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Offer: Netgear cable modem (Arana Hills) - Netgear C63008D HFC cable modem suitable for broadband cable connection like old Foxtel/Telstra cable. Used to run at 56MBPS before the NBN reached our neighbourhood 🤠☹️ PCWia
Request: Electric scooter /vehicle (Arana Hills) - Electric battery-powered scooter or childs toy car suitable for repair. I'm actually after the motor and speed controller to make a DIY electric adult bike as a hobby experiment. I'm getting too old to push a normal bike up the hills in my area and wondered if I can build one. Can pickup within 10km of Arana Hills. Offer: Norseman wood heater (Arana Hills) Gifted - Black wood-burning heater with two lengths of black stove pipe and heat screen for pipe above heater box. Needs a couple of new firebricks, otherwise good condition. Pickup only by two strong people asap as it is taking up valuable room. After one week it must go to the Bunya recycling centre. Sorry I can't help you lift it. No photos unfortunately. Google Norseman stove if you need to know what it looks like. Offer: Clock radio (Arana Hills) - Clock radio AM FM bands with battery backup for alarm
Offer: IKEA LACK coffee table black (Arana Hills) Gifted - IKEA LACK Table new still in shrinkwrap. Unwanted gift.
Request: Mobile phone 4G (Arana Hills) - Mobile phone that receives on 4G vodafone network. Person on disability pension requires newer phone as his old one is limited to 3G and parts of this band are being turned off by Vodafone so his phone doesn't work at home or in many locations. He needs phone to call home or carers in an emergency. Photo shows his old phone which was bought when Vodafone and many companies switched off 2G network a few years ago. This ad inspired by previous one asking for phone to hold SIM card. Thanks for the inspiration.
Offer: Moving boxes cardboard (Arana Hills) Gifted - 9 large and 5 small Allied Pickford house-moving cardboard boxes, plus a couple of damaged, but still usabable boxes with minor dents and rips. Please take them away and save them from recycling bin at Bunya rd waste depot. Reduce, reuse and recycle. Offer: Baby / child playpen wooden (Arana Hills) Gifted - White painted wooden playpen, bolts together with nuts and bolts supplied.
Request: polystyrene sheets (Arana Hills) Received - Expanded polystyrene flat sheets ( like broccoli box material ) as large as possible. Prefer 50mm thick or more. I will gratefully pick up on North side of Brisbane. Thanks in advance. Request: Polystyrene foam sheets (XPS) (Arana Hills) Received - FLAT Expanded Polystyrene Sheets as large as possible prefer 50mm thick or thicker for insulating backyard work shed. Can pickup with trailer North West Region -- Arana Hills, Ferny Hills, Ferny Grove, Keperra, Mitchelton, Everton Hills, Albany Creek etc. Offer: Downpipes grey colorbond (Arana Hills) Gifted - Two 2.4metre lengths of 100x75mm grey colorbond downpipes from backyard shed. Not required as tank fitted requiring different plumbing. Very good, as new but dusty. Pickup from Arana Hills asap. Ian Request: Solar panels (Arana Hills) - Solar panels from garden lights or christmas ornamental light shows etc. Picture shows panel from wall-mounted security light about 160mm square, but I will pick up larger panels. Also interested in LED lights and rechargeable batteries. Need panels for educational experiments and sustainable energy projects. I will recycle any plastic or metal parts that I do not need. Thanks in advance.
Request: Solar panels (Arana Hills) - WANTED any solar panels 150x150mm or larger for experiments with alternative energy in the suburbs. Will gratefully pickup anywhere 10km radius of Arana Hills. Request: Solar panels (Arana Hills) - Correction to previous post--couldn'figure out how to EDIT post-- size should read 150x150mm panels or larger Request: Solar panels medium size (Arana Hills) - I am after ANY solar garden lights, christmas lights, solar operated fountain etc. working or not. I am especially after ones that use a medium size central panel, approx 150x150cm or larger, driving a string of lights, a fountain pump or fan. Will pick up within 10km of Arana Hills. I am just learning more about solar panels and battery charging and need low voltage panels for safe experiments. Request: Solar panel(s) (Arana Hills) - 12volt or 24v solar panels of any power, shape or size for experiments with alternative energy in the suburbs. Offer: Apple Powerbooks (2) (Arana Hills) Gifted - Two Apple G4 Powerbooks, one white, good screen and boots from OSX 10.3-4.x CD or DVD, but requires new internal hard drive. (Fit an SSD and it would fly!!!) Other aluminium body with cracked screen, boots up fine and works well with any external VGA / SVGA display through mini displayport adaptor. Two AC power supplies, spare white battery and black nylon carrying case. You could change HD from aluminium to white one and it would boot up and work fine as they are almost the same model or just use aluminium one as desktop machine with external display. Working HD contains OSX 10.4.8. Both require charging of batteries or running off power supply. Sorry no demonstration possible, but description is accurate.
Request: Polystyrene foam sheets (Arana Hills) - XPS (extruded polystyrene) sheets any size over 50mm thick. Will pickup from single sheet. Grateful for any quantity. Request: Plywood 3/4" or 19mm thick (Arana Hills) - Hopefully flat, clean, 45cm or larger width and length and not warped as I'm trying to make some storage cubes. I can pickup around NW Suburbs. Thanks in advance. Request: Motorcycle exhaust standard (Arana Hills) - I need a motorcycle exhaust to quieten a backyard generator so I don't annoy the neighbours. A standard quiet muffler and header pipe from a motorcycle around 250cc to 500cc would be great. Doesnt matter if its a bit cobwebbed as I can clean up. I have no power connected to backyard shed and would like to do some work with power tools. Even a small car muffler with 25-30mm inlet pipe diameter may do the job. Request: IMac any age (Arana Hills) - IMac computer up to ten years old. Needed to read Apple formatted files. Any offers greatly appreciated.