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Request: Styrofoam Peanuts (Cumberland, Ontario) - I'm sending some breakables to a friend & find myself in need of some white styrofoam peanuts. If anyone has moved or have some sitting around I'll make good use of them.Thanks Request: Wooden Paddles for Canoeing (Cumberland, Ontario) Expired - Doesn't matter if they're damaged/beaten up. They're for a project. Request: Wooden Oars (Cumberland, Ontario) Expired - Almost any condition looking for project pc's, Request: wooden Canoe Paddles (Cumberland, Ontario) Expired - Good or broken wooden canoe paddles wanted. I know it's a long shot ,but if anyone has some wooden paddles they can [art with. I'll give them a good home. Thanks in advance. Offer: 3 punching bag covers (Cumberland, Ontario) Expired - white/new covers for punching bags,not sure of sizes(all the same) Offer: 2 Cardboard Drums for storage/w lid (Cumberland, Ontario) Expired - Approx 50 gal size relatively good shape Offer: Desk top Project- Cannon Barrel (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Gifted - Approx 20" long Was being made as a presentation pc, "NOTE-Not functional!Aluminum -Bored out to 1/2 " Add Trunnions & carriage ,paint looks good/real. Offer: 3 Oil Lamps,(1's Antique) (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Gifted - Working -Tall clear glass is the antique (about 20" tall) Offer: Trailer-Homemade(Project) (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Gifted - 88" long with box 54X38X18" Front box 16X38X18". Frame is solid welded Aluminum, boxes are solid welded, Hitch spare tire & lights w/ wiring harness supplied. Started the job, don't have the Motorbike to tow it anymore, will work on smaller cars. Will need a pickup truck or trailer to take it away.
Photo of free Trailer-Homemade(Project) (N. Service Rd &Cawthra)
Photo of free Trailer-Homemade(Project) (N. Service Rd &Cawthra)
Request: Large working toaster oven (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Received - I've found I require a toaster oven, ours broke down. If anyone has a larger type toaster oven available.I'd appreciate being gifted it Offer: 1/4 HP electric motors-2 (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Gifted - Good condition-working Request: White Long Faux Fur (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Expired - Don't need much. If you have about 1 yd. of left overs I'd really appreciate getting it. Thanks in advance/ Offer: "C" clamps & Vicegrip "C "clamps (Dixie & QEW) Gifted - A box with 8 assorted C clamps& a couple of vicegrip C clamps. Offer: Parts Storage Cabinets -3 (Dixie & QEW) Gifted - 2 larger grey, 1 smaller blue (plastic parts cabinets) pull out plastic drawers) , Goo shape a little dusty. Offer: Wheelchair (Dixie & QEW) Gifted - One of the Cheaper ones, blue leatherette. What can I say It still works. rubber is in good shape Offer: White Office Work Table (Mississauga) Gifted - approx 30 " deep / 5' long, has 2 holes for cables & a pull out for keyboard. Good condition.
Photo of free White Office Work Table (Mississauga)
Offer: Shelves ,Brackets & supports (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Gifted - Assorted sizes,colors , Supports are "Knape & Vogt", you'll need the mounting screws & anchors for fastening it to the wall.
Photo of free Shelves ,Brackets & supports (N. Service Rd &Cawthra)
Offer: Drywallscrew Gun (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Gifted - Good condition Offer: Pair of 1/4 horse motors. (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Expired - 2 1/4 HRS MOTORS, Cleaning up/ out, & need these gone. Offer: 2 Metal Ladles- for Casting (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Expired - 1 is marked 3 1/2, the other larger 1 is marked 6, about 18-20" handles, malleable iron. Last used for casting downrigger weights.New inclusion : downrigger mold & assorted lead pieces Offer: 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Gifted - Beige /Cream standard fining cabinet, typical Walmart special. Offer: 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet. (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Gifted - Metal, Painted a Cream Color, been in the Basement 50 yrs.Good for tool/paint storage. Offer: Antique Caulking Gun (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Gifted - Galv, Metal, at least 40 yrs old Offer: Under the Bed StorageBoxes (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Gifted - Varying sizes, 2 Rubbermaid, 3 different sizes types. Offer: Kitchen cabinet (w 3 drawers) (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Gifted - 24"x24"x32" Light oak color. No top. When they ordered the kitchen layout they forgot to account for the dishwasher. So extra cabinet.Would work for crafts setup or workshop. Need picked up ASAP
Photo of free Kitchen cabinet (w 3 drawers) (N. Service Rd &Cawthra)
Offer: TriStar Vacuum Cleaner (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Gifted - Basic unit w/power head .Unit works misplaced all the extras. Offer: Billy Bookcase w/glass doors (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Gifted - 80"X 12"X 24" approx. white . Back panel is glued on.So you need to take it as is.(assembled) Request: Boom Box type Radio type (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Expired - Hello out there , Hope you all had a Great Xmas, my radio in the work shop gave it's all recently and was properly recycled. But this leaves me with no tunes while I'm working. I'm hoping that someone out there has an old boom box radio they can spare. Thanks for Freecycling Request: Lift Chair (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Expired - I Know this is a long shot. But, my wife is having health issues. We need a chair that will lift her to her feet.(upright position)This type of arm chair is rather pricey, and I'm hoping that there is someone out there that nolonger needs theirs. Offer: Battery Float Charger (N. Service Rd &Cawthra) Gifted - Still in packaging,battery float charger