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Offer: Little Dresses for Africa (S13 - Handsworth) - If you are involved with this charity, I have a box of pillowslips and dresses that you can have. Please only respond if you are part of any charity that makes dresses from pillowslips for little girls in Africa. Thank you. Offer: 3-seater recliner sofa. (S13 - Handsworth) - 3 seater electric recliner fabric sofa In used but good condition. Recliner mechanism works fine. 2 outer seats have individual electric recliner controls. Middle seat doesn't move Dimensions: 110 cms wide 90 cms deep 100 cms high 170 cms fully reclined It is made from a durable beige fabric that could do with a clean, but only from regular use. The sofa can go up against a wall and will still recline to an almost flat position. The sofa is free to any genuinely interested party. It is a very solid piece of furniture so will need at least 2 people to carry it as it is very heavy. It separates into 2 pieces a 1 seat and a 2 seat, but you will still need a good sized vehicle. I doubt this will fit in an ordinary car. Though it may fit in an estate. I need it to be collected by Thursday. Offer: Kitchen unit doors (S13 - Handsworth) - We cleared out the shed on Saturday and found a selection of kitchen unit doors. the measurements are as follows: 600 x 580 600 x 290 600 x 140 300 x 580 300 x 140 + a couple of off cuts All to go as one lot. Thank you Offer: 2 Shelves (S13 - Handsworth) Gifted - We cleared out the shed on Saturday and found these 2 shelves. They are made of pine, I think. They are painted cream and were cut to fit in an alcove. Their measurement are: 1410 x 190 x 25mm To go as one lot. Thank you. Offer: Plywood - Spruce (S13 - Handsworth) Gifted - We cleared out the shed on Saturday and found quite a few cuts of Plywood. These are the measurements. 1140 x 660 x120mm 1140 x 560 x 120mm 1300 x 560 x 120mm 120 x 630 x 180mm Offer: Wooden picture frame. (S13 - Handsworth) Gifted - We cleared out the shed on Saturday and found this picture frame. It has neither backing nor glass. It could be cut down to make a brand new frame. It's a big one and measures: 900 x 700 Hope someone can use it. Offer: Architrave strip (S13 - Handsworth) Gifted - We cleared out the shed on Saturday and found a piece of architrave measuring 1260 x70mm if anyone can use it. See photos for details. Offer: MDF boards (S13 - Handsworth) Gifted - We cleared out the shed on Saturday and found quite a few cuts of MDF Board of the following measurements: 1220 x 940 x 18mm 1220 x 57 x 18mm 1500 x 390 x 18mm 900 x 600 x 18mm + various smaller off cuts. To be collected as one lot. Offer: 3 Georgette Heyer 0" she (S13 - Handsworth) - I have 3 hardbacks with dust covers looking for a new home. The titles are: Charity girl My Lord John Simon the cold heart Offer: Heavy Metal/Rock songbooks/magazines (Handsworth Area S13) Gifted - Megadeath: The World needs a hero. Evanesance: Fallen Kerrang Legends!! Metallica the true story Offer: Selection of card making kits (Handsworth Area S13) Gifted - I am having a clearout. I have several kits each with toppers and a base card for anyone who can use them. There are a few extras thrown in. The kits may not be identical to the photo, but will be similar. Offer: Black ink refill bottle (Handsworth Area S13) Gifted - Bottle with applicator. See photo for more details. Offer: bunting etc for a boy's baby shower (Handsworth Area S13) Gifted - I have a selection of bunting etc for a boy's baby shower. The collection contains a stack of baby grow's bunting, approx 6" each. Some other card decorations. A reel of crepe paper Raffia ribbon A bag of tiny plastic dummies etc. They have been used before and some are still sticky, so be careful parting them. I hope someone can find a use for them. Thank you. Offer: Lunch money/Wage Slip envelopes. (Handsworth Area S13) Gifted - The box contains between 750 and 1000 envelopes (I have used a few, so can't say exactly.) The envelopes are 2" x 4". I hope someone can make use of them. Thank you. Offer: Video Games Joystick (Handsworth Area S13) Gifted - The joystick has a USB connection so I presume it will fit any computer or console. I don't know. If you think you can use it, then you are welcome to it. I don't know any more about it, so can't answer any questions. Thank you. Offer: A4 Suspension Files (Handsworth Area S13) Gifted - A brand new box of about 20 files including crystal tabs and inserts. Note the A4 size. These will not fit a standard filing cabinet. Thank you Offer: Wacom Virtual Drawing Pad (Handsworth Area S13) Gifted - The pad plugs into your computer. This was my son's. I have no idea if it works or not. i don't have any software but it may be available to download. Only contact me if you think you can make use of it. I have no more information other than what I have just shared. Make sure you check the photos out they might tell you more about it. Thank you. Offer: HP LaserJet Print Cartridge 92298X (Handsworth Area S13) Gifted - New print cartridge for a HP LaserJet Printer. Will fit the following Laser Printers: 4 * 4+ * 4M * 5 * 5M Offer: Worktops (Handsworth Area S13) Gifted - We've replaced our worktops so our old ones are available to anyone who can use them. There are a few lengths. They are beech laminate. Thank you. Offer: Kitchen sink & mixer tap (Handsworth Area S13) Gifted - We've replaced our sink and our old one is available for anyone who thinks they can use it. It is a ceramic sink.It has some scuff marks which should come off, but otherwise it is in good condition. It's outside at the moment so will need cleaning. The tap is still attached.