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Offer: Panasonic 42” plasma TV (Bookham) Gifted - In working order, has satellite and aerial tuners.
Photo of free Panasonic 42” plasma TV (Bookham)
Offer: Kenwood toaster (Bookham) Gifted - Brand new in its box...
Photo of free Kenwood toaster (Bookham)
Offer: Kettler exercise frame (Bookham) Gifted - Good condition
Photo of free Kettler exercise frame (Bookham)
Offer: Granite effect worktop (Bookham) Gifted - Two pieces of unused kitchen worktop 720x600x40 and1520x600x40, all sizes in mm.
Photo of free Granite effect worktop (Bookham)
Photo of free Granite effect worktop (Bookham)
Offer: Simulated sheepskin (Bookham) Gifted - Two pieces of brand new artificial sheepskin, white. Each 31" x 43"
Photo of free Simulated sheepskin (Bookham)
Offer: Granite worktop (Bookham) Gifted - Piece of black granite worktop 1100mm x 830mm. I know it looks like a mirror, but it's not!
Photo of free Granite worktop (Bookham)
Offer: Trimmaster cross trainer (Bookham) Gifted - In working order but currently disassembled. Second time of offering.
Photo of free Trimmaster cross trainer (Bookham)
Offer: Upright Hoover (Bookham) - Needs new drive belt, otherwise fine. Good for cleaning car interiors!
Photo of free Upright Hoover (Bookham)
Offer: Sony LCD TV (Bookham) Gifted - 26" widescreen with Freeview. In working order but remote a bit dodgy.
Photo of free Sony LCD TV (Bookham)
Photo of free Sony LCD TV (Bookham)
Offer: Pair of axle stands (Bookham) - Old but serviceable!
Photo of free Pair of axle stands (Bookham)
Offer: Leaf vacuum (Bookham) Gifted - In working order
Photo of free Leaf vacuum (Bookham)
Offer: Trimmaster Cross Trainer (Bookham) Gifted - In working order, dismantled for transport.
Photo of free Trimmaster Cross Trainer (Bookham)
Offer: John Lewis ironing board (Carshalton SM5) - Needs new cover but otherwise excellent.
Photo of free John Lewis ironing board (Carshalton SM5)
Offer: Stylish red TV unit (Carshalton SM5) Gifted - Good condition, just a couple of small chips on one corner. Just dusty from being in the garage...
Photo of free Stylish red TV unit (Carshalton SM5)
Offer: 5 1920s solid interior doors (Carshalton SM5) - Dip-stripped and partially refinished for painting. 81 x 202. (2) 76 x 197 (2) 76 x 192 (1)
Photo of free 5 1920s solid interior doors (Carshalton SM5)
Offer: Approx 12 sq m of Tredaire (Bookham) - Tredaire Green carpet underlay. Great quality, about 10 years old.
Photo of free Approx 12 sq m of Tredaire (Bookham)
Offer: Aerial for low signal (Bookham) Gifted - One For All VHF/UHF powered aerial Offer: Four 400W floodlights (Bookham) Gifted - Excellent condition, hardly used. Offer: Baby monitor (Bookham) Gifted - Motorola baby monitor. Works fine but the charging socket on the monitor is flaky and I can't find the actual charger for it (a standard USB charger is all it needs). Good system and can be accessed remotely if desired. Offer: IKEA white wardrobes (Bookham) - 2m x 1m and 2m x 0.6m, dismantled. Has been moved twice but still serviceable Offer: Misc electricals (Bookham) - Wall sockets and switch plates, computer cables, Wi-Fi routers. All surplus. Offer: Box misc plumbing items (Bookham) - Plastic drain junctions, used but working heating controllers, used heating pump etc. Destined for the dump otherwise Offer: 2 port KVM switch (Bookham) - As new. Connect two computers to one monitor Offer: Computer ancillaries (Bookham) - USB phone, USB camera, USB headphones with microphone