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Offer: Taken: Misc (76208) - Thank you Offer: Misc household (76208) - Random household items, linens, women's and girls clothes, etc ... Still cleaning and adding to it Offer: blank discs and cases (76208) - Blank CDs & DVDs and a bunch of cases Request: Industrial barrels, spools & pallet (76208) - I'm searching for industrial sized barrels, spools and pallets for upcycle projects. I have included example photos. I am willing to travel up to 50 square miles for pick up. Thank you in advance.
Offer: Full size mattress (76208) - Full size mattress without box spring Request: Xmas help (76208) Received - I'm in search of Xmas gifts, as will as DIY supplies. As a single mother I'm struggling to make ends meet let alone get Xmas gifts. I'm going to spend a lot of time creating handmade gifts. I plan to make: candles, perfumes, essential oil roll ons, paintings, jewelry, etc. My kiddos are:19yo female, 2-14yo females, 2-10yo females and 2-3yo males. Thank you for your time and consideration. Merry Christmas! Offer: Knick knacks and DVD player (76208) - Must take all. Thanks Request: working deep freezer (76208) - I can pick up in Denton and surrounding areas. Thanks Offer: HP scanner/printer (76208) Gifted - Someone gave it to me but I don't need it. Don't think there's anything wrong with it.
Offer: entertainment center (75068) Gifted - Wooden stand with space for a tv, DVD/VCR player, shelves for stereo ... Also have a couple of speakers Offer: End tables (75068) Gifted - 2 matching and tables with storage. Offer: Love seat (75068) Gifted - Brown leather vintage love seat sofa. Needs a turgi thorough cleaning. Also have a matching recliner. Offer: Girls clothes (Mayhill Rd, Denton) - Sizes ranging from 9 to 12 Offer: Household items (Mayhill Rd, Denton) - Misc Household items Offer: Girls toys box 2 (Mayhill Rd, Denton) - Misc Girls toys Offer: Girls toys box 1 (Mayhill Rd, Denton) - Misc Girls toys Request: bicycles (Mayhill Rd, Denton) - Our family would like to start riding bicycles together as a way to exercise and spend quality time together. I'm searching for FOUR adult bicycles. We are also looking for a carriage to attach behind a bicycle for my infant grandson to ride in. We will also need helmets for safety. We're not picky so any style or color will be appreciated. In fact, if the bicycles need to be cleaned and painted that would be great because that'll give our family an opportunity to be creative. FYI I will have to borrow a truck in order to pick them up. We are/will be extremely grateful. Thank you for your time and consideration. Request: Rocking chair (Mayhill Rd, Denton) - ISO rocking chair or glider. Pick up in Denton Request: wheelchair (Mayhill Rd, Denton) - I'll pick up in Denton Offer: Small nightstand (Mayhill Rd, Denton) - Small Wooden nightstand Offer: Misc toys (Mayhill Rd, Denton) Gifted - Box of Misc boyish toys Offer: Misc home repair items (Mayhill Rd, Denton) Gifted - Misc box of home repair materials Offer: Men's clothes (Mayhill Rd, Denton) Gifted - Box of Large and extra large clothes Offer: Women clothes (Mayhill Rd, Denton) Gifted - Box of Large and extra large women's clothes Offer: Girls clothes (Mayhill Rd, Denton) - Size 8 to 14 youth Request: Beads (Mayhill Rd, Denton) - I make mosaics with beads...ISO Any color, size, style, Mardi Gras beads are preferred. Thanks Request: Christmas lights (Mayhill Rd, Denton) - Indoor and/or outdoor lights. Any color, size, style. Thanks Request: boxes (Mayhill Rd, Denton) Received - Any size. I need them for moving. Thanks Request: baby boy clothes (Mayhill Rd, Denton) - I'm looking for baby boy clothes and other baby necessities. My first grandson is due in December. I'm gathering items ahead of time, so that once he's here we won't be scrambling to find what's needed, at the last minute. Thank you in advance. Request: bird cage (Mayhill Rd, Denton) Received - I'm looking for a medium or large bird cage. Thanks in advance.