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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: 30” x 80” hollow core door (Lisle) - 30” x 80” hollow core door.
Photo of free 30” x 80” hollow core door (Lisle)
Offer: Bifold door 24” x 80” (Lisle) - The bottom of the door is broken, but if you are handy or could be used for something else- shelves?
Photo of free Bifold door 24” x 80” (Lisle)
Photo of free Bifold door 24” x 80” (Lisle)
Offer: Slimline Radiator and cover (Lisle) - Never used, 8’ sections.
Photo of free Slimline Radiator and cover (Lisle)
Offer: Extra wood (Lisle) Gifted - About 8 ft long
Photo of free Extra wood (Lisle)
Offer: Radiator pipe + cover (Lisle) Gifted - 6 ft length, never used.
Photo of free Radiator pipe + cover (Lisle)
Offer: Papaya trees (Lisle) - 1 20”, 1 12” Not winter hardy. You would have to dig it up.
Photo of free Papaya trees (Lisle)
Offer: Shoe rack (Lisle) Gifted - Fits on door, good condition
Photo of free Shoe rack (Lisle)
Offer: Wooden bottle container (Lisle) Gifted - Vintage, could be cleaned up and used for storage (cd’s)
Photo of free Wooden bottle container (Lisle)
Offer: Unused plastic cups (Lisle) Gifted - These are unused but old and have turned yellow. Maybe they could be used for starting seeds, or another craft?
Photo of free Unused plastic cups (Lisle)
Offer: black walnuts - husks removed (Lisle) Gifted - These are from last year but still good, have had the outer husks removed and are ready for cracking open. You will need a vise and a hammer. They are very tasty! Offer: Scented and unscented tea lights (Lisle) Gifted - Scented and unscented tea lights Plus incense and incense holder, also sage for smudging
Photo of free Scented and unscented tea lights (Lisle)
Offer: Hardcover Note book (Lisle) Gifted - About 6” tall, unused
Photo of free Hardcover Note book (Lisle)
Offer: Shoelaces (Lisle) Gifted - Some used, some new. For athletic shoes. Please take all.
Photo of free Shoelaces (Lisle)
Offer: Wood railings (Lisle) - 3 Wood railings 9’ 7.5’ 4.5. Usable condition.
Photo of free Wood railings (Lisle)
Offer: Manila folders (Lisle) Gifted - Used, but in good condition Offer: White inside door closer (Lisle) - White inside door closer I have two of the screws that go with it, but it’s very usable.
Photo of free White inside door closer (Lisle)
Offer: Multi volt car charger (Lisle) - See pic
Photo of free Multi volt car charger (Lisle)
Offer: kale and cilantro seeds (Lisle) Gifted - purple kale and cilantro seeds. Offer: Temporary hair colors (Lisle) Gifted - Temporary hair coloring, wash out.
Photo of free Temporary hair colors (Lisle)
Offer: Pad of grid paper 11x17 (Lisle) Gifted - Has been folded, but still useful.
Photo of free Pad of grid paper 11x17 (Lisle)
Offer: Small gift boxes (Lisle) - 1 Carson’s (7 x 5.5) & 1 Marshall Fields small gift box (5.5 x 3.5)
Photo of free Small gift boxes (Lisle)
Offer: Binder of info on Celtic Runes (Lisle) - Binder looks lousy, but pages of information is still good for this Subject. Offer: Iview TV/DVD player (Lisle) Gifted - Small, ~ 10” TV with built in DVD player, usb and sd/mic/ms ports. Could be used as a monitor.
Photo of free Iview TV/DVD player (Lisle)
Offer: wicks for candle making (Lisle) Gifted - Open package of wicks and old candles that can be melted to create new candles. Offer: Scrap wood (Lisle) Gifted - From deck that was re-done
Photo of free Scrap wood (Lisle)
Offer: Railings (Lisle) Gifted - 42’ high, ~ 8 feet long
Photo of free Railings (Lisle)
Offer: Brush on cavity protection (Lisle) - Unopened fluoride gel brushing cavity protection.
Photo of free Brush on cavity protection (Lisle)
Offer: Off mosquito repellent (Lisle) Gifted - Opened containers of Off, we somehow ended up with way too many!
Photo of free Off mosquito repellent (Lisle)
Offer: Plastic clip-on name tags (Lisle) Gifted - Most clear, clip/on.
Photo of free Plastic clip-on name tags (Lisle)
Offer: Stickers (Lisle) Gifted - See pic, fun stickers for all ages
Photo of free Stickers (Lisle)