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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Bags of really good books (Glastonbury, BA6) Gifted - I have 9 big carrier bags full of books. I was going to sell them/take them to the charity shops in Glastonbury, but I am offering them here because they are still in the boot of my car and I haven't got round to it! All the books are modern; some will sell on Amazon and some at Courtyard books. If you have the patience you are welcome to make some money from them. Some spiritual books - some unusual - a real eclectic mix. No fiction. Request: Old babygros for little dog's wound (Glastonbury, BA6) Withdrawn - Smallest size, I guess that would be 0-3 months. My little dog has a terrible lick wound on his back and the breeder said to try babygros to protect it. He is a Houdini and has got out of/destroyed every type of suit you can get. I'd need a few! Offer: Tava (Glastonbury, BA6) Withdrawn - For making chapattis. Made of steel. Pan is 12" in diameter Offer: Furniture protectors (from pets) (Glastonbury, BA6) Withdrawn - 4 armchair protectors and 1 sofa protector. Brown, thin quilted. Some of the backing has come away on a couple of them. If you have pets that jump on the furniture they might help. Most have been well used (a couple look fairly newish) and don't look that brilliant, I have to say, (unless you like brown) but for a dog that's going through a destructive phase they are great. Offer: Scart leads/computer leads/ leads (Glastonbury, BA6) Withdrawn - 6 Scart leads plus 2 Scart splitters: 1 x 1 into 3 and 1 x 1 into 5. 2 American style computer power leads i.e. fit AppleMac's and U.S printers. 1 European style 2-pin computer power lead. Various T.V. and DVD leads i.e. aerial to T.V and T.V to DVD etc Would like the whole lot to go together, please Offer: Downlighters (Glastonbury, BA6) Withdrawn - 50mm recessed downlighters still in packaging - unused. White. Offer: 24 Ali Baba honey jars, with lids (Glastonbury, BA6) Gifted - 970g jars, lovely bellied shape. Shame to put out for recycling. Looks great on display shelves. Offer: Pallet (Glastonbury, BA6) Gifted - For some inexplicable reason is blue, but okay for those construction projects. (We've already made three raised beds from others we had.) Offer: "Fishing-rod" lamp (Glastonbury, BA6) Gifted - Pendulous, arching 'fishing-rod' style floor lamp, with a hanging round Japanese paper shade. Would need a big room to show it off. Came from Habitat Offer: Ikea Kroby floor lamps + one other (Glastonbury, BA6) Gifted - 2 of these Kroby swan necked, flared conical translucent glass shades. Base of one has a bit of rust on top, but could be painted over. Height: 135cm Plus one stainless steel floor standing reading light, height 147cm, has a flexible top. Offer: Tent/camping mattresses/burner (Glastonbury, BA6) Gifted - Unused Gelert double-burner with lid windshield and piezo ignition. 2 large 1.5kw adjustable burners. works with butane and propane. does not come with a regulator. Also: Outwell 6x2' air-foam inflatable mattress which rolls up, AND a Thermarest 6x 18" air-foam inflatable mattress. When unrolled Thermarest about an inch deep, Outwell about 2 inches deep. Rolling them up deflates them. To inflate, unroll and give a couple of puffs of air. (Backpackers deluxe comfort) And ... (sadly saying goodbye to this) a circa 1980's well-used Wild Country Supernova Himalayan base tent. weighs 7lbs. Has been patched. has spring loaded carbon-fibre or fibreglass poles. Although old it's an excellent tent. Sleeps 2 but will sleep 4 at a push. Has a sewn-in groundsheet and close fitting waterproof flysheet. Opens both ends, with a porch at one end. Is very comfy. You can't stand up in it, but it is an excellent touring tent. It will stay up when all other tents have blown over! Designed for extreme conditions. Similar to the Wild Country Trisar 2 person tent, but bigger and able to be carried around and manoeuvred fully erected.(i.e. pitch it and then find the spot to anchor it.) Offer: OKA Wentworth chair (Glastonbury, BA6) Gifted - This is a classy comfy chair, but is too big for our space now. It is several years old, has been cleaned and looked after and is in a non-smoking, covid-free house. It would fit into a room as it is, or you could drape it with a nice throw, as we did. It's not worn or tatty at all, but there is very slight fading. If you google the chair you'll see a photo of the purple one. You would definitely need two strong people to shift it, and a van or somesuch to transport it.) Offer: Big Khyam ridge tent - used once (Glastonbury, BA6) Withdrawn - And we have the instruction manual, poles and kit. Big, rigi-dome Chatsworth (I think that's the model, tho' the manual has instructions for 4 Khyam tents) tent. With sewn in groundsheet and 'carpet' in the living area. It has two bed spaces. Would suit family of four or couple who like plenty of room. Tent has only been used once, c. ten years ago and since then has been kept in our dry loft. No guarantees as to what it's like now, tho' should be fine.