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Offer: Workbooks (Tujunga, Ca) - Various 3rd, 4th, 5th grade language arts practice books, which include fluency passages, reading comp, grammar, vocabulary activities. Leftover from summer tutoring, mostly unused, from the LA Unified school I teach at. Would be great for extra practice during these at-home learning days. Offer: Rubber finger tips (Tujunga, Ca) - Extra large, size 14, Swingline brand. 12 count. Brand new
Offer: Padding (Tujunga, Ca) - I have several of these pads, about 2'x2'from the meal kits that I receive. They're wrapped in plastic, made from recycled cotton I think and an alternative to bubble wrap. Would be good for storing items or packing things in moving boxes.
Offer: Mini book light (Tujunga, Ca) Gifted - This was a free gift from way back, never used it, still in the box, requires a AA battery.
Offer: Binders (Tujunga, Ca) - 5 large binders, used, but in decent condition 2 thinner ones (half inch and 2in), also used
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Offer: Children's CDs (Tujunga, Ca) - 12 CDs, mix of music and books on audiobooks. Many stil shrink-wrapped. Others are newish and in great condition. Include Stellaluna, Yo Gabba Gabba, Dr. Seuss, They Might Be Giants, Putumayo collections.
Offer: 6th grade math workbook (Tujunga, Ca) - I just came across 2 copies of the same workbook. 6th grade. McGraw Hill publisher. Topics include ratios fractions, decimals, integers, expressions, area, volume, surface area, statistical measures and displays. The cover is a little dusty but the pages are in fine condition.
Offer: How to Get Ideas by Jack Foster (Tujunga, Ca) - Super great condition - even covered with clear book cover
Offer: Books (Tujunga, Ca) - All used, in good condition: Watership Down by Richard Evans Confessions of a Shopaholic by S. Kinsella Smoothies: 50 recipes for high-energy refreshment Humor for a Mom's Heart The Ghost in the Picture by M.Schneider 2 religious books: The Bible Made Easy My Utmost for His Highest (journal)
Offer: Children's CDs (Tujunga, Ca) - 12 CDs, mix of music and books on tape. Many stil shrink-wrapped. Others are newish and in great condition. Include Stellaluna, Yo Gabba Gabba, Dr. Seuss, They Might Be Giants, Putumayo collections.
Offer: Caddy (Tujunga, Ca) Gifted - 6 green caddies, 1 black one. Uses but in good condition. Need to be washed out. Pick up near Verdugo Hills high school.
Offer: Cart (Tujunga, Ca) Gifted - Three-tier, made of particleboard, top shelf bows a bit due to water damage. 4 wheels, rolls around fine.
Offer: Old school pencil sharpener (Tujunga, Ca) Gifted - Never used. It's still in the box but I had to throw the box away because it was damaged. Pick up near Verdugo Hills high school.
Offer: Styrofoam blocks (Tujunga) (Tujunga, Ca) - Hi, I have about 10 smallish, rectangular blocks that came with a lamp I bought so there are some pieces that are shaped to fit the top and bottom of the lamp. Any interest before I recycle them? Pick up near Verdugo Hills High School
Offer: KwikSeal caulk tube (Tujunga) - I opened this tube and attempted to recaulk my shower once and gave up. Pretty much brand new, but opened. White color. Pick up near Verdugo Hills High School Thanks! Offer: steel pins, map tacks (Tujunga) - Came across a box of steel pins, medium gauge. Lance brand. These look really dated and vintage. Also, found a box of blue maptacks, 100 count. These seem kinda specific to a particular task or activity but I'm not sure what. Any interest? Pick up near VHHS Thanks. Offer: Math games for kindergarten age (Tujunga) - Hello, I am cleaning out a classroom closet and found a big box of board games focusing on basic math skills taught in Kindergarten or pre-school. I also have a bunch of spinners and game pieces to go along with them. Mostly from a curriculum called Anytime Math and a few Lakeshore Learning Play and Learn math games, too. They're in good shape, don't seem very used. Pick up by Verdugo Hills HS Thanks! Offer: coffee filters (Tujunga) - I have half a bag of basket filters, unbleached, that I'm no longer using because I have a new coffee maker that uses a different kind of filter. Pick up near VHHS. Offer: padding material (Tujunga) - I have 8 2' X 2' squares of this light brown colored, recycled cotton material, each wrapped in plastic, that I saved from my meal kit deliveries. These might be good for packing moving boxes or shipments. An alternative to plastic pillows or bubble wrap, but also might work as batting material for sewing projects, too. Pick up near VHHS. Thanks! Offer: small non-working appliances (Tujunga) - Hello! Recently, a few of my household appliances broke and I've had to replace them. Before I let them go, I wanted to see if anyone was interested in taking them for parts or to tinker with. -12 cup Cuisinart coffee maker with built-in grinder -Black and Decker toaster oven -Bostich SuperPro 6 pencil sharpener Pick up near VHHS Thanks! Offer: skirt hangers (Tujunga) - Roughly 12-15 or so plastic and metal skirt hangers that have been in the closet, unused for a long time. These are the kind that have two clips for hanging pants or skirts. Pick up near VHHS. Thanks! Offer: small card holders (Tujunga) - Hello. I have a bunch, probably 100+, plastic card holders, about 4" X 2 1/4 in. They have two sides, each big enough to hold a card or two. They fit a credit card, business card, or an ID. One side has a clear cover, the other solid. Purple and gray colors. They're new, still in the plastic sleeve. Might be good for kids? Take what you need. Pick up near VHHS. Thanks. Offer: Bodo and Mimi phonics kit (tujunga) - Hello, I have a kit called, The Learning Adventures of Bodo and Mimi, episode 1 Short Vowels. It is brand new, includes a CD with songs, blackline masters, small books, and a larger book. All still shrink-wrapped. I think it would be good for beginning readers, 3-5 years old. Pick up near VHHS. Thanks! Offer: children's dvds (Tujunga) - Hello, I have a collection of about 35+ dvds that are part of the Scholastic Video Collection that are barely used or brand new. Ages 2-8. We just don't have a DVD player any more. Titles such as The Snowy Day, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Harry the Dirty Dog, Where the Wild Things Are. Any interest? Pick up near VHHS Thanks! Offer: hanging file folders - I have about 10 of the shorter kind, around 9 1/2" X 11 5/8" - forest green color I also have about 40 of the longer kind, around 9 1/2" X 14 5/8" - a mix of pink and forest green colors. All in very good condition. Pick up near Verdugo Hills HS Offer: Binders (Tujunga) Gifted - 3 ring binders, ranging from 2"-4", some with clear front cover, some just solid black or blue color. Good condition. About 7 or 8 that I don't need anymore. Pick up near Verdugo Hills HS. Thanks. Offer: Hangers (Tujunga) - I have roughly 20 skirt or pants hangers, the kind that have clips on them. They're made of metal and plastic and S OK me are just plastic. Pick up near Verdugo Hills HS Thanks. Offer: Thinking Maps curriculum (Tujunga) Gifted - I went to a training a while ago and received a binder full of materials regarding using thinking maps in the classroom. This also includes posters of each map, Bridge, Multi-Flow, Flow, Brace, Circle, Tree, Bubble, Double Bubble. Very thorough and informative for classroom teachers or homeschool teachers. It's called Thinking Maps: Tools for Learning by David Hyerle, Ed.D Pick up near Verdugo Hills HS Thanks. Offer: several binders (Tujunga) - I have collected 8-10 3-ring binders of various sizes, from 2"-4." If you are in need of one or a bunch, please let me know. They're used, but all in good condition, just collecting dust in a closet mostly. Pick up near VHHS Thanks! Offer: children's music CDs (Tujunga) - 9 CDs, ranging from classical to children's songs, that I used in my kinder classroom, but no longer need. Titles include: Baby Einstein's Baby Bach, Listen, Learn and Grow: Playtime Fun and Games, Fabulous Food, Critters and Company, Me, My Family, and Friends, Bugs, Bugs, Bugs, Honk, Honk, Rattle, Rattle, Wild, Wild West. Pick up near VHHS