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Offer: Vintage Children's Rocking Horse (State College) - Palomino plastic rocking horse, minus its original wire "bouncy" frame, dating from the early 1960's. Some wear and tear (and missing foot & arm supports), but still quite lovely. Could be used as a unique display piece or renovated as a child's beloved rocking horse, as it was mine, once upon a time.
Photo of free Vintage Children's Rocking Horse (State College)
Offer: HEPA Filter Nilfisk Vacuum Cleaner (State College) Gifted - This Nilfisk was purchased, I believe, in the '80's, was never heavily used, and has been in storage for many years. It's time for a new home for it. There's somewhat of a cult surrounding this brand, because the machines so well-made and efficient. And VERY quiet! It has been exposed in the past to an environment which had, I now know, mold. So if you are mold sensitive, I'd suggest you pass. But if not. . .with a good cleaning and new bags, you'll be set with a great vacuum cleaner. Request: Top Sheets (State College) - Hi, folks. Have you recently cleaned out your linen closet and have some sheets ready for a new home? I'm in need of three full (double-sized) top sheets, though even twin-sized would be doable. For my purposes, I'm totally unconcerned with the color(s) and even if there are some small rips/holes/whatever, that's fine. But since I'm very chemically-sensitive, I can only use sheets that have not been washed with perfumed detergents or fabric softeners and if they're good and soft, all the better. Thanks so much! Offer: Small Icepacks (State College) Gifted - HI. I have six 3.5" x 5.5" icepacks -- the kind you get when ordering a medication that needs to be kept cool in transit -- and would like to pass them on to someone who could use them. They're great for occasional aches and pains or as an eye compress (or whatever), but there are just so many I have need of. Offer: The Writer Magazines (State College) Gifted - Hi. I have a batch of The Writer magazines from 2012 and 2013 for anyone who's interested. If you're not familiar with this publication, it covers all aspects of the writing world and the topics are quite timeless (how to get published/writer and editor interviews/writing tips/etc. etc. It's always fun (at least to me) to read. I have all of 2012's, with the exception of January, and 2013 issues from January through August. Offer: Alternating Air Pressure Mattress Pad w/Pump (State College) - I think the title says it all. Good for anyone who is spending a lot of time horizontal in bed and wishes to keep pressure sores/discomfort at bay.