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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Window screen (Warrenton Walgreens) - I have a tear in one of my window screens looking for some to replace it with? Request: Guitar stand (Warrenton Walgreens) - Any Request: Broken trampoline (Warrenton Walgreens) Request: Old baking food stuff (Warrenton Walgreens) - In my class just want the kids to get the idea of measuring. Any old sugar, flour, spices. Thanks Request: Razor scooter (Warrenton Walgreens) - Any Request: Chicken scraps (Warrenton Walgreens) - Any Request: Old tennis rackets (Warrenton Walgreens) - Any as long as it has strings Request: Glow molds (Warrenton Walgreens) - Any condition Request: Old Oats, grains, grits (Warrenton Walgreens) - For my chickens for the winter :) Request: Mastermind game (Warrenton Walgreens) - Anyone have the 80s game mastermind? Request: Banana or pear gram- game (Warrenton Walgreens) - looking for banana or pear gram for my classroom. Thanks Request: Tarps, siding (Warrenton Walgreens) - Looking for the winter for my chickens. Left over tarps even torn or old siding. Thanks Request: Small purses (Warrenton Walgreens) - Small purses for my daughter to play dress up Request: Purses (Warrenton Walgreens) - For my daughter for dress up Request: Siding (Warrenton Walgreens) - Looking for left over siding from jobs for my chicken coop for winter Request: Old tarps (Warrenton Walgreens) - Any for chickens Request: Food scraps for my chickens (Warrenton Walgreens) - Looks for old food for my chickens Request: Toilet (Warrenton Walgreens) - Toilet for family in need Request: Fishing net (Warrenton Walgreens) - Fishing net-small medium Request: Clip on ear rings (Warrenton Walgreens) - Any for my three year old. Request: Magazines (Warrenton Walgreens) - For my classroom, thanks! Request: computers not working (Warrenton Walgreens) - Lap tops and computer key boards for my classroom Request: Broken laptop, camera (Warrenton Walgreens) - Something for my kids to play with Offer: Boys clothes 8-12 (Warrenton Walgreens) - Like new Offer: Deep freeze (Warrenton Walgreens) Gifted - Only two years old after the storm we had once we got power back the lights come on and motor runs just doesn't get cold. Request: Broken small appliances (Warrenton Walgreens) - Im teaching my class about taking things apart and putting them back together. Small appliances like vcr, dvd player stuff like that. Request: Dry beans (Warrenton Walgreens) - Need dry beans for a camp project Request: 5 gallon buckets (Warrenton Walgreens) Received Request: Old plates (Warrenton Walgreens) Received - Dont need to match Request: Vcr player (Warrenton Walgreens) - Not broken, or far from warrenton