening tools and a heavy duty 50ft. hose looking for a new home.off of 5th St. Offer: Walker (5th st) - This is a simple walker without wheels. Offer: Misc.cleaning supplies,etc. (5th st) - Bag of Miscellanious cleaning supplies left over from a move. Includes carpet cleaners, Tilex, Liquid Plumber,Cascade. Also free toaster oven -works great but realy needs cleaning and lots of plastic containers and abunch of Qui yogurt glass cups. Would be ecstatic if someone could take all! Off of 5th St. Offer: corks - Anyone need a bag of wine corks? Off of 5th St. Offer: Older wooden rocking chair Gifted - This is a wooden rocking chair that wood be nice sanded and repainted.Off of 5th St. Offer: 2 bags of jars and plasic containers - These are plastic clean containers -some are from cat treats-various sizes-some clean glass yogurt jars, etc. Off of 5th St Offer: bag of plastic storage containers - I have a bag full of various sized plastic food storage containers with lids-some are restaurant to go types. Also some Talenti containers. All clean, I just have too many! Pickup off of 5th St. Offer: glass top dining room table (5th st) - This is an octogonal shaped glass(heavy) top on round base with 5 chairs. The chair seats are comfortable but could use recovering. Otherwise in a very decent shape. A 60inch round table cloth fits. I can only send photos with cell phone . Would like picked up ASAP. Offer: Blue sofa and loveseat Gifted - Offering a blue microfiber sofa and loveseat. They are heavy and will require strong muscles as well as a pick up. Photos only available by cellphone. Off of 5th ST. Offer: 2 4ft' shop lights - I have 2 fluorescent 4 ft shop lights-they work and are being replaced with LED lights. Off of 5th St.I think I have some spare bulbs even. Offer: BBB coupons - 20% off and $5 off Bed Bath and Beyond coupons-about 20 of them. Pick up off of 5th St Offer: glass jars and plastic containers (5th st) - I have a bag of various size glass jars with lids-cean and useful storage. Also a bag of Talenti gelato containers-also great for storage. Offer: Magazines (5th st) - I have a lot of Family Handyman and Cat Fancy magazines that I hate to throw in the trash-About 30 Handyman and 2 or so Cat Fancy. Offer: Vhs Tapes (5th st) - I have 2 grocery bags full of VHS tapes-some never opened-mostly popular , adventure movies and some classics. Offer: Teaching Materials - Retiring Special Ed teacher -still have some teaching materials-2 boxes books , copies of classroom activities, Reading Assessments, a few books-mostly elementary level-materials that I can't just trash. Offer: old windows and screens (5th st) - These are aluminum frame windows and screens about 30"x 50 and smaller I think-it's been a while since I measured. Lots of extra screens or various sizes. Offer: old windows and screens (5th st) - These are aluminum frame windows and screens about 30"x 50 I think-it's been a while since I measured. Lots of extra screens or various sizes. Offer: Handyman magazines (5th st) - I have lots of back issues of Handyman Magazines-can't bear to trash them. Will recycle if no one wants Offer: Aluminum framed windows/screens, gas containers,etc - Hi, I have a lot of aluminum framed screens.and some windows I'd like to recycle somehow- Also scrap/old pieces of gutters and gutter supplies. And I have 3 gas containers with some gas in each. I no longer use a gas mower!! I hope someone can use or recycle these items. Off of 5th St and Oak Hill.