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Offer: Mary Jane's Farm magazines 2015-2017 (Lucent & Highlands Ranch Parkway) Gifted - Three years of Mary Jane's Farm magazine back issues 2015 thru 2017. Delightful magazine with cooking, crafts, sewing, homemaking, farming.....for the country girl at heart. Offer: Garden of Life RAW Protein Powder Gifted - 1+ jars of Garden of Life RAW Protein Powder for smoothies Offer: 2 Fluorescent Lightbulbs, 4-ft long - Two normal fluorescent lightbulbs 4 ft long each. Offer: Light fixture - flush mount to electricity in ceiling - 8" brass base with semi-clear patterned oval shaped globe. Holds two light bulbs, normal screw in sockets Works fine, I just replaced several in my house with a different style Offer: Small bag of foreign coins; Highlands Ranch Parkway & Lucent - Small bag of about 25 foreign coins Mostly from Mexico and Canada Few from France, Brazil, Portugal, Nederlands Offer: Chebe brand gluten-free pizza crust mix; Highlands Ranch Parkway & Lucent - I have four boxes of CHEBE brand gluten-free pizza crust mix. I really enjoyed making pizza with these but the mix requires the addition of eggs and shredded cheese, so I can't use them anymore. ase-7-5-oz-per-package Offer: Nutribullett mixing cup with lid; Highlands Ranch Parkway and Lucent - One 12 oz clear mixing cup with black, screw-on lid for Nutribullet blender. This is the "cup" used for making one person smoothies, etc. Offer: Crosman .177 pellet/BB airgun; Highlands Ranch Parkway and Lucent - .177 Crosman pump-style bb/pellet gun. I can't get the BB's to load, but maybe you can fix it. Or, use as a practice/training BB gun. Pump action works fine and it fires but I can't pull back the loading mechanism far enough to load BBs into the firing chamber.