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Request: Greenhouse (Worminghall and beyond) - Greenhouse wanted by keen gardener. Happy to dismantle and collect. Please phone or text me on 07803 753494 if you do not mind or email reply. Asking on behalf of a dear friend. All replies appreciated and response promised. Hope you can help. David Request: Tile Saw (Wallingford OX10 and beyond) - Has anyone a tile saw that is no longer need please. Happy to try fixing a non working machine also. Would be very much appreciated. Please possibly include a contact number. Hope we are lucky. David Offer: Shower Door and Frame (Cholsey) - This is offered on behalf of a neighbour. It is a rather flimsy shower door and frame but may suit someones needs. Please take a look at the photograph. If interested please phone only. 07803 753494. It is off to the tip if no takers. I cannot be sure to see emails so phone only please. Offer: Metal Tool Box (Cholsey OX10) - Very strong metal tool box. Rusty but solid.
Offer: Caravan and Motorhome magazines (Cholsey) - July and August editions.
Offer: Firewood/Kindling (Wallingford) Gifted - Some old shed timber and other wood suitable for kindling. Not quite all shown in photograph so please appreciate I need to sort through. Essential you phone to request and arrange collection. 07803 753494. To go asap.
Offer: Foot Pump (Cholsey OX10) Gifted - See Photo. Please request with text to 07803 753494.
Request: Wallpaper Stripping Tool (Cholsey OX10) Received - Has anyone local to Wallingford happy to pass on a wallpaper stripping tool that will no longer be needed. It has sets of serrated wheels that pierce the paper to allow water/steam to go through. If no reply by late morning we shall be buying one as needed tomorrow (Monday). Please text 07803 753494 and we shall get back straight away. All offers appreciated. David
Request: Video Camera Bag (Cholsey OX10) - I have managed to repair a video camera and would very much appreciate a suitable soft camera bag to keep it in. Please include contact number if replying so we can arrange collection. If it helps my mobile is 07803 753494. I will respond to all replies. David Request: Tea Light Holder (Cholsey Area (can travel)) Received - I am looking for a tea light holder like the one in the photograph. Does not have to be the same colour but must be metal. It is to be part of a woodturning project and competition at a local club. Please provide a contact number as needed quickly. All replies appreciated. David
Offer: Outdoor Trolley (Cholsey OX10) Gifted - This folds for storage.
Request: BT Power Suppl (Cholsey OX10) - I am have internet trouble and believe the router/modem is failing. Just managed to buy a BT unit second hand and need a power supply to complete. The spec is 12 volts 2 amps. If you have upgraded this year to the newest BT then the old power supply might just suit. Please provide a contact number. I may struggle to moderate the group if internet fails again. Offer: Wood Pallet and Wood (Cholsey OX10) Gifted - Suitable for firewood as untreated. One pallet and other bits. David 07803 753494. Offer: Flower Vase (Cholsey OX10) Gifted - Please request by phoning only. David 07803 753494.
Offer: Fundraising Collection Pot (Cholsey OX10) - Does anyone help raise funds for Against Breast Cancer. We have a collection pot we used to have at my wife's old business. Needs to find a way back to charity if possible through local supporter. David 07803 753494.
Offer: Bluetooth Dongle (Cholsey OX10) Gifted - Please request by phone. David. 07803 753494.
Offer: Photographic Slide Viewer (Cholsey OX10) Gifted - Please request with a phone call. David 07803 753494.
Offer: Railway Key Fob (Cholsey OX10) Gifted - GWR key fob. Please request by phoning only. David. 07803 753494
Offer: Nurses Fob Watch (Cholsey OX10) Gifted - This is not working but someone out there might be into watch repairs. I think the winding spring is broken. Please request by phoning only. It is going to be recycled if no takers. David 07803 753494.
Offer: RadCom Magazines (Cholsey OX10) Gifted - Over 20 RadCom Amateur Radio Magazines. Possibly more to follow.
Offer: Star Nails (Cholsey OX10) - Used in woodworking. To go asap so please provide a contact number so we can sort collection. Offer: Trailer Light Board (Cholsey OX10) - Board does not have lights but would be perfect if yours is damaged to swop over or build your own. Offer: Chrome Frame Chairs (Cholsey OX10) Gifted - Please look at photographs. Stylish chairs received many years ago from a member and very much appreciated and used. The material on one is now torn but could stitch back and be covered or new cover made. Great project. Please provide a contact number if requesting. Need to go asap. 07803 753494.
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Offer: Ice Blocks (Cholsey OX10) - See photograph. To go asap so please phone 07803 753494. Do not email or text please. I simply want someone to request them and arrange collection in one simple phone call. Not much to ask. Tip if no takers.
Request: Composting Worms (Cholsey OX10) - Has anyone possibly got a surplus of Tiger Composting Worms. Please provide a contact number if you can help. I hope to build and start a wormery and from information I have found there is often a point when a wormery cannot support more worms and surplus can be passed on. Offer: Petrol Brushcutter (Cholsey OX10) Gifted - Petrol McCulloch Brushcutter. Put away working fine before winter but not now. Totally complete so only TLC and a few polite threats with a hammer needed. It is no longer needed so rather than throw away it needs someone with knowledge to fix. Please do not request unless you do. Only replies that include a contact number will have chance to receive. This will not be good as a car boot item. Blade guard not good but could be patched.
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Request: Wine Boxes as photograph (Wallingford) - I am trying to provide our garden hedgehogs with some houses and have used all my suitable wood. Wine crates/boxes that are like those in the photograph can be used so any offers will be very much appreciated. I hope to make enough to give to neighbours also as they do need a large area to survive. Please provide a contact number so we can arrange collection. If it helps my mobile is 07803 753494. David
Request: Cement Colour Powder (Wallingford) - Has anyone some left over Buff Cement Colour Powder please. Trying to make a birdbath to match the base after old one was frost damaged. Local to Cholsey if possible but do travel other areas. Request: Concrete Mixer Drum (Cholsey OX10) - I am looking for a concrete mixer drum that might just match the mixer I have. The drum I have has seen better days and not from missuse on my part. Hoping someone has a solid drum from a non working machine. My make is no longer available so I may need to alter to match shaft to drum. Hope to fall lucky. All replies appreciated. Please provide a contact number as emails so easily lost in spam folders. Thanks Offer: Casement Stay (Cholsey OX10) - 18" Brass. To go asap so please provide a contact number so we can sort collection.