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Offer: Dark blue fitted double bed sheet (VB Rosemont and Silina) Gifted - This is a dark blue, very good condition fitted sheet. It's a stray we found years later after going to a queen bed. No rips, tears or stains. Please list an estimated time date and time of pickup for a reply and we can fit most times. Offer: Student Driver plaques for car (VB Rosemont and Silina) - These are 3 reflective white with large red letters and metallic backed so stick on the car (unless fiberglass). Use for added safety when teaching your young teen how to drive. We used 1 on each side and one on the back. Please list an estimated time/date of pickup for a reply. Offer: Wood for Xmas eve or day fire (VB Rosemont and Silina) Gifted - Hi all, My annual Christmas offer. This is not for people who heat with wood as it's just enough for 1 simple fire if a properly operational fireplace. I see the bundles outside HT and other places and they can be over 10$. If money is tight and it would add cheer to your family, a small load of 2 banker logs and 4 smaller logs, all pre-split. Be advised I do not see my email while at work but will confirm once I see your note. I get home about 5pm and expect to be home this weekend. Please list date and anticipated time of pickup for a reply. Offer: Blue capri ladies size 12 (VB Rosemont and Silina) - Hi, not fancy but with an iron will do at work. Good for school. These are capri's so would fall about mid to lower calf on most. Cute with boots! Have not washed them since cat decided to sit on them and grace with a little fur (grin). Please list date and time of estimated pickup for a reply. Carol Offer: Electric Radio/alarm clock (VB Rosemont and Silina) - Hi, this is duty but works fine. White with all the normal gizmos. Been stored a bit but plugged her in and test is fine. Please give an estimated date and time of pickup for a reply. Carol
Offer: 2 cans of heat and serve soups (VB Rosemont and Silina) Gifted - These are 2 types I like and have excess of. Sometimes at the store I look at types for lunch but hold off due to the price until I see a sale, then I get a bulk set at Amazon if I like them. Here's 1 can of each below if any wanted to try them out for free! Campbells Chunky, Sausage and Pepper Rigatoni: Excellent! 1 can has a little over 2 cups and I split it in 2 microwave containers then take to work for lunch. Hearty and filling. 210 calories per cup. Progresso, Chicken Cheese Enchilada flavor: Hearty and creamy, also 1 can has a little more than 2 cups which I split as above for work lunches. 150 calories per cup. Please list an estimated time and date of pickup for a reply. Offer: Small Cat scratcher (VB Rosemont and Silina) Gifted - Hi all, Not even sure how this got here but we have a small cat scratch pole with 2 dangling toys on bouncy arms. Looks new? Please list estimated date and time of pickup for a reply. Offer: Wicker basket (VB Rosemont and Silina) Gifted - This is a new wicker basket, sizable at about 7 inches tall and 9 across. Never been used. We have a second one in our bathroom for fancy soaps and a third in the kitchen that holds onions and such. Please list desired date and time of pickup for a reply.
Offer: FOP: Complete Thanksgiving Dinner (VB Rosemont and Silina) Gifted - This is a complete (or mostly so) Thanksgiving dinner for a family of 6-8 with leftovers. Intended for a family short of means to put on a nice spread. 12lb frozen Turkey 3-4 lbs potatoes (1/2 a bag just got) Pepperidge farm stuffing Packs of Turkey gravy Canned vegetables (several types and enough for 8) Pie shell and can of evaporated milk and of Pumpkin (add sugar and spices) Sticks of butter (real butter) I'll start answering the requests I get today, tomorrow when I get home from work and pickups can be in the evening about 5pm (I sometimes am home a little earlier and can always pack it up for Husband to hand out earlier than that). Please let know know estimated date and time of when you'd like to pickup. I generally will not reply without that information. PS: Reasons are not required but if given, will be taken into account. Offer: Frozen Meals, various (VB Rosemont and Silina) Gifted - Hi all! A friend of mine got a bunch of frozen, microwave ready meals last week as part of her hospital stay and recovery package but neither she nor her husband eat these. They are all different and pretty high end tasty stuff! I need the freezer room back for my Thanksgiving charity run Monday so need a quick pickup either tonight or tomorrow. Pending answer on 4 of them but have 10 total (you might get 6 or you might get 10). Please let me know roughly when you can be here in your reply. I am open to pickups until 8pm tonight and then tomorrow from 7am to 8pm. Offer: Thanksgiving, extended FOP Small meal (VB Rosemont and Silina) Gifted - Hi! Starting the charge early! This one is the smaller meal intended for an older single or couple on limited means. The kids have flown and you've paid your dues, here's a little cheer in thanks! This is partly a pre-order as I go shopping Monday. I will take up to 3 sets then get as close to your pre-list as I can. Meat list available: 2 Cornish hens (or very small chickens), 1 per family. Feeds 1 with leftovers, feeds 2 more 'advanced' folks when sides are used. 3 Ham steaks, 2 smaller and intended to pair with a Cornish hen so there are leftovers. 1 larger. 1/2 a 1lb Smith-field pork rib rack (split and vacuum sealed at home) I'm not mean or bad, I have a seafood shift if pork is not an option in your home. I lack knowledge to assure it is kosher/halal if you need that but I am willing to accommodate within the limits of USA grocery stores. Stuffing: Boxed stove top type. Will try to catch preferred version if you list it. Gravy: will be jarred but availability of specific type not assured. Will also have packet types. Veggies: Generally canned. I try to upscale here since it's a special meal. Asparagus is popular but will have corn, peas, green beans. Starch side: Options are pasta or potato of various types. Generally 1 bag makes 2 cups of side. All orders come with at least 1 stick of real butter unless you specifically ask me to not add it (lactose intolerant etc.) To use this listed item, we agree I won't even have it until Monday at the earliest and pickup will be at the earliest Monday afternoon. What you do now is contact me back *now* with what you would like and I get it then we work out when you can pickup. I even have a fellow who offers often to help deliver if you need that. For those of you with bigger needs, I will have offers for larger families from 4-8 as I clear freezer space. Please be patient for about a week and they will come out. Carol Freecycle and my generous friends have given so much, this is my annual thanks to give back! Offer: Pots and frying pans (VB Rosemonth and Silina) Gifted - These are a large pot (with lid) and a smaller one (with lid). Several frying pans and a stove top WOK. 2 roaster type pans (one will hold a small turkey) I also have a floor to ceiling lamp and 1 32x32 wood parquet table just right for a breakfast nook or a small apartment. Take what fits your needs, I do not require you take all. Please give us an estimated date AND actual time of pickup for reply. Offer: Where we are - Hi all! I think this may help. It's a poll so others besides me can get a feel for where people are, by city. If I do it right, you can vote more than one city relevant to you, and add a city at need. Offer: Print Shop Deluxe Plus - Location: Rosemont and Silina, 1 mile from Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach This was setup for WIN95/98 but will likely work with XP with no assistance. If it does need help, then DOS-EMU 0.62 is freeware and it will run under that. Includes 6 CDs and install CD. Create and edit professional documents, web pages and retouch photos plus more! Please list estimated date/time of pickup for a reply. Like all my offers, pickups can be anytime as long as you get a confirm from me (I can't reach my email from work but family is here). Offer: Spare tire rim (Virginia Beach) Gifted - Hi All! I have a spare tire rim in great shape that was for a Mercury Tracer but compatible with many other cars. If you blew a tire and had to damage the rim of your spare to get to a safe spot, these spare rims cost about 40$-80$ and would be worth a trip to VB for most of you. The spare tire is still on it but not in usable condition (I will try to get it off but no promises there as I may not have the right tools). I live 1 mile from Lynnhaven Mall (you can map-quest that to get an idea of distance) and for a cross street, probably I-264 and Rosemont work best (about 3 miles). Pickup can be any time but please warn us what day so we can set it outside the backyard gate. We are patient so you don't have to rush over today if sometime in the next 2 weeks or so works better for your schedule to save gas money! Carol Request: Freezer burned meat (VB/Norfolk travel mostly) Received - Hi all! An odd request but here it is. I sent this out in the VB Freecycle in different wording that doesn't really work for Suffolk Freecycle. Suffolk for example has no rule that you can't ask for food. It may not be solved, but you can ask here. (I'm still looking for a few moderators here to add since Janet has to step back for a bit). One thing almost everyone tosses out without thinking about it, is freezer burned meat. Reality is if it is still safely frozen (food safe, just like you would for your own eating), dogs either cant taste or don't care about freezer burn for red meat animals. They can be touchy on chicken and most won't eat freezer burn fish. To make it to Suffolk, I'd be asking for 5lbs or so (or the gas price would be more than the cost of the meat) but if you have less yet were about to toss it, try an offer instead and see what happens? You could have a limited income person very near you who is struggling to feed a dog and that 'oops, didn't seal that steak well enough' item could be a major find for them! Carol Offer: New Christmas gifts for kids, updated Gifted - This is an update as we confirm arrivals. Added note for Suffolk Freecycle (this OFFER went out in VB already except this one paragraph: We have a co-owner in VB who is closer if that is needed. If so, the package will be passed to another along with your email for you to negotiate times. The Smithfield pork place if workable, will require your time be so you are there ready for a hand off from a worker who drives one of their trucks.) Location: Rosemont and Silina, 1 mile from Lynnhaven Mall, VB ALT Location possible at Princess Anne and Newtown, or Smithfield pork place (email me if need that) With Xmas fast approaching, there are always parents with kids who struggle and some will not have much (or anything). This set is a dual offer going to VB Freecycle and Suffolk Freecycle. Assumption is 4 families for most of it These items are generally gender neutral. I will list ages when it makes sense. When replying, please list ages and number of kids because I may have something else to add to your package. If there are only 2 of something, request only 1. Many will be split from original package. Paint by Numbers, Labrador (mini) - 3 kits Paint brushes (simple plastic) - 3 per family (10 total in package) Wood cars ready for painting- 4 per family Acrylic paint pots, 64 pack, 8 colors each, 8 sets - 2 per family Craft Picks, these are small popsicle looking sticks, 750 - used to build mini structures- tell me how many Pipe cleaners, 200 10inch long crafter type in many colors - looking to 50 per family? Negotiable Glue pens, large size - 1 per family (I have only 2) Mini-coloring books -1 per family? (There are 3) Drawing on the Go mini book, and larger book, probably age 8 - 1 per family (there are 2) Construction paper, 500 pages in 10 colors, plan to split this to 4 packs with one per family? 8 packs fat crayons, 8 colors - 2 per family? 2 sets beading cord - 1 per family **see below, beads not in yet) Not in yet but should be next week: (no promises) beads, 1000 per pack, not the tiny ones - about 500 per family to match the cord? Beading craft book with ideas, kid friendly Pickups are expected to be over the weekend but saving gas to make it next week on the way home from work is fine. Please list estimated date/time and we will work with you if a night shift worker. Carol