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Offer: Moving/Shipping Boxes (Ravenna Springs) Withdrawn - Over a dozen small boxes, about two medium sized boxes, plus one large box. Ready to use.
Photo of free Moving/Shipping Boxes (Ravenna Springs)
Request: Yellow Traffic Paint (Ravenna Springs) Received - Don't need much, guessing about 3 quarts. I'm reliable about pick-ups. Request: Yellow Traffic Paint (Ravenna Springs) Received - Don't need much, guessing a gallon or less. I'm reliable about pick-ups. Offer: Eight Medium to Small Boxes with (Ravenna Springs) Gifted - stuffing, padding materials. Tell me good to pick up times on Thurs or Fri. I require a phone number and likely pick up times before I will respond.
Photo of free Eight Medium to Small Boxes with (Ravenna Springs)
Offer: Mens Nordstrom Briefs 4 Pack (Ravenna Springs) Gifted - Black, 34 in. briefs, multi colored bands, each worn 2 or 3 times then I decided these are not for me. Laundered, smoke free home. Flacking is a real thing, so I humbly request a phone # in your reply with good possible times when you can Pick up on Saturday or Sunday.
Photo of free Mens Nordstrom Briefs 4 Pack (Ravenna Springs)
Photo of free Mens Nordstrom Briefs 4 Pack (Ravenna Springs)
Photo of free Mens Nordstrom Briefs 4 Pack (Ravenna Springs)
Offer: office desk mat <> ravenna springs Gifted - Clear plastic. Almost 44 inches across the wide part, 52 inches long, and 24 inches at the narrow part. Please suggest pick-up times for Sunday, 10/6 only. Phone # (to confirm and reduce flakiness) **required ** before I confirm time and give my address. I'll select 'winner' tonight around 8 to give digest users a chance. ### Offer: nordstroms 34 in M en’s brief <> ravenna spring Expired - Black, multicolored bands. There are photos in the files, can’t find how to share the link, though. I truly gave them a good try. Wore each a few times and gave up. Uncomfortable fit, I think because they shrunk when washed. Time for them to find a better fitting person. Limit flakery: propose times you can really make for picking up + a phone #. I’ll pick if I get many answers Wed morning. Offer: 7 boxes <> ravenna springs Gifted - 7 boxes in various sizes for storage or moving or shipping. Assembled and ready to fill. Some stuffing paper and packing bubbles, too. Help stop flaking: 1. Review your schedule and only put pick up times you can make (it's a promise). Earliest pickup dates/times start Thursday morning. 2. Provide a phone # for confirmation (helps accountability) To allow time for people who get the digest, I'll select who gets them in 24 yours (around 10 PM Wed evening) Happy packing, Lynx Offer: Vivitar Tripod <> ravenna springs Expired - Pros: Metal, name brand, has mounting clip, has level gauge. Price can't be beat. Cons: one of the release tabs is broken and that leg is held stiff with electrical tape, the mounting screw has lost its retaining washer so is held in place with a lampshade cap. Public Service Announcement The National Association of Freecylers (NAF*) urge you to do your part to end flaking by: 1. Reviewing your schedule before responding to make sure you can make the time(s) you commit to. After 11 am Thursday July 4, I'll make my selection (to allow FC digest users a chance). Winner should plan to come pick up Friday before 5:30 or Sunday after 3 pm. 2. Provide a phone number to confirm arrangements. 3. Show up. Happy photoing. * I made the group up. Flaking, though, is all too frequent. Offer: floating lid toilet seat <> ravenna springs Gifted - This is a white molded plastic, light weight, floating lid toilet set. Was on our new Caroma dual-flush toilet. We swapped it for a wooden seat. Standard "round" type with included metal attaching bolts. How to avoid becoming a flake: 1. Look at your schedule before responding and select times you can commit to picking this up on Tuesday or Wednesday. 2. Provide a phone number for confirming arrangements & directions. 3. Show up when you said you would. Note: If there are many responses, I'll select the winner around 10 pm Sunday evening to give people who get the FC digest a fair chance to play. Offer: Michael Brandon Mens Pants /ravenna springs Expired - I've worn them 3 times, if that. Too loose at the waist. Regular fit (meaning "slim" or "fitted" are NOT on the label) Waist 34, Length 30, though the inseam fit me and I typically wear a 34. Made in Vietnam Polyester RN #75670 Very breezy and great for summer. I need from you: likely times you might pick up :: a phone number if voice confirmation is necessary. Pls no flaking. If you make too many excuses, please don't clutter my email with a response. [I will post email handles of anyone who commits and fails to show or commits and "something comes up" on the day of pick up.] ook: we're dealing with a context where you and I may never have met. I'm still real, I'm still locking in my time to be here to hand your the pants etc. Without meeting we can intuit some good-manners rules. One must be: we keep our word. Something written on email is "your word." L Request: Just Culture by Dekker [ravenna] Expired - A book. I keep my promise for when I'll pick up. I can travel via metro to most places easily. L Offer: 2 large cushions :: ravenna springs Gifted - Hi, we got these via one of the sharing sites but they're too big for our space and needs. Looking for their next home. Non smoking, no pets. Size is about 27 inches square by 6 inches thick. Let us know (1) likely times over the next two days (Sun & Mon) when you might pick them up. & (2) a contact phone number so we can speak and confirm a precise time. This is to push back against flakiness. We make ourselves available and if you flake it steals a chunk of vitality out of our day in addition to making us re-post, etc. For the responsible freecyclers I hope you understand the extra precaution. Photo : [Rocking chair not included] #### Offer: Gap Backpack <> ravenna springs Expired - Brand: Gap Color: Sand Capacity: my guess is 25 liters material: nylon ripstop waterproof: no Please, be a good Freecycler (in other words, don't be a flake).* To be considered answer these two questions: When can you pick up on Sunday, 9/2 or Monday 9/3? What is your phone number to confirm (and fight flakiness)? BONUS In case of a tie, answer this tiebreaker question: What is your Ebay handle and ebay score? Highest ebay score gets it. * "Real time wasting is stuff like saying you'll pick it up Wednesday evening and not turning up, or turning up and then changing your mind once you've seen it." Emphasis mine. From / Offer: Black n Red Tile Samples :: ravenna springs Expired - Gifting: tiles; lipstick red (4 & a section) and Black, mostly mate, a few shiny. Left overs, but if you have a small project might be perfect. Let us know what you might do with them. You can see the tiles here: No response until you provide (1) likely pick up times and (2) a contact number to double confirm. Offer: 3x New Luxury Men's Briefs [Ravenna Springs] Gifted - Have three pairs of brand new briefs ordered online. Tried on briefly. Companies don't deal with returns. 2 Pair Naked Brand (new @ $22 each) 1 Pair Mack Weldon (new @ $19.50) All mediums. My pants waist/belt size runs around 32 or 33 inches and I ordered mediums according to the sites' sizing charts. Probably more comfortable if your belt size is 30 to 31. No response until I know (1) possible days and times you might pick them up & (2) a contact phone number to double confirm pick up arrangements. Lynx Offer: Styrofoam blocks ::: ravenna springs Expired - A yard waste bag full of reasonably clean s. blocks. Rescued from a trip to the landfill. I'll need (1) when you might come get them & (2) contact phone number. Having a contact number and speaking with the selected winner helps reduce the flake factor. L Offer: 4 Storage/Moving Boxes ::ravenna springs Gifted - Four boxes available: one had a spinner travel bag, one a pair of shoes, one is 20 x 7 x 15 and the last one is 18 X 13 X 4. Pick up in my foyer. L Offer: Red Adventure Club Rollaboard ::ravenna springs Gifted - Here's the deal: the exterior is bright red & in very good condition. Two rubber wheels still with lots of service left for dashing through the crowded terminal. Color great for picking out on the checked luggage carousel. Size: 23 x 14 x 8. The interior: not so good. There's a small tear near the hinge for the top part and they made this with a brittle plastic frame which has been chipping and flaking off for years. Will make my decision at 1 PM Monday if there are several interested FCer. Will need to hand this off in person for security reasons. To be considered please indicate: 1. When you might pick it up Monday afternoon or evening. I'll confirm a mutually workable time. 2. A cell/phone number. Sorry this is required, but I might want to reach the winner by phone to reduce the flake factor. Consider: when the winner and I have agreed on a time and date, *my time* is committed and I don't permit a change. When the winner doesn't show up it is more than disrespectful it makes FC less fun and useful overall for everyone. "Something came up," doesn't cut it as this is being arranged with less than 48 hours to the hand off. Be honest: If you cannot manage your days and keep your word, FCing is not for you so don't bother to try for this. L Offer: New Mens W/O Tag Black Gap Pants <> Ravenna Springs Gifted - Got these in a fever at the Mercer Island Thrift Store only to get home and realized they are much bigger in the waist than the 33 inches on the tag. Maybe 35 inches waist, and even a longer than the 32 inseam listed. Closer to my usual 34 inches. At the time I bought them all the Gap tags were still on. I even had tried them on. The fever was brought on by their being totally "new" at a thrift store. Talked myself into them. Oh, well. So, on offer are Gap Brand Men's Black Straight Fit Pants (labeled 33 x 32, in reality closer to 35 X 34). To improve your chances include (1) a contact phone numbers to help us deal with final pick-up details if necessary and (2) times you *might* come pick up. Sunday afternoon & evening (2/4) or Monday Evening after 6:45 are good places to look to pick up first. If many people are interested, I will select one around 4:00 pm Sunday. -30 Offer: HP Laserjet 4 M Plus <> Ravenna Springs Gifted - Used this printer for my home office needs since purchase in 1999. Last used about a week ago. It was built in 1995. Got it second-hand in 1999 from a toner recycling company who said "this machine is rated for 1 million copies." It's big, sturdy, and made for high-volume corporate settings. Just found a refurb one going for $300. Drivers and manuals for various computer operating systems available online from hewlett packard. Use search. My experiences with getting recycled cartridges from Cartridge World has been satisfactory. I can't recall the exact price, but it pencils out to about 1¢ a copy. One cartridge is good for about 5000+ copies. Current toner has maybe 2500+ copies remaining. The problem is not with the printer, it's with the withdrawal of "support" by Apple and Hewlett Packard. So, now, with only 98,800 copies something in the new Mac OS 10.13 has changed a setting inside the printer and I cannot find a way to reset it, even for working with older Macs I own running older operating systems. For a few days each computer would somehow luck into printing one last time, and then I'd get "printer offline" messages. There are a couple of other reset options, but I'm not confident enough that the instructions tell everything I need to know to try them. Please note: Not interested in sending this excellent printer for "recycling" of it's parts and toner. If rated for 1 million copies and with less than 100,000 used, there's at least 900,000 more copies to be made. This would be like sending a well maintained 1995 Volvo with 25,000 miles on the engine to the junk yard. Makes. No. Sense. Thus, I would like to donate this to an organization or person who can get it reset and working as there are more than 900,000 copies of life left. When you respond, let me know that you will use it, or reset it and contribute it to a person or org that will appreciate getting it. I'll also need a call back number and we can take up the other details from there. You can see a of this computer here: Merry holidays, Lynx Offer: egg cartons <> Ravenna Springs Gifted - Have seven (7) cartons. Most duck or jumbo size, dozen each. Pls: share 3 bits of info: 1/ what you will do with these cartons, 2/ a phone contact #, and 3/ good pick up times. "I can use these" messages w/ nothing else will be deleted. Offer: FOUND plastic tubs, some with lids >< ravenna springs Expired - Alert: these should NOT be used for food as I found them and can't vouch for what they were used for before. Excellent for sorting small things like coin or screws,, little amounts of paint for small projects, etc. Photos: Conditions: Please suggest possible p/u times & give a number to call to confirm arrangements. Offer: assorted small tubs some with lids >< ravenna springs Expired - Have a found set of tubs and lids. NOT FOOD SAFE because I don't know their history. Excellent, tho, if you need to have small amount of paints, organize small items like nails or coins, etc. Conditions: Please suggest possible p/u times & give a number to call to confirm arrangements. Offer: For Makers ~ leaking Pure Wash machine <> Ravenna Springs Gifted - Pure Wash cleans laundry by adding an extra oxygen molecule to water, making it H2 O2, hydrogen peroxide. We've used it for 5 years, but it just developed a leak. The manufacturer offered to send us an upgraded model, and we accepted. So now, this one sits here. It might be an easy fix, or a Maker and small appliance repair hobbyist can part it out for other projects. Included are the machine with a spare short hose and the power adapter. Conditions: Please suggest possible p/u times & give a number to call to confirm arrangements. Offer: long wood toilet seat <> ravenna springs Expired - The brass hinges cracked. Seeing if anyone has a use for the seat & lid. Else it's landfill-ville. Conditions: Please suggest possible p/u times & give a number to call and confirm arrangements. Offer: Resperate Device <> Ravenna Springs Gifted - Have a 2002 Resperate machine for lowering blood pressure. Everything here and it works, just not to my preference. Requires 4 AA batterines (not included.) Use search to find out more. Conditions: Please proposes one or two likely pick-up times & give me a # to call and confirm arrangements. Offer: 6 egg cartons <> ravenna springs Gifted - Those hens dropping eggs now that it's spring? These cartons are for jumbo or duck eggs. Just so you know. Will select from all "entries" around noon on Sunday to give message digesters a fair chance. Pls: ph# & appt p-up times. Offer: Fireplace Ashes for Garden Soil <> Ravenna Springs Expired - Personally can't claim expertise, but found this Wash. Post article that lays out the details... If you have a wood stove or a fireplace, one of spring’s rituals is shoveling out the ashes. And if you’re in tune with the philosophy of recycling plant residues back into the natural cycle of soil fertility, you’ll want a better destination for those ashes than the trash bag. Unlike the decomposed remains of leaves, stems and other green plant parts, burned wood doesn’t contain nitrogen. But it does provide phosphorous, potassium, calcium, boron and other elements that growing plants need. It’s also very alkaline and useful for raising the pH in gardens. You’ll need about twice as much of it as lime, but it will supply nutrients at the same time, and if you’re a wood-burner it’s free. Before you go scattering the ashes about, get a soil test done, so you know whether it will benefit you. Read more ... Mine are ashes from windfall limbs or tree pieces that I find with a "free" sign curbside. I have 3 small bags. Please take them all. I only ask you send BOTH several possible pick-up times & a contact phone number. Happy gardening. Request: 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know ♤♧♡♢ Ravenna Expired - Need this book to work with a partner on our 2/1 game force and slam bidding. Looking for the 1999 edition by Seagram and Smith with intro by Kantar. Can pick up Friday after work, or most of the day on Saturday or Sunday. Will send contact info with reply or confirmation. John Perkins