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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Plants (SN4) Gifted - Organic runner beans Sunflowers Offer: Ceiling Lamp (SN4) Gifted - White thick glass, good condition. Offer: Plants (SN4) Gifted - Comfrey, pink champion and feverfew. Offer: Used Jiffy bags (SN4) - Can anyone make use of 15 or so recycled Jiffy bags? Offer: Under-bed storage boxes (SN4) - Two plastic containers, with lids, for under bed storage. 2'6" X 2'3".
Offer: VHS videos (SN4) - Dozen or so VHS videos. Including Poldark, Pride & Prejudice, several Marilyn Monroe films, Bridge over the River Kwai, River Dance + others. Offer: Speaker Sound Surround System (SN6) Gifted - Samsung speaker surround system. Bass speaker needs a little cosmetic attention.
Offer: Surround Sound System (SN6) - Samsung surround sound system. Bass speaker needs a little cosmetic attention.
Offer: Mirror (Berwick Bassett SN4) Gifted - Ikea mirror, new, still packaged. Bevelled edges 20 sq inches. Offer: Small picnic hamper (Berwick Bassett SN4) - Small picnic hamper, good condition. 18" x 12" x 7"
Offer: REPOSTED: Sambucus shrub (Berwick Bassett SN4) - Pruned Sambucus shrub. Needs reasonable amount of space. Offer: Laptop bag (Berwick Bassett SN4) - Black laptop bag. Three additional generous pockets. Sturdy.
Offer: Sambucus Shrub (Berwick Bassett SN4) - This shrub is healthy and free growing so it needs space. Offer: Plastic plant pots (Berwick Bassett SN4) - I have a bin full of plastic pots - various sizes- and seed trays. Help yourself from inside the back garden gate. Offer: Hessian sacks (Berwick Bassett SN4) - 3 x large hessian sacks. Offer: Mop bucket (Berwick Bassett SN4) - White mop bucket. Good condition.
Offer: Stool (Berwick Bassett SN4) Gifted - UPDATED 11/17: Taken: Stool A tall stool. Courtesy of a fellow Freecycler, I have not found a use for it.
Offer: Canvas garden chair (Berwick Bassett SN4) - UPDATED 11/17: Taken: Canvas garden chair STC Green canvas garden chair. Slight wear and tear.
Offer: More hardy herbaceous plants (Berwick Bassett SN4) Gifted - Pink geranium, variegated and green leaved periwinkle and pink champion. Offer: Hardy herbaceous plants (Berwick Bassett SN4) Gifted - Giant scabious, alchemilla mollis and silene dioica plants available. Offer: Shower curtain (Berwick Bassett SN4) Gifted - Good quality white shower curtain. In good condition except for some hard water staining at the bottom. Metal rings. Offer: Plants (Berwick Bassett SN4) - Available plants from division. Pink herbaceous geranium, silene dioica (pink) and vinca (periwinkle). Offer: IKEA Table Lamp (Berwick Bassett SN4) - Good condition 12"
Offer: Log boards (Berwick Bassett SN4) Gifted - Six horizontal log boards Offer: Silence Dioica seeds (Berwick Bassett SN4) - I have seeds to spare. Good herbaceous plants for middle/back of border. Common name: pink champion. Offer: Budgie cage sand sheets (Berwick Bassett SN4) - 15 sand sheets available Offer: Small garden table/2 chairs (Berwick Bassett SN4) Gifted - These need s clean and paint, otherwise in good condition.
Offer: Garden Table & 2 Chairs (Berwick Bassett SN4) - Small garden table and two chairs In need of a clean and paint, but otherwise sound.
Offer: Giant Scabious plants (Berwick Bassett SN4) - Very tall herbaceous, extremely hardy plant. Grows in any soil. Cream flowers.
Offer: Bird Bath (Berwick Bassett SN4) - This is a plastic RSPB bird table. Needs a clean, otherwise perfectly fine.