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Request: 1 gallon glass jars (Marion Oaks - Ocala (SW)) - I'm looking for 1 gallon glass jars ... with or without lids. Offer: Children's Educational Resources (Marion Oaks - Ocala (SW)) Withdrawn - We're clearing shelves and I have a box of educational books and sight word cards. Grade school age. Also have Biology for the Grammar Stage (student and teacher) which is a year long curriculum. I'm in Marion Oaks (about 5 minutes from the I-75/Hwy 484 interchange). Offer: White Tea Set (Marion Oaks - Ocala (SW)) Gifted - Tea pot and 6 cups. Like new. I don't think it was ever used. I'm at the front of Marion Oaks (about 5 minutes from the I-75/Hwy 484 interchange)
Photo of free White Tea Set (Marion Oaks - Ocala (SW))
Offer: Longaberger Basket Liners (Marion Oaks - Ocala (SW)) Withdrawn - I have several Longaberger Basket liners that were my mom's. I have no idea which baskets they are for. There are floral, stripes, apples, plaids, and white with lace. some are from Longaberger and some were custom made by my mom to fit Longaberger Baskets. You can keep for yourself, gift, or sell. I'm in the front part of Marion Oaks (about 5 minutes from the I-75/Hwy 484 interchange). Request: Flagstone or Paver Blocks (Marion Oaks - Ocala (SW)) Expired - We're looking for flagstone or paver blocks for the yard. If you have anything, please consider us. Thank you. Offer: Keurig Coffee Maker (Marion Oaks - Ocala (SW)) Gifted - Keurig coffee maker. Also includes a set of reusable k-cups so you can use your own coffee. Everything works fine, I just don't use it anymore. Offer: Homeschool Math Workbooks (Marion Oaks - Ocala (SW)) Gifted - ACE (PACES) Math books for Grade 1 ... booklets 10, 11, and 12. Includes test. Can be mailed if you pay for postage. Request: Misc Kitchen Items (Marion Oaks - Ocala (SW)) Expired - I'm looking for the following: Yogurt Maker Pasta Maker/Machine Grain Mill/Flour Grinder Juicer Apple Peeler/Corer If you have any of these items just taking up space, I would love to put them to good use. Thanks for considering me. Request: Beekeeping Supplies & Hives (Marion Oaks - Ocala (SW)) Expired - Looking for supplies and equipment for beekeeping. Request: Metal Canopy Frames (Marion Oaks - Ocala (SW)) Expired - We're looking for a couple of sturdy metal canopy frames that we can use over our garden area for shade cloth. Offer: Egg Cartons (Marion Oaks - Ocala (SW)) Expired - I have quite a collection of egg cartons if someone needs them. Offer: Lots of Yard Sale Items (Marion Oaks - Ocala (SW)) Expired - Several family members have been downsizing/decluttering and our garage is filling up. We decided not to have a yard sale as we really don't have time and want to give everything to someone else for their sale. Must take all of it. You'll need a large van, truck, or trailer to get it all. There is no furniture, just LOTS of boxes and stuff. Located 5 minutes from I-75/Hwy 484 interchange.