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Offer: Hockey socks (Cloverbar road & Wye) Expired - Hockey socks, young boy size. Good condition. Sherwood Park colours
Photo of free Hockey socks (Cloverbar road & Wye)
Offer: paperback books (Cloverbar road & Wye) Expired - 7 books. As pictured.
Photo of free paperback books (Cloverbar road & Wye)
Offer: books (Cloverbar road & Wye) Expired - 6 best seller paperback books. As pictured
Photo of free books (Cloverbar road & Wye)
Request: red seed potatoes (Cloverbar road & Wye) Received - Does anyone have any sprouted red potatoes? They don't have to be the actual 'seed' potatoes, as long as they are sprouted. Thank you. SP only Request: Great clips coupon (Cloverbar road & Wye) Received - Does anyone have a current Great Clips coupon? We had one somewhere, can't find it! Thank you. Offer: poker chips (Cloverbar road & Wye) Gifted - 23 chips. Red, black and green.
Photo of free poker chips (Cloverbar road & Wye)
Offer: camera film 35mm (Cloverbar road & Wye) Gifted - 3 rolls of camera film, 35mm. 24 exposure. Kodak ISO Max400 One is not Kodak
Photo of free camera film 35mm (Cloverbar road & Wye)
Offer: basket, ceramic (Cloverbar road & Wye) Gifted - This is a ceramic 'basket'. 8 inches long, 3inches high.
Photo of free basket, ceramic (Cloverbar road & Wye)
Offer: glass ice bucket (Cloverbar road & Wye) Gifted - Heavy glass bucket. Intended as an ice bucket. 8inches tall. Advertising written on glass
Photo of free glass ice bucket (Cloverbar road & Wye)
Request: Cabinet door pulls (Cloverbar road & Wye) Expired - I am looking for four matching door pulls for kitchen cabinets. Color doesn't matter. thank you. Offer: paperback (Cloverbar road & Wye) Gifted - Author - Steve Berry 4 books The Lincoln Myth The 14th Colony The Lost Order The Charlemagne Pursuit Author - Tom Clancy 3 books Clear and Present Danger Splinter Cell Op-Centre Acts Of War Offer: perennials (Cloverbar road & Wye) Expired - Candytuft - 8", white flowers cover the plant in spring. Daylily - Sella D'Oro - this is the short version, 15", yellow blooms, blooms longer than the true daylily Veronica - Speedwell - 18", spikes of blue flowers Cranesbill - geranium - don't know the name of this variety. It is low growing edging type of plant. Pink plowers all season. These plants have been in the sun and do well there. they haven't been dug up yet. Will wait to see if anyone requests them first. Picture doesn't show it's true self yet!
Photo of free perennials (Cloverbar road & Wye)
Offer: seed potatoes, red and fingerling (Cloverbar road & Wye) Expired - Some are just normal red potatoes, Norland, I believe. The other is a 'gourmet' type fingerling. To buy these seed potatoes is like almost a $1 per potato. These are last years potatoes, not certified seed potatoes.
Photo of free seed potatoes, red and fingerling (Cloverbar road & Wye)
Offer: Kinder Surprise 'empty' shells (Cloverbar road & Wye) Gifted - These are the the little 'egg' containers that the toy comes in. It is only the orange plastic shell. If anyone has any use for these.
Photo of free Kinder Surprise 'empty' shells (Cloverbar road & Wye)
Offer: pine cones (Cloverbar road & Wye) Gifted - A bag of about 15 or so. They have been sprayed gold, but isn't all that noticeable. Each cone averages about 3inches long.
Photo of free pine cones (Cloverbar road & Wye)
Offer: Children's DVD's (Cloverbar road & Wye) Gifted - About 50 DVDs. Many Dora Explorer, Sesame Street, Winnie the Pooh, Elmo, Caillou, Max and Ruby and the like.
Photo of free Children's DVD's (Cloverbar road & Wye)
Offer: children music cd's (Cloverbar road & Wye) Gifted - Seven cd's of children's music. Nursery rhymes, sing along.
Photo of free children music cd's (Cloverbar road & Wye)
Request: Tax forms 2017 (Cloverbar road & Wye) Received - I am looking for the paper forms for 2017 income tax. I need the forms the fill out, don't need the guide. If you don't plan on using yours I would appreciate it if i could use it. Thanks. I know you can download them, but would prefer the original coloured forms. Offer: camera battery (Cloverbar road & Wye) Expired - Sony battery and charger. Was used for a Sony camera that no longer works. Can anyone use these? Request: small piece of insulation (Cloverbar road & Wye) Expired - I am looking for a small piece of fibreglass insulation. Need to fill a couple 6inch holes. Maybe a one or two foot length. Sherwood park only. Thank you! Offer: paperback books (Cloverbar road & Wye) Gifted - Seven books Alll David Baldacci books: Stone Cold Hells Corner Absolute Power The Escape Total Control First Family The Sixth Man Offer: Old Nintendo cartridge (Cloverbar road & Wye) Expired - I'm guessing this is a cartridge form the original Nintendo game system, back in the 90's. Cartridge is about 6inches x4 1/2inches. Called, Big Bird's Hide & Speak. If anyone collects these old items(??) Offer: Nintendo64 game (Cloverbar road & Wye) Gifted - Not sure if anyone still uses or collects these. Thought i'd try before it hits the trash. It is a Madden Football Nintendo64 cartridge, with instruction booklet Request: toaster (Cloverbar road & Wye) Received - Would like any kind of toaster. Long as it toasts. Thank you! Offer: perennial-heliopsis (Cloverbar road & Wye) Expired - Called false sunflower. Grows about 3-5ft. Yellow flower. Offer: perennial (Cloverbar road & Wye) Gifted - Maiden pink - Dianthus Deltoid. I'm pretty sure this is the name of the plant. Low growing. Raspberry coloured tiny flowers cover the plant. If you want a piece of this plant, you need to pick up fairly quickly. I'm ready to dig now and they won't keep long once dug up. Offer: boy's clothes (Cloverbar road & Wye) Gifted - Size 4-6(mostly) Assortment of T-shirts, joggers, jeans, pj's..... Over 50 items. If more than one request I will split it up. Request: wheel alignment (Cloverbar road & Wye) Expired - I used to buy the coupon book that had a free wheel alignment in it. I didn't buy a book this year. Does anyone have a coupon they won't use? Thank you!