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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Boys 10/12 (Mays Landing by Walmart) - Looking for boys size 10/12. Winter or fall . I can pick up Request: Board games (Mays Landing by Walmart) - Toddler or grade school lvl. they are for my classroom social skills lessons Request: Spider plant (Mays Landing by Walmart) - Looking for spider plants mature or babies for a classroom project. Any nice pots also. Must be plastic. Offer: Stuffies (Mays Landing by Walmart) Gifted - Some stuffed animals
Request: Twin bed (Mays Landing by Walmart) Received - I have a Mattress. I just need a headboard, boxspring and frame. I can pick up. Request: Kids arm Sling (Mays Landing) Received - I am looking for a kids size med arm sling. I can pick up anytime Request: Roller skates (Mays Landing) - Looking for girls or boys size 9 adult size. Offer: Yarn (Mays Landing) - Not full skeins but good for small projects. A bag full. All colors. Request: Percy Jackson/Riordan (Mays Landing) - I'm looking for any books by the author: Riordan. Percy Jackson, Heros etc... Request: Plus size scrubs (Mays Landing) - I'm looking for 2xl scrub pants. Black, gray, navy. Tall a plus! Request: Travel pillows (Mays Landing) - Looking for one or two travel pillows . Can be the blow up kind. Request: Essential oils (Mays Landing) - Any brand or fragrance. A diffuser also. Any size, Travel size or USB size, or even one to infuse a large room Request: Luggage (Mays Landing) Received - Medium or large size. Not the carry on size. Offer: Doll (Mays Landing) - 18" not American Girl but similar
Request: Air mattress (Mays Landing) - Looking for an air mattress. No leaks. Request: Baby gate (Mays Landing) - I'm looking for a baby gate. Retention kind or one with a door. I can pick up ASAP Offer: Color changing toy Story (Mays Landing) Gifted - Characters change colors in warm/cold water
Request: Tent (Mays Landing) Received - I'm looking for a tent. Sleeps 4. I can pick up ASAP Offer: Girls bike (Mays Landing) - Either a 16 or 18". I can't remember. Ppu. In mays landing by the Walmart no Offer: Food Steamer (Mays Landing) - Ppu in mays landing Request: Freeze safe canning jars (Mays Landing) - I can pick up ASAP. Can use lids also Request: Bowling (Mays Landing) - I'm looking for bowling balls for my kids. They are in a league now. Looking for #6-#10 ball. I can use adult also. Lmk what you have... I can pick up ASAP Offer: Kids books (Mays Landing) Gifted - Mostly young readers. First through fourth grade. Offer: Boys bike (Mays Landing) Gifted - Can use some TLC. But Rideable. 12 inch tires I believe Request: Karate (Mays Landing) - I'm looking for an orange belt. Size 1 or the next size down. Also looking for sparring gear. Head, hands and feet. Offer: Squinkies (Mays Landing) Gifted - See pic. Just the accessories. Request: Stock pot (Mays Landing) - Looking for stock pot/soup pot. Offer: Yarn (Mays Landing) Gifted - Not full skeins but a shopping bag full of odds and ends. Easy porch pick up in mays landing Request: Dresser and daybed (Mays Landing) Received - I'm looking for a dresser and daybed. It can be a small dresser. Definitely not a big tall boy kind. Daybed with or without a mattress. Request: fishing stuff for 6 year old (Mays Landing) - Im looking for fishing stuff for my 6 year old son who is showing interest in fishing. Freshwater for now of course. Hoping to make this a permanent hobby/interest. Hooks. Weights. Lures. Line. Or whatever else