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Request: Power supply for Drobo FS NAS (Kaleen) - May be a long shot but I am after a 240V to 12V 8.3A power supply for a Drobo FS NAS hard disk storage unit. Can be dead or alive. My current one has a faulty wire near the 12V plug and I could swap the plug over from a dead supply. Thanks, Neal Offer: Motorcycle boots (Kaleen) Gifted - I still have a pair of AlpineStars SMX5 motorcycle boots on offer. They are size 43 (Eur), waterproof, in very good condition and come with spare toe scrapers. Cheers, Neal
Offer: Motorcycle Boots (Kaleen) Gifted - I have 2 pairs of motorcycle boots on offer. Both are size 43 (Eur), waterproof and in very good condition 1. Falco touring boots 2. AlpineStars SMX5 - with spare toe scrapers Cheers, Neal
Offer: Windows 3.1 Install Disks (Kaleen) Gifted - This is a full set of 6 x 3.5" Win 3.1 install floppy disks originally for a Texas Instruments laptop. Any collectors out there interested? Offer: 3.5" Floppy Disks (Kaleen) Gifted - I have approx 80 3.5" floppy disks to give away. All erased. Ok for PCs or Macs. Could be useful for a collector of antiques. Offer: Vacuum Cleaner Bags Uni 131 - Kaleen - I have a packet of 5 paper vacuum cleaner bags to give away. They are Uni brand type 131. They will suit a variety of vacuum cleaners, Electrolux Z series, and Phillips. If you would like them let me know your model type and I will see if it is listed on the packet. Cheers, Neal Offer: Arrow Staples for JT21 Manual Staple Gun - Kaleen Gifted - OFFER: Arrow Staples - building/upholstery type not paper staples. - Kaleen I have 3 packets of 1000 Arrow #214 staples (6mm - 1/4”). They fit an Arrow JT21, TT21, or JT21 CM staplers, or other similar brands. I should have bought #504 6mm ones as these are just slightly narrower to fit my Arrow T50 stapler. Cheers, Neal Offer: Lighting Items (Kaleen) Gifted - I have the following lighting items available. 1. Dimmer switch 240V - never used 2. Portable fluorescent light 12V - battery operated 3. Spotlight with movement detector - 240V has to be hard wired 4. Spotlights, coloured X7, 240V 100W Edison fitting 5. Spotlight holders X3, Edison fitting Cheers, Neal
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Offer: Audio speakers without boxes (Kaleen) Gifted - I have a few audio speakers and covers available. 1. Axiette 200mm 12W 15ohm 1960-70s vintage (centre cone has collapsed in slightly but not broken- could be pulled out) 2. Wharfdale 205mm 10-15ohm 1960-70s vintage 3. Magnavox 255mm 1950s vintage 4. Sanyo 155mm 8ohm 10W a pair - car speakers 5. Unknown brand 195mm 6. Speaker covers pair, suit 100mm diam 7. Speaker covers pair, suit 125mm diam Cheers, Neal
Offer: Box of telephone cables, wall fittings a (Kaleen) - I have a shoebox full of telephone cables, wall fittings and adapters. Would prefer if they all went a one lot but if someone is after a specific item then contact me. Cheers, Neal
Offer: Belkin Surge Protector for AV Systems (Kaleen) - I have a Belkin Home Theatre SurgeCube. It protects the devices from voltage surge. Suits TVs, Set-top boxes, DVD players Game Consoles etc Cheers, Neal
Offer: Torches (Kaleen) Gifted - I have the following items available Torches, Big Jim X2, Dolphin X1 -just add batteries
Offer: HPM Wireless Doorbell System (Kaleen) Gifted - I have an HPM wireless doorbell system available. Battery operated. 2 door buttons, 1 central receiver, and 1 mobile receiver - can be carried or worn around the neck Cheers, Neal
Offer: Bathroom Products - Kaleen Gifted - OFFER: Bathroom Products -Kaleen We have some items to give away that were left by a relative on a recent visit. They are each around 50-80% full. Would prefer if they were all taken in one lot. Cheers, Neal 1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser - 500ml pump bottle 2. Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser - 100g 3. L’oreal Elviive Total Repair for damaged hair - 200ml 4. TRESemme Shampoo - 100ml Request: Star Picket Driver - WANTED: We would like to get a hold of a star picket driver if anyone has one they do not want. It to help us put in pickets in our bush block and avoid bashing our knuckles using a hammer. A pic of what we are after can be found at: / (main photo) Thanks, Neal Offer: Floor Rug - Kaleen - OFFER: Floor Rug. 100% polypropylene. 2100 x 1570 mm - Kaleen Needs a clean but in good condition apart from a 100 x 50mm wear spot on one edge. Could be good for a garage, shed or playroom floor. Photo at: Cheers, Neal Offer: Slicer and Mincer for an older Kenwood Chef - Kaleen - OFFER: Slicer and Mincer for older Kenwood Chef We picked up the slicer and mincer at the Green Shed hoping they would fit our Kenwood (Model KM300) but unfortunately they appear to fit the older the 700 and 900 series machines. The slicer has a P/N 17003. Both items are appear to be in good working condition and they have probably not been used very much. Photos in my album at <> cheers, Neal Offer: Oil lamps - Kaleen Gifted - OFFER: Oil lamps x 8. These are lightweight metal oil lamps, one is missing the glass. They need a good clean but still work ok. I have a small amount of spare lamp oil and some spare wicks. Picture at Thanks, Neal Request: Small pieces of corrugated iron - Kaleen - Hello FreeCyclers. Would anyone have some small pieces of corrugated iron you don’t want. We are setting up a new type of veggie garden and want to ‘edge’ it with the iron to keep out roots. Pieces about 400 x 900mm would do. Larger pieces ok as we can cut them. Corrugations to run on the vertical 400mm. thanks, Neal