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Offer: bag of cut up tee shirts make great shop rags [KU Med area] Expired - Grocery size bag of clean cut up tee shirts nothing fancy. Can’t wear them. Use as rags. Offer: Scrap material {KU Med Area Expired - Gonna try this one more time before trash day— I have 2 bags of material scraps, leftovers from sewing projects the pieces are big enough to make doll clothes or other small crafts. There is also a pile of beanie baby size stuffed animals that I took the stuffing out of (bodies only not the heads) for a project that I never finished. Offer: Candles {KU Med area Gifted - sack full of unused Waxman candles. Nothing wrong with them. Just smells I don’t use anymore. Offer: scrap material, wrapping paper, craft stuff, antique mirror stand {KU Med area Expired - 2 bags of scrap material, plus misc other craft stuff 4 rolls Christmas wrapping paper, 1 birthday paper antique wood stand for mirror. Offer: growler bottles [KU Med area] Expired - 1 each: 1 qt Free State bottle 30oz McCoy’s bottle with bale Offer: Computer keyboards [KU Med area] Gifted - 2 computer keyboards and a pile of random computer connecting cords Offer: stick vacuum {KU Med area} (KU Med area) Expired - Electrolux stick vacuum. Works "ok" doesn't suck as much as I want it to but does an ok job on hard floors Offer: Sewing table insert (KU Med area) Gifted - I found this in my Mom's sewing paraphernalia. It is a plastic insert for a sewing table that goes round the free arm of the machine to level it with the table. I don't know if anyone can use it, but I hate to pitch it before I check with the list. The measurements are 11⅝ wide by 12¼ long, there is a ¼" lip around the top The hole is 7" x 3⅝" wide at the wide part and 3 ½" x 3 ½" at the narrow part. I have no idea what kind of sewing table it went to I do know it was one of those white laminiate covered ones. I assume the sewing machine that went with it was a singer since that was what she always had. Offer: Stain spray (KU Med area) Expired - in the search for a product that I can stand the smell of I have collected 3 bottles of stain spray and 1 stick of stain gel that I will never use. Also have ½ bottle of fabreeze. Easy porch pickup. Offer: Packaging/mailing stuff (KU Med area) Expired - I have 4 big bags of packaging stuff. Bubble wrap, those air bags, crumpled clean paper, a few mailing envelopes are in there, some packing peanuts. Great stuff for ebayers