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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Hula hoops (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) - My son is loving these at school right now. Anybody got Hula hoops they have outgrown? Offer: Misc stuffed animals (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) Gifted - Cleaning out kids collection- have about a doz n. Anyone need them for the holidays? Request: Circular hunting horn decoration (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) Received - My son broke ours from Christmas decorations (his favorite). Any out there folks no longer want? Offer: Moving cardboard boxes (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) Gifted - About 10- medium to large. Request: Orange bird of paradise plant (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) - Our son Is sad our birds of paradise died when we redid our sprinklers! Anyone have an extra one (cutting or in a pot) we could surprise him with for Christmas? Request: Red worms for worm bin (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) - Ants wiped out our colony in our worm bin/ so need to restart. Anyone have a cup of worms from their compost bin they can spare? Request: Car seat cover for air travel (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) - Planning for the holidays/ anyone have one they don’t need anymore because their super kiddos grew up? Request: LEGO mini figures (people) (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) - Looking for any LEGO mini figures (the little people I the arts). Bringing the kids to Legoland, and don’t have any for them to trade at the park! Offer: Bubblegum pink blazer (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) Gifted - Size small-never quite fit me right- only worn two times. Request: Wagon to pull my kids (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) Received - We just realized how heavy they Are! Any wagons to pull kids folks don’t want anymore? Request: Wheeled bowling bag (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) - Motherin law has taken up bowling, and needs a bag. Any available? Request: Smaller rocks for dry stream bed (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) - Any size and color will do- the dry stream bed we built looks a little scarce! Offer: Box of working cfls (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) Gifted - New house doesn’t need these.medium box of all wattage- about 15 bulbs. Offer: Portable HEPA air filter with fan (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) Gifted - Great condition portable HEPA air filter. fan attached. Works well. Request: Adult Snow White or evil queen cost (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) - Working on family themed Halloween costume. Anyone have Snow White related costumes? Snow White, queen Grimhilde, huntsman, or dwarves? Offer: Girls clothes NB to 2t (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) - Box of clothes and shoes. Good condition. Offer: George foreman grill (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) Gifted - Great for paninis, grilling meats and veggies. Smaller size,doesn’t take up much space and works quickly. Offer: Kids floor letter foam tiles (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) Gifted - Colorful and cute/ like new. Offer: Bubble bath salts and tub tray (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) Gifted - From before kids when luxurious baths were an option for adults. Teak Tray can hold candle, wine glass, and book or magazine Offer: Large pic frame without glass (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) Gifted - About 2 ft by3 ft. Great condition- dark wood modern frame Offer: Various food coloring (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) Gifted - Never got into the egg dying at Easter. About 5 newish food coloring available. Offer: Large jar of black pepper corns (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) Gifted - When grinder broke, found we didn’t want to do one anymore- so large container from grocery store left! Offer: HEPA air filter (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) Gifted - Good condition HEPA air filter. Will need a new filter most likely. Works great for rooms. Offer: Misc kitchen ware (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) Gifted - Sister-in-law cleaned out her kitchen. Lots of miscellaneous kitchen things like large pots cutlery etc. Offer: Misc Terra-cotta pots (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) Gifted - About a dozen or more up to about 8 inches Offer: Futon IKEA frame (Palos Verdes Peninsula) Gifted - Futon IKEA frame. Great shape. Offer: Baby stuff (Palos Verdes Peninsula) Gifted - Infant rocker vibrating seat. Gently used mixed baby clothes toys and materials. IncludesGently used mixed baby clothes toys and materials. Includes an ergo baby carrier. Diaper bag. And boys clothes from newborn to about three. Request: Milk Bags (Palos Verdes Peninsula) Received - At the tail end of pumping/nursing, and need just a few more bags for a work trip! Offer: Box of white binders (Palos Verdes Peninsula) Gifted - Box of about 12 white binders varying sizes up to 4inches. Request: newspapers - For blocking weeds in garden beds under mulch! Christy