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Request: 3-pin Radeo Antenna (AM/FM) (Edinburgh Rd / Wellington St W) - Wondering if anyone has a 3-pin Radeo antenna laying around. Looking to get an old Sony Hi-fi system up and working again. Looks like what's in the picture. Thank you.
Offer: Kombucha Scoby (Edinburgh Rd / Wellington St W) - Have an extra kombucha scoby if anyone is interested. It's from some store-bought kombucha that I let sit for awhile. Big and thick (~5-6 inches in diameter, 1 inch thick). Let me know when you can come pick it up. Edinburgh Rd and Wellington St area in Guelph. Request: 20 litre plastic water jugs (Edinburgh Rd / Wellington St W) - Looking for 1 or 2 plastic water jugs to haul spring water, around 20L in size. If you've got one you've been looking to get rid of, I'd happily take it off your hands. Thanks,
Request: 2-slice Toaster (Edinburgh Rd / Wellington St W) - Looking for a small 2-slice toaster, if anyone's got one they no longer use. Thanks. Offer: Metal Pedestal (Edinburgh Rd / Wellington St W) Gifted - Round decorative metal pedestal/bowl. 13" diamter x 8" high. Pretty solid/heavy. Let me know when you can come pick it up. Near Edinburgh Rd and Waterloo Ave. in Guelph.
Request: Playstation 3 (PS3) controller (Edinburgh Rd / Wellington St W) Withdrawn - Hi there, I found an old PS3 that I'm hoping to gift to a friend, but it has no controller. If anyone has one sitting around in their closet, I'd happily put it to use. Can pick up today or Saturday. Many thanks,
Request: Computer power cord (desktop) (Edinburgh Rd / Wellington St W) Received - Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone has an old desktop computer power cord they no longer need. A lot of printers use the same type of cord. I've attached a picture of the type I'm talking about. Can pick up sometime today or Saturday Thank you.
Request: Glass Carboys (5 gallon) (Edinburgh/Galt) Withdrawn - Wondering if anyone had one or two glass carboys laying around that they no longer need. They will be used to hold water. Can pick up at your convenience anywhere in Guelph. Thanks, Offer: Brita pitcher water filter (Edinburgh/Galt) Gifted - Hardly used. Has the little battery indicator on the top. Might have an extra filter kicking around too. Pick up near Edinburgh/Galt. Let me know when you can drop by. Porch pick-up available. Offer: Small TV Stand Black + wood veneer (Edinburgh/Preston) Gifted - Small TV stand in good condition, black with wood veneer (press wood), two adjustable shelves. Dimensions: 27.5"W 15.5"D 22.25" H
Offer: HDMI cables (Edinburgh/Waterloo ave) Gifted - I have a few HDMI cables to gift. New, never been used. Let me know when you can pick it up and I'll put it out for you. Request: Crab Apples for Cider (Edinburgh/Preston) Received - Helllo, i was wondering if anyone knows of any crab apple trees (small, mouth-puckering apples) around the city (or just outside of it), or if they had any in their yards that could use picking. Looking to experiment with making cider. Thanks, Request: Landscape Fabric (Edinburgh/Preston) - Wondering if anyone has any extra landscape fabric laying around. Could use enough to cover a 7-foot diameter circle. Can pick up at your convenience. Many thanks. Request: Bird bath (Edinburgh/Waterloo Ave.) - Saw some birds bathing in a puddle in the backyard yesterday. Thought they might like a proper bird bath. If anyone has one that they're not using, I'd be happy to put it to use. Thank you. Request: Large garden soil plastic tote bags (Edinburgh/Waterloo Ave.) - Hi there, I'm looking for a few of those big plastic bags (totes) that garden soil often gets dropped off in (Big Yellow Bag, Dirt Cheap, etc). I think they're around 1 cubic yard in size. I can generally pick up anytime before 5pm during the week. Many thanks, Offer: 1 Gallon Glass Carboys (Edinburgh/Waterloo) - I have a bunch of 1-gallon glass carboys to gift, the kind that apple cider comes in. I originally got them to experiment with fermenting, but now have too many! Let me know how many you want. Porch pick up near Waterloo/Edinburgh in Guelph.
Request: DDR2 RAM for old Laptop (Edinburgh/Waterloo) - Hi there, I'm looking to upgrade an old laptop to try to get it working again and was wondering if anyone had any older DDR2 RAM for a laptop. Could use 1GB modules or greater. Many thanks. Request: Men's Size Medium Gym Clothes (Edinburgh/Waterloo) - Just joined a gym and thought I'd check here for clothes before going to a thrift store. Looking for Men's medium/small sweat pants (30-32 waist), shorts, t-shirts or light long-sleeved shirts (all medium-to-large). Don't really care what it looks like. As long as it fits. Can pick up at your convinience. Many thanks, Request: Magazines for collage making (Edinburgh & Waterloo) Received - Hi Folks, I need to make a collage this week for a class I'm in. Does anyone have any old magazines or picture material that I could use to rip-up/cut-out? Could pick up at your convinience. Many thanks, K Offer: EasyPop Popcorn Maker (Cuisinart) (Edinburgh & Waterloo) Gifted - I have a Cuisinart EasyPop Popcorn Maker to gift to someone. Never used it myself, but it seems to work fine. Comes apart easily to clean. Just add a bit of oil and come corn kernals and you're good to go. Porch pick up near Edinburgh and Waterloo.
Request: Wood ashes (hardwood prefered) (Edinburgh & Waterloo) - Hi Folks, Just wondering if anyone in Guelph had any wood ashes sitting around that they'd be willing to gift (hardwood prefered). Could pick up at your convenience. Many thanks, K Request: Large compost bin (Edinburgh & Waterloo) - Hi there, Just wondering if anyone had a large compost bin (or two) kicking around that they weren't using or wanted to get rid of. Could potentially pick up sometime this weekend. Thanks, k Request: 9v AC/DC power adapter (3.5mm male) (Edinburgh & Waterloo) - Wondering if anyone has an old 9v AC/DC (3.5mm male) power adapter kicking around. Connector type looks like the one in the picture below. Can pick up at your convenience. Many thanks,
Request: Door knobs, shelf brackets (Edinburgh & Waterloo) - Greetings, I've been doing some spring cleaning and want to fix a few things around the house. Could use the following items: - door knob set (including latching mechanism) - shelf brackets (10-12inches) - screen door closer (that pneumatic contraption that keeps doors from slamming shut too hard) If anyone has some spares laying around I would be most grateful to receive them. Can pick up at your convenience. Many thanks, K Offer: LED Christmas lights (11ft) (Edinburgh & Waterloo) Gifted - Have a set of ColorMotion Lightshow LED christmas lights to gift. Multicolored lights flash to a preset pattern. 11ft in length. I wanted to use them as mood lighting but the "lightshow" was annoying. Pick up near Edinburgh & Waterloo.
Offer: iMac 9.1 desktop computer (2011) (Edinburgh & Waterloo) Gifted - Hi there, I have an old iMac 9.1 desktop computer (from 2011) that needs a new home. It works well, but the screen has some issues (vertical lines). Could be used for basic stuff: music, web browsing, but the lines could get in the way if you're watching a movie or doing any photo editing, etc. does NOT come with mouse or keyboard. Here are the specs: iMac 9.1 - Mac OSX ver. 10.6.8 (could be updated to 10.11) 17in display 1.83Ghz intel Core Duo 1GB 667Mhz DDR2 SDRAM (2x512mb) ATI Radeon x1600 (128mb VRAM) WD 250GB hdd Pick-up near Edinburgh and Waterloo. Thanks.
Offer: old freezer meat (pork) (Norfolk & Woolwich) Gifted - Wondering if anyone is interested in a few big boxes of old meat (pork) that's been sitting in the freezer for a couple years. Mostly sausages (breakfest, garlic). Maybe for pet food? Was going to compost it but thought I'd see if anyone on here could use it. . Need it all gone ASAP. Request: Shower Curtain (Edinburgh & Waterloo) - Hi Folks, Just moved in to a new apartment and there's no shower curtain. I thought I'd check here to see if anyone has one squirreled away, and willing to gift to me, before going out and buying one. I have the rod, just need the curtain itself (and the clips... but I could easily make those.) Can pick up at your convenience. Thank you, K Request: Compost worms (Edinburgh & Waterloo) - Hey Folks, I'm interested in setting up a vermicomposting bin and just need a handful of worms to get started. Does anyone have any extra that they are willing to spare? Can pick up at your convienience. Many thanks.