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Request: boxing supplies (Montclair) - We are hosting a Ukrainian family and the dad is a world champion kick boxer. His luggage was lost and he needs size 10 running shoes. Also, if anyone has a punching bag and/or a heavy bag, that would also be great. Request: Size 10 running shoes (Montclair) - The Ukrainian father is an international kickboxing champ and needs to go on training runs. Request: Safety supplies (Montclair) - We now have a very active one-year-old for the Ukrainian family we are housing. If anyone has any of these items, it would be greatly appreciated. I live at 395 North Fullerton Ave. Montclair and my phone is 973-919-6798: a baby/pet gate to block off a set of stairs cabinet locks/latches for kitchen cabinets plexiglass or other coverings for 6 glass doors Outlet covers Maybe a small freezer- we recently gave ours away but we are back to being a Costco family. Request: Clothes for Ukrainian family (Montclair) Expired - The luggage for the Ukrainian refugee family we are housing was lost in transit. He is a medium with a 32-33 inch waist. She is about a size 6. I can come to pick them up or they can be dropped off at my house at 395 North Fullerton Ave. in Montclair. Thank You!! Request: Fire stick or Roku (Montclair) Expired - We are hosting a Ukrainian family and are getting a donated TV but we don’t have cable and it’s not a Smart TV Free: Shoe tree (Montclair) Expired - To hang in closet
Photo of free Shoe tree (Montclair)
Free: Doggie paw pads (Montclair) Expired - Never opened.
Photo of free Doggie paw pads (Montclair)
Free: Dog bowls (Montclair) Expired - Our large dog lived 18 years using these bowls.
Photo of free Dog bowls (Montclair)
Free: Pool table supplies (Montclair) Expired - balls, rack, brush, table cover, chalk
Photo of free Pool table supplies (Montclair)
Free: roll of paper (Montclair) Expired - plenty left on roll. About 3 feet tall.
Photo of free roll of paper (Montclair)
Free: table legs (Montclair) Expired - screw in type
Photo of free table legs (Montclair)
Free: rubic's cubes (Montclair) Expired - pretty standard
Photo of free rubic's cubes (Montclair)
Free: Bags (Montclair) Expired - Every kind: backpacks, tote bags, shoulder bags, etc.
Photo of free Bags (Montclair)
Free: Dog leashes (Montclair) Expired - For a small dog. The kind that go around the body, not the neck.
Photo of free Dog leashes (Montclair)
Free: Dog barking training (shock) system (Montclair) Expired - All parts are there. Probably needs new batteries.
Photo of free Dog barking training (shock) system (Montclair)
Free: Radio/CD player (Montclair) Expired - works
Photo of free Radio/CD player (Montclair)
Free: tv's (Montclair) Expired - small (15" and 13"). Not flat screen.
Photo of free tv's (Montclair)
Free: radar detector (Montclair) Expired - Old school but works
Photo of free radar detector (Montclair)
Free: Garmin GPA (Montclair) Expired - Comes with lifetime map updates
Photo of free Garmin GPA (Montclair)
Free: Coffee urn (Montclair) Expired - Old school percolator
Photo of free Coffee urn (Montclair)
Free: crutches (Montclair) Expired - They are crutches. What else to say?
Photo of free crutches (Montclair)
Free: Catering supplies (Montclair) Expired - For holding aluminum pans and sterno heaters.
Photo of free Catering supplies (Montclair)
Free: Porta potty (Montclair) Expired - Used for an elderly parent.
Photo of free Porta potty (Montclair)
Free: Calculators (Montclair) Expired - All multi-function
Photo of free Calculators (Montclair)
Free: Curling iron (Montclair) Expired - No description necessary
Photo of free Curling iron (Montclair)
Free: Weight lifting belt (Montclair) Expired - Oldie but goodie
Photo of free Weight lifting belt (Montclair)
Free: Fireplace screen (Montclair) Expired - Stands upright without hardware
Photo of free Fireplace screen (Montclair)
Free: Gate (Montclair) Expired - We used it to keep the dog out of our living room. Comes with hardware.
Photo of free Gate (Montclair)
Free: Wireless phones (Montclair) Expired - Two base units with 4 phones each. One unit also has an answering machine.
Photo of free Wireless phones (Montclair)
Free: DVD players (Montclair) Expired - 2 working DVD players
Photo of free DVD players (Montclair)