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Offer: Big Box of jars - Greenville 75402 - These are quart and gallon jars. I don't know much about canning but assume they would be good for canning after they are cleaned. Offer: High Chair and Baby Bath Tub - Greenville Offer: Never worn mastectomy bras - Greenville - I have 2 new mastectomy bras.One is A cup and the other one B cup but the cups run a littlelarge. Material is 83% cottonand 17% Spandex and the color isbeige.I would like for someone whoreally needs these to have them,so if you are interested just tellme what size around you wear andI'll let you know if that's the sizeof these. Offer: Large Wood Burning Stove - Greenville (Correction to the post yesterday) Gifted - My husband said the stove DOES NOT have a crack in it but he thought it might have a slight leak around the pipe. We used this in the house but for several winters I got sick and we discovered I am allergic to the wood. He put it in his shop for a couple of years but wants to get rid of it to make room for his tools. It is VERY HEAVY and will take at least 2 or more to load it. He is not able to help. Offer: Wood-burning stove (large) Greenville 75402 - This stove has a crack in it that could probably be fixed if you wanted to use it. Otherwise it could be sold for scrap and it is very heavy.If you want it, it is yours for the taking. You will need 2 people or more to load it. Offer: 2 CARDBOARD REFRIGERATOR BOXES - Greenville - I had these left over from a school project if anyone can use them.They are folded flat and have no top. Offer: New Zealand White Rabbit - Greenviille - I would like for this rabbit to go to a home where it will be kept as a pet, not killed.She has been kept inside as a pet for a almost a year so she is very tame. Offer: cannon pixma 250 printer - greenville - This worked fine the last time I used itbut that was some time ago. Offer: Grocery bag of perm rollers (salon style) - Greenville - This is a large bag of perm rollers; some still in packageand some used. I live close to the mall in Greenville. Request: twin mattress - Just need something clean and usable. Thank you.Can pick up anytime. Offer: Grocery bag of perm rollers (salon style) - Greenville - This is a full bag (Braum's paper bag)of mostlyused but some still in original package. I am in Greenvillecity limits. Offer: Large bag of material scraps - Greenville Offer: 2 grocery bags of material scraps - greenville - These are small scraps that maybe could be used for quilt pieces, at least some of it.Some might be suitable for Barbie doll clothes. I don't think it would be enough to pay you to drivevery far to pick them up but I just hate to trash them. Offer: 48.2 oz. Equate Orange Flavor Fiber Therapy - Greenville - This is 100% Natural Psyllium Seed Husk. I bought it for my husband and he took it twice, said it cramped his stomach. I hate to throw it away if there is someone who can use it. Request: Crochet Thread (not yarn) - Greenville - If you have any of the regular crochet thread (not yarn) you want to get rid of, I would be like to have it. I would be glad to pick it up. Doesn't matter what color. Thank you. Offer: Bag of candles, wax and candle jars - Greenville Gifted - This is mostly candle wax but some candles and jars. Request: unlocked cell phone - I am looking for a very simple phone, preferably a flip phone. No smartphones or anything like that. Thank you.