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Request: Household Items: Hobart - Hello, I know this is big ask, but I have recently become separated and will be moving into a rental shortly that doesn’t have all white goods, or a bed. Currently surviving on Centrelink payment, I really can’t afford to buy these items at the moment. Does anyone have any of the following? Condition obviously doesn’t matter as long as they work. 1: Fridge 2: Washing machine 3: Bed-single or bigger I feel bad to have to ask, but I really am in a bind. I have to move from the share house I am currently in by the 16th because the situation is very bad for my well being, and this new place came up and I just had to grab it, I couldn’t wait to see if I could find something cheaper. Thanks. All the best Steve Offer: Various: Geilston Bay Expired - Pair of curtains, cream coloured, embossed, damage to blockout lining. Approx 215cm drop x 150cm wide 6 sections of heavy, thick plastic able to be assembled in garden bed size of your choice. 100 cm long x approx 15cms wide.Originally purchased at Bunnings along with plastic spikes to build a garden bed. Just the side panels.. TO GO AS ONE LOT Old car Tyres x 3 Cookbooks – four women’s weekly / family circle, Gordon Ramsey, Gary Mehigan TO GO AS ONE LOT Infant development DVD Infant care and Parenting books TO GO AS ONE LOT Cot quilt, baby sheets, baby wrap – used, in good condition TO GO AS ONE LOT 20 DVDs, mix of movies and TV shows, various titles, including: Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Mummy, Occupied, The Giver, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Carl Barron, Versailles – TO GO AS ONE LOT Offer: Geilston Bay: Various Expired - Approx 3.3 metre high old wooden ladder. I have previously repaired for strength and stability. Currently needs two steps replaced. 6 random sheets of corrugated iron. Couple of pieces approx 1.5 metres long.. 1 piece flat iron. Others smaller or triangular. Good for small project like chicken coop or kennel. Offer: Egg Cartons: Geilston Bay Expired - 4 x 12 1 x 6 Egg cartons Offer: Various:Geilston Bay Expired - 2/3 thirds left of opened bag of instant set concrete Wood splitter head(head only, needs a handle) Offer: Hens:Geilston Bay Expired - Hi, I am three hens that I need to re-home, as I cant keep them any longer. Two black and onebrown/white(?)One of the black ones has swollen legs/feet.. All three laying. The two black ones more consistently. You will need to catch them yourself. Offer: Apricots:Geilston Bay Expired - Still have 4 bags of apricots to give away Offer: Apricots:Geilston Bay Expired - Clearing our apricot tree before they all fall. We have hundreds, so I am offering some bags of Apricots. Preference to people who can collect today or in the morning. I will start with offering 5 bags. 1 per person. Steve Offer: Beer Bottles: Geilston Bay Expired - 7 x 500ml stoneware beer bottles, with corks. Ideal for home brewer or home made sauces, etc. Offer: Teenage boy clothes:Geilston Bay Expired - bag of clothes for teenage boy (var - shorts, hoodies, pants etc) various, size 14 / small mens two pairs of Vans shoes, size US Mens 10 Offer: Womens Clothes:Geilston Bay Expired - Various womens clothes, Shorts, jumpers, jeans, tops, work clothes, etc, etc Sizes 10/12/medium To go as one lot. Sorry, will not separate or respond to questions about specific items. Offer: Various: Geilston Bay Expired - 1: Bag of lemons, about 12 2: Red and Green Tinsel and some other random Christmas decorations Offer: Coffee sachets: Geilston Bay Expired - Moccona brand sachets: 9 x Caramel Latte, 5 x Cappuccino Lipton brand sachets: 14 x Chai Latte Nescafe brand sachets: 3 x Vanilla Latte Offer: Various: Geilston Bay Expired - Cotton blend yarn- approx 1 ball and some bits of Pink, Green and Purple 2 pairs of ladies shoes, size 9, black.1 pair are leather with a strap and small heel. The other pair are suede and flat. Steve