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Request: Crab Apples for Cider (Edinburgh/Preston) - Helllo, i was wondering if anyone knows of any crab apple trees (small, mouth-puckering apples) around the city (or just outside of it), or if they had any in their yards that could use picking. Looking to experiment with making cider. Thanks, Request: Landscape Fabric (Edinburgh/Preston) - Wondering if anyone has any extra landscape fabric laying around. Could use enough to cover a 7-foot diameter circle. Can pick up at your convenience. Many thanks. Request: Bird bath (Edinburgh/Waterloo Ave.) - Saw some birds bathing in a puddle in the backyard yesterday. Thought they might like a proper bird bath. If anyone has one that they're not using, I'd be happy to put it to use. Thank you. Request: Large garden soil plastic tote bags (Edinburgh/Waterloo Ave.) - Hi there, I'm looking for a few of those big plastic bags (totes) that garden soil often gets dropped off in (Big Yellow Bag, Dirt Cheap, etc). I think they're around 1 cubic yard in size. I can generally pick up anytime before 5pm during the week. Many thanks, Offer: 1 Gallon Glass Carboys (Edinburgh/Waterloo) - I have a bunch of 1-gallon glass carboys to gift, the kind that apple cider comes in. I originally got them to experiment with fermenting, but now have too many! Let me know how many you want. Porch pick up near Waterloo/Edinburgh in Guelph.
Request: DDR2 RAM for old Laptop (Edinburgh/Waterloo) - Hi there, I'm looking to upgrade an old laptop to try to get it working again and was wondering if anyone had any older DDR2 RAM for a laptop. Could use 1GB modules or greater. Many thanks. Request: Men's Size Medium Gym Clothes (Edinburgh/Waterloo) - Just joined a gym and thought I'd check here for clothes before going to a thrift store. Looking for Men's medium/small sweat pants (30-32 waist), shorts, t-shirts or light long-sleeved shirts (all medium-to-large). Don't really care what it looks like. As long as it fits. Can pick up at your convinience. Many thanks, Request: Magazines for collage making (Edinburgh & Waterloo) Received - Hi Folks, I need to make a collage this week for a class I'm in. Does anyone have any old magazines or picture material that I could use to rip-up/cut-out? Could pick up at your convinience. Many thanks, K Offer: EasyPop Popcorn Maker (Cuisinart) (Edinburgh & Waterloo) Gifted - I have a Cuisinart EasyPop Popcorn Maker to gift to someone. Never used it myself, but it seems to work fine. Comes apart easily to clean. Just add a bit of oil and come corn kernals and you're good to go. Porch pick up near Edinburgh and Waterloo.
Request: Wood ashes (hardwood prefered) (Edinburgh & Waterloo) - Hi Folks, Just wondering if anyone in Guelph had any wood ashes sitting around that they'd be willing to gift (hardwood prefered). Could pick up at your convenience. Many thanks, K Request: Large compost bin (Edinburgh & Waterloo) - Hi there, Just wondering if anyone had a large compost bin (or two) kicking around that they weren't using or wanted to get rid of. Could potentially pick up sometime this weekend. Thanks, k Request: 9v AC/DC power adapter (3.5mm male) (Edinburgh & Waterloo) - Wondering if anyone has an old 9v AC/DC (3.5mm male) power adapter kicking around. Connector type looks like the one in the picture below. Can pick up at your convenience. Many thanks,
Request: Door knobs, shelf brackets (Edinburgh & Waterloo) - Greetings, I've been doing some spring cleaning and want to fix a few things around the house. Could use the following items: - door knob set (including latching mechanism) - shelf brackets (10-12inches) - screen door closer (that pneumatic contraption that keeps doors from slamming shut too hard) If anyone has some spares laying around I would be most grateful to receive them. Can pick up at your convenience. Many thanks, K Offer: LED Christmas lights (11ft) (Edinburgh & Waterloo) Gifted - Have a set of ColorMotion Lightshow LED christmas lights to gift. Multicolored lights flash to a preset pattern. 11ft in length. I wanted to use them as mood lighting but the "lightshow" was annoying. Pick up near Edinburgh & Waterloo.
Offer: iMac 9.1 desktop computer (2011) (Edinburgh & Waterloo) Gifted - Hi there, I have an old iMac 9.1 desktop computer (from 2011) that needs a new home. It works well, but the screen has some issues (vertical lines). Could be used for basic stuff: music, web browsing, but the lines could get in the way if you're watching a movie or doing any photo editing, etc. does NOT come with mouse or keyboard. Here are the specs: iMac 9.1 - Mac OSX ver. 10.6.8 (could be updated to 10.11) 17in display 1.83Ghz intel Core Duo 1GB 667Mhz DDR2 SDRAM (2x512mb) ATI Radeon x1600 (128mb VRAM) WD 250GB hdd Pick-up near Edinburgh and Waterloo. Thanks.
Offer: old freezer meat (pork) (Norfolk & Woolwich) Gifted - Wondering if anyone is interested in a few big boxes of old meat (pork) that's been sitting in the freezer for a couple years. Mostly sausages (breakfest, garlic). Maybe for pet food? Was going to compost it but thought I'd see if anyone on here could use it. . Need it all gone ASAP. Request: Shower Curtain (Edinburgh & Waterloo) - Hi Folks, Just moved in to a new apartment and there's no shower curtain. I thought I'd check here to see if anyone has one squirreled away, and willing to gift to me, before going out and buying one. I have the rod, just need the curtain itself (and the clips... but I could easily make those.) Can pick up at your convenience. Thank you, K Request: Compost worms (Edinburgh & Waterloo) - Hey Folks, I'm interested in setting up a vermicomposting bin and just need a handful of worms to get started. Does anyone have any extra that they are willing to spare? Can pick up at your convienience. Many thanks.