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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Gluten Free products (L6M 1H8) Gifted - Thought my son would need these but tests said no. Flour and fettuccine unopened but rotini was opened. Will leave on bench at my front door when you say you are coming.
Offer: Small Lock & Keys (L6M 1H8) - Take all
Offer: Charity Key Chains (L6M 1H8) - Take all
Offer: 3 Calendars (L6M 1H8) Gifted - All feature dogs and wildlife
Offer: Urine-Erase (L6M 1H8) Gifted - Removes urine stains and odour. I only have about 1/2 bottle of liquid left but no more of the powder. Maybe someone can use this
Offer: Dental Floss Threaders NEW (L6M 1H8) Gifted - There are 40 plus new dental floss threaders. I don't want to handle them to count. KxDyQ
Offer: Healthware Exercise Bike (L6M 1H8) Gifted - Older exercise bike. I just noticed that the load doesnt go up but i havent used it for a while. It measures 20” x 40” x 60”. Both Healthware and Lifestyle names appear on bike and manual. -programmable electronic computer -electro magnetic tension - wide moulded polyurethane saddle -quick adjust handle bar -floor leveller -transformer This bike is heavy and needs two strong people to carry it out. I wouldn’t be able to take this apart but you are welcome to do so if you want and if you think it can be done safely. Pick up only.
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Offer: Large Chrysanthemum (L6M 1H8) Gifted - This is a Costco large chrysanthemum. I’ve had it outside but the temperature is dropping. Someone was collecting these last year. Offer: Pet Rollaway Mats (L6M 1H8) Gifted - I have 3 of these pet mats. They measure 40” x 26” and are quilted. They roll up and and tie up and have a handle. 2 are brown and one is red. Take all.
Offer: Good News For Modern Man (L6M 1H8) Gifted - The new testament in today's English version. Paperback Pick up only
Offer: Artificial Christmas Tree Branches (L6M 1H8) Gifted - We had to cut our tree down to a shorter size when we moved. As a result I have a dozen or so branches from the bottom that maybe someone needs to replace some. These are in excellent condition . See pictures for style of branches. Can be used for crafts
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Offer: Toronto Argos/Sask Game Today (L6M 1H8) Gifted - 2 tickets for tonight’s game sat sept 28th 7 pm Sec 223 row 1 seats 7&8 Pick up only in Oakville Offer: 2 pce License Frame (L6M 1H8) Gifted - As shown
Offer: Yellow Day Lily Tubers (L6M 1H8) Gifted - 3 containers at curb of 1209 Rushbrooke dr Oakville. just come and get them. should be picked up and planted quickly Offer: 38”bbq Rotisserie spit (L6M 1H8) Gifted - This is the rod only Offer: Investment Analysis and Portfolio (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance. Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Hardcover – 1973 by Jerome B Cohen, Edward D Zinbarg & Arthur Zeikel
Offer: Economics (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance. Third Canadian edition by Paul A Samuelson
Offer: Finding Our Own Way (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance. The Meyers Norris Penny story
Offer: Managerial Economics Text & Cases (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance. Managerial Economics Text & Cases 1973 By Charles J Christenson, Richard F Vancil & Paul W Marshall
Offer: The Law & Business Administration (L6M 1H8) Gifted - The Law and Business Administration in Canada Hardcover Second Edition by J. E. Smyth & D. A. Soberman Plus others
Offer: Windows 95 for Dummies (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance. Large book
Offer: HP Scanjet software (L6M 1H8) Gifted - Last Chance.. As in picture
Offer: Real Men Don't Cook Quiche (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance. Real Men Don't Cook Quiche by Scott Redman
Offer: Management Alert (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance... By Michael Kami
Offer: Directory of directors 1995 (L6M 1H8) Gifted - Last Chance.. By financial post
Offer: A History of Market Research (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance. A History of Market Research in Canada
Offer: Airline Ear Phones (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last chance. I have 2 sets as shown in picture
Offer: Canada Year Book 2006 (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance.
Offer: The Japanese Consumer (L6M 1H8) Withdrawn - Last Chance.
Offer: Faucet face plate (L6M 1H8) Gifted - Last chance, new never used. As in picture