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Request: bamboo (narara) - Hi! Looking for bamboo to harvest. We'll be using it as permanent formwork for a straw- clay house we are building. Thanks! Request: got a broken front loader? (narara) Expired - Looking for a broken front loading washing machine. the more broke the better! It's the drum i want for a project. Thanks! Request: old tool boxes and old tools (narara) Expired - looking for old tool boxes and old tools to make up a couple of kits for the kids. Offer: basketball ring (narara) Gifted - ok condition but can fall in high winds and smash your car windscreen(!)... so think where you might want it. some people tie them up. others lay them down when not in use. you'll probably need a trailer or a roof rack and tools. obviously it's quite tall. in your reply, let me know when you might be able to collect and also how you're going to transport it.
Photo of free basketball ring (narara)
Request: buckets with lids (narara) Received - hi! looking for two-three plastic buckets with lids. they need to be at least 10Litres and be able to slot together. to be part of a composting toilet setup. with thanks! Request: NBN modem (narara) Expired - ours blew up in the recent lightning storms. looking for a replacement one if anyone has a spare one sitting around? With thanks... Request: timber/bamboo/thick branches (narara) Received - Looking for offcuts of timber/bamboo >1m (longer better!) in length or even thick branches of a good diameter for upcycling project. With thanks. Request: roof sheets (corrigated/other) (narara) Expired - Hi! Looking for roof sheets for upcycling for two projects (1) cubby house and (2) a temporary builders dunny. Thanks in advance. Request: trampoline springs (narara) Expired - Looking for spare trampoline springs to replace some rusty ones. Thanks in advance! Offer: foam coolbox/eskys (narara) Expired - Several (8) styrofoam coolbox/eskys of a decent capacity (very rough guess in the range of 25-30L) which had veges etc delivered in them. Take one, take none, take all! Request: windows-timber frame (narara) Expired - Hello, looking for timber window frames, old broken whatever, or better yet in great condition! To restore and retrofit. Thanks! Request: windows-timber frame (narara) Expired - Hello, looking for timber window frames, old broken whatever. To restore and retrofit. Thanks! Request: old doors (narara) Expired - Must be structurally sound as in not disintergrating, but not necessarily cosmetically good as it won't be being used as a door! With great thanks. Request: old doors (narara) Expired - Must be structurally sound and it would be great if you could shoot me a picture or describe what you're offering. With great thanks. Request: Old timber wooden ladders (narara) Received - Hi! Looking for wooden ladders, they don't even need to be functioning. With thanks! Request: bookcase/s (narara) Expired - Hi, if you've got any spare, old or repairable bookcases please let us know! Kids books currently in upended cardboard boxes!! Offer: chicken tractor (Avoca beach) Gifted - Permaculture chook tractor/shed Offer: kids cot bed (Avoca beach) Gifted - See pic. Ready to go. Easy to put together. Offer: wardrobes x2, coffee table (Avoca beach) Gifted - Two large wardrobes with draws underneath. Functions well but some handles are loose. Easily fixed I reckon. Also nice dark wooden coffee table. Offer: coffee table and stand Up spot (Avoca beach) Gifted - Dark Brown timber coffee table in good condition. Stand Up spotlight with outward signs of salty residue, could be cleaned up. Not sure if it works but if not would be an easy repair. Reply with what you'd like and possible times you could collect. Priority will go to Sunday collection.