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Offer: Dental Floss Threaders NEW (L6M 1H8) Gifted - There are 40 plus new dental floss threaders. I don't want to handle them to count. KxDyQ
Offer: Healthware Exercise Bike (L6M 1H8) Gifted - Older exercise bike. I just noticed that the load doesnt go up but i havent used it for a while. It measures 20” x 40” x 60”. Both Healthware and Lifestyle names appear on bike and manual. -programmable electronic computer -electro magnetic tension - wide moulded polyurethane saddle -quick adjust handle bar -floor leveller -transformer This bike is heavy and needs two strong people to carry it out. I wouldn’t be able to take this apart but you are welcome to do so if you want and if you think it can be done safely. Pick up only.
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Offer: Large Chrysanthemum (L6M 1H8) Gifted - This is a Costco large chrysanthemum. I’ve had it outside but the temperature is dropping. Someone was collecting these last year. Offer: Pet Rollaway Mats (L6M 1H8) Gifted - I have 3 of these pet mats. They measure 40” x 26” and are quilted. They roll up and and tie up and have a handle. 2 are brown and one is red. Take all.
Offer: Good News For Modern Man (L6M 1H8) Gifted - The new testament in today's English version. Paperback Pick up only
Offer: Artificial Christmas Tree Branches (L6M 1H8) Gifted - We had to cut our tree down to a shorter size when we moved. As a result I have a dozen or so branches from the bottom that maybe someone needs to replace some. These are in excellent condition . See pictures for style of branches. Can be used for crafts
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Offer: Toronto Argos/Sask Game Today (L6M 1H8) Gifted - 2 tickets for tonight’s game sat sept 28th 7 pm Sec 223 row 1 seats 7&8 Pick up only in Oakville Offer: 2 pce License Frame (L6M 1H8) Gifted - As shown
Offer: Yellow Day Lily Tubers (L6M 1H8) Gifted - 3 containers at curb of 1209 Rushbrooke dr Oakville. just come and get them. should be picked up and planted quickly Offer: 38”bbq Rotisserie spit (L6M 1H8) Gifted - This is the rod only Offer: Investment Analysis and Portfolio (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance. Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Hardcover – 1973 by Jerome B Cohen, Edward D Zinbarg & Arthur Zeikel
Offer: Economics (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance. Third Canadian edition by Paul A Samuelson
Offer: Finding Our Own Way (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance. The Meyers Norris Penny story
Offer: Managerial Economics Text & Cases (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance. Managerial Economics Text & Cases 1973 By Charles J Christenson, Richard F Vancil & Paul W Marshall
Offer: The Law & Business Administration (L6M 1H8) Gifted - The Law and Business Administration in Canada Hardcover Second Edition by J. E. Smyth & D. A. Soberman Plus others
Offer: Windows 95 for Dummies (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance. Large book
Offer: HP Scanjet software (L6M 1H8) Gifted - Last Chance.. As in picture
Offer: Real Men Don't Cook Quiche (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance. Real Men Don't Cook Quiche by Scott Redman
Offer: Management Alert (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance... By Michael Kami
Offer: Directory of directors 1995 (L6M 1H8) Gifted - Last Chance.. By financial post
Offer: A History of Market Research (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance. A History of Market Research in Canada
Offer: Airline Ear Phones (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last chance. I have 2 sets as shown in picture
Offer: Canada Year Book 2006 (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance.
Offer: The Japanese Consumer (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance.
Offer: Faucet face plate (L6M 1H8) Gifted - Last chance, new never used. As in picture
Offer: Sharp Electronic Organizer EL-6061 (L6M 1H8) Gifted - Last chance This was new and never used but the battery died at some point
Offer: Older Business books (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - As shown
Offer: Older Management books (L6M 1H8) Gifted - As shown
Offer: Older accounting books (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - As shown
Offer: Older math books (L6M 1H8) Gifted - As shown