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Offer: styrofoam and packing materials (bethesda (bannockburn)) - checking whether anyone could use this for packing/shipping needs before i throw it away Offer: wire hangers (bethesda (bannockburn)) Expired - free for porch pickup in bannockburn heights
Photo of free wire hangers (bethesda (bannockburn))
Offer: drawer organizer (bethesda (bannockburn)) Expired - roughly 14” x 20”
Photo of free drawer organizer (bethesda (bannockburn))
Offer: baby items (bethesda (bannockburn)) Gifted - unused/unopened breast feeding storage/freezer bags, baby proofing items, and pouches for baby purées, yogurt, etc.
Photo of free baby items (bethesda (bannockburn))
Offer: microwave (bethesda (bannockburn)) Gifted - white cuisinart microwave. contact free pick up in bannockburn heights (bethesda). preference to those who could get it today!
Photo of free microwave (bethesda (bannockburn))
Offer: toddler shoes (7/8) (bethesda (bethesda (bannockburn)) Expired - 3 pairs of shoes. a bit worn but no holes and lots of life left in them! perfect shoes for the playground, daycare, or just to have a back up. easy porch pick up in bannockburn area.
Photo of free toddler shoes (7/8) (bethesda (bethesda (bannockburn))
Offer: open faced filing shelves (Downtown DC/ Farragut North) Gifted - two sets of shelves for storing files (or whatever you’d like to store/display!). please note that these have dividers for separating files so they aren’t normal book cases. dimensions are: 80”h x 36”w x13”d 40”h x 36”w x 13”d photos attached. must be picked up tomorrow, saturday, 2/27, between 8am-3pm in downtown DC (fart guy north).
Photo of free open faced filing shelves (Downtown DC/ Farragut North)
Photo of free open faced filing shelves (Downtown DC/ Farragut North)
Offer: Baby toys, seat, diaper bag (Bethesda (bannockburn)) Gifted - Bag of baby toys High chair seat that sits on regular chair and flips in place Diaper backpack with tons of indoor compartments/pockets and an insulated section for bottles. Easy contact free porch pick up in bethesda
Photo of free Baby toys, seat, diaper bag (Bethesda (bannockburn))
Photo of free Baby toys, seat, diaper bag (Bethesda (bannockburn))
Photo of free Baby toys, seat, diaper bag (Bethesda (bannockburn))
Request: 3t pajamas (Bethesda (bannockburn)) Expired - Before I buy new, is anyone looking to offload 3t pajamas? It’s for a boy but I’m not too worried about the colors or characters. Thanks! Offer: Joovy sit and stand stroller (West bethesda) Gifted - This is a double stroller in that it can hold two kids at a time but it’s not for two infants. One can sit and one can stand or both can sit facing opposite directions. I think it’s probably close to this version (linked below), but 5 or 7 years old. This was passed on to me so I don’t know specifics.
Photo of free Joovy sit and stand stroller (West bethesda)
Offer: Kids self driving car (West bethesda) Expired - Please note that the car is not currently taking a charge well. My kids still enjoy moving it manually with their feet. Someone handy would probably be able to fix the electrical or even replace the very simple system.
Photo of free Kids self driving car (West bethesda)
Offer: More Baby ítems (West bethesda) Gifted - Bottle drying rack, a few toys and books, The Birth Partner book, sleep sack, car mirror, car seat foot cover, “you wake him, you take him” door hanger, bottles, pacifiers. Contact free pick up. Preference to someone who will take all! Thanks.
Photo of free More Baby ítems (West bethesda)
Photo of free More Baby ítems (West bethesda)
Photo of free More Baby ítems (West bethesda)
Offer: Maternity items (West bethesda) Gifted - - 1 long sleeve striped maternity shirt -1 set maternity pajamas - 1 pair navy maternity tights - labor massage tool, like this: HealthAndYoga Palm Urchin Massage Tool - Easy Palm Fit - 4-Legged Massage Knobs for Gentle Massage - Hands free medela pumping bra
Photo of free Maternity items (West bethesda)
Offer: Toddler slide (West bethesda) Gifted - Free for easy porch pick up
Photo of free Toddler slide (West bethesda)
Photo of free Toddler slide (West bethesda)
Offer: Dog items (West bethesda) Expired - 2 dog cones/collars. Both unopened. Soft, bendable material, size medium. Brands are: Comfy Cone and Calm Paws. Plus a set of dog reindeer antlers!
Photo of free Dog items (West bethesda)
Photo of free Dog items (West bethesda)
Request: chair/bench/stool (West bethesda) Received - ISO free chair, bench, or stool for upholstery project I have a beginner’s upholstery workshop coming up and am looking for a chair or stool to bring to reupholster. Must be simple enough that it could be done in an evening (ie not a huge stuffed armchair). If you have something you’re looking to off load or perhaps your own upholstery project that you’ve given up on, please send me a message! A n armless chair, small bench, or stool would be ideal. TÍA! Offer: Home items (West bethesda) Gifted - - 1 notebook of recipes from home chef - 1 cook book: Pacific Flavors - 1 Rae Dunn “chug” mug - 2 Brand new/unused St Patrick’s Day themed bandanas - 1 new/unused canvas tote from Brooklinen -2 martini themed appetizer plates from crate and barrel - 1 beer and wine pairing book (for various life events) - 1 vibrating neck massager by NAP Offer: 2 soft dog cones/collars (unopened) (West bethesda) Expired - Size medium. Brands are Comfy Cone and Calm Paws.
Photo of free 2 soft dog cones/collars (unopened) (West bethesda)
Offer: Baby items (West bethesda) Gifted - - inflatable bath insert. This fits in the tub to make a smaller space for your baby or toddler. Includes a temperature gauge. Like this: - bags of small medela bottles (for pumping or feeding) - bag of assorted bottles and sippy cups - sleep sack - a few assorted books for baby and little kids Offer: Baby & toddler items (West bethesda) Gifted - - Merlín magic suit, size L - aqua baby seat for bath - assorted clothes: 0-3 month baby clothes, 2 hats, size 3 shoes, 2 Velcro capes, size M hat and kitten set -2 zipping stroller Blankets Offer: Breast pumps and accessories (West bethesda) Gifted - 2 models breast pumps with power cords. Also: one battery attachment (for pumping on the go), manual hand pumps that attach directly to bottles, several attachments for pumping straight into freezer bags, freezer bags, assorted flanges (mostly 24mm), tubes, and a few unopened items.
Photo of free Breast pumps and accessories (West bethesda)
Offer: Baby bottles, food processor (West bethesda) Gifted - Kidco food processor for making baby food, tray with small containers for freezing, bottle warmer, 2 pacifiers, one teether ring for using with mashed or frozen food, 2 premie bottle nipples Offer: More baby items (West bethesda) Gifted - Blue/white striped boppy cover Gro egg (monitors temperature of baby’s room) Walrus Bath toy storage bag 2 Muslin blankets (turtles and bees) Lots of toddler size socks Clip on Nursing light with timer Door stoppers (to protect tiny fingers!) Soft soles shoes, size 4 Reusable/resealable wipes container Small hanging/teether toy
Photo of free More baby items (West bethesda)
Offer: baby & toddler items (West bethesda) Gifted - -skiphop diaper changing clutch (includes small changing pad) -silicone bib (that is easily wiped with a sponge!) - lion lovey -nursery teddy bear art with quote -hand and footprint kit -winter cover for baby Bjorn - car seat toy (wraps around handle and dangles down for baby to play) -baby clothing organizers -disposable bibs -stick on table toppers -reusable food pouches for diy purees/smoothies/baby food -rattle toy -unopened boon silicon feeder -tons of baby and toddler socks (30 pair, not pictured) -small baby blanket - fisher price play table Offer: Household items (West bethesda) Gifted - 3 boxes of dry swiffers,Brita pitcher, utensil organizer for drawer (expandable), spice rack (also expands to fit cabinet
Photo of free Household items (West bethesda)
Offer: Bag of boys’ clothes (size 4-5) (West bethesda) Gifted - Assorted mix of shirts, sweats, pajamas. Not pristine condition, but no rips or stains either. Perfect for your growing kid! Includes a few bathing suits too. Offer: Baby/toddler items (West bethesda) Gifted - - Car seat/nursing cover. Like this (), but a different brand. Comes with a matching pouch. - toddler play chair (pic attached) - crib rail cover by Leachco. Like this (but without the toys): Leachco Easy Teether XL Convertible Crib Rail Cover, Ivory Offer: Baby/toddler items (West bethesda) Expired - - car seat cover & nursing cover Offer: Lots of cardboard (West bethesda) Gifted - I have a ton of cardboard - mostly in uniform smaller pieces. Would anyone like it for an art project, packing materials, etc before I recycle it?
Photo of free Lots of cardboard (West bethesda)
Offer: Baby items (West bethesda) Gifted - Floor cover (for under high chair) & matching bib Another bib Two silicon food trays that stick into table (1 is unopened) Phone holder for stroller Car mirror (some scratches) Elephant lovey 2 books 3 car seat inserts Floor pillow (for floor/tummy time) Mesh crib liner