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Offer: water butt (Kettering, Headlands) Gifted - Large green plastic water butt, with lid and stand. Offer: Barrel (Kettering, Headlands) Gifted - Blue plastic barrel, three feet high. Will hold about 200 litres. Might be useful on an allotment. Offer: fig tree (Kettering, Headlands) Gifted - Young fig tree in plastic tub. Tree is about eight feet tall. Offer: water butt (Kettering, Headlands) Gifted - Green plastic water butt with stand. Has been connected to downpipe from roof and will store approx 200 litres of rainwater. Offer: dvd player (Kettering, Headlands) Gifted - Pioneer dvd player DV 636 D. No leads. Offer: audio equipment (Kettering, Headlands) Gifted - A Technics DC Servo automatic turntable. Not used for many years. Condition uncertain. A Technics stereo double cassette deck. Unused for years. No leads. Two Vision Design speakers. No leads. Condition uncertain. Offer: composter (Kettering, Headlands) Gifted - Wilko compost bin. Black. 80 cm (32 ") high. 65cm (25") wide. I have three bins and I only need two. Can't deliver. Call 07775420070 if you are interested. Offer: young oak tree (Kettering, Headlands) Gifted - I have a young oak tree, grown from an acorn from the beer barrel oak, Geddington Chase. It is about six feet tall and needs a large plot for its permanent home. Offer: eucalyptus tree (Kettering, Headlands) Gifted - I have a eucalyptus tree that I need to re-home. It currently lives in a planter and is about 12 feet high. It will grow to more than 20 feet tall and so needs a large garden or plot. Definitely not for a small urban garden. I cannot deliver it, so new owner would need suitable transport.