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Request: Flymo (AB15) - Need a working flymo to cut a grassy slope. Can collect easy and will observe social distancing. Request: Slow cooker (AB15) - Looking for a slow cooker if anyone has one they dont use. Any size and can easily collect. Thanks. Offer: Russel hobs mini fryer (AB15) Gifted - Good condition mini fryer for collection.
Offer: Coffee maker (AB15) - Not sure of brand but work fine and has a built in filter. Collection only.
Request: Fishing equipment (AB15) - Hi, does anyone have any old fishing equipment they dont use anymore? I work for a Childrens charity, and one of our children loves fishing but we dont have any equipment. Request: Cardboard boxes needed (AB15) - Hi, I need boxes to store lots of items while work is being done in house. Anyone help? Can easy collect. Request: Car Bike rack required (AB15) - Anyone got a bike rack they dont use anymore? Request: Wire mesh (AB15) - Looking for any wire mesh to secure a garden for rabbits. Request: Board games request (AB12) - Anyone have any board games they dont need anymore? My kids prefer them to their tablets. Love games where you compete against other individuals, so no party games. Please let me know if you do. Can easy collect. Request: Hand blender (AB12) - Anyone have a hand blender they dont use? Can easy collect. Request: Hover mower (AB12) - Anyone got a hover mower they dont use anymore? Can easy collect. Request: Amazon fire stick (AB12) - Anyone got an Amazon Fire Stick they dont need anymore? Can easily collect. Request: Kids board games (AB12) - Anyone hot any old board games suitable for kids to adult? Doesn't matter if they are old, new, whatever. Request: Now TV box (AB12) - Anyone got a Now TV box they.dont use anymore? Can easy.collect. Request: Childrens console games (AB12) - Looking for any xbox 360 or playstation 3 games for kids. No 15 or 18 certificates. Request: Drop leaf table and fold away (AB12) - Anyone got a fold down table and chairs. For a small flat. Request: Kids board games (AB12) - Looking for any board games suitable for 6 -10 year olds. Can easy collect. Thank you. Request: Roof felt (AB12) - Hi, anyone have any excess roof felt they want rid of? Can easy collect. Request: Blood pressure cuff (AB12) - Anyone got a working blood pressure cuff or reader? Really appreciated if you do. Can collect easily.2 Request: Xbox360 controller (AB12) - Anyone have an Xbox 360 control pad they don't need anymore? I have 2 kids and only one pad. Request: Xbox 360 controller (AB12) - Hi, I'm looking for an Xbox 360 pad (or two). Kids have found my old console and want to play Lego Star Wars. Any help really appreciated. Request: Computer and monitor (AB21) - Hi, I work for a children's charity, and one of the young people I work with needs an old pc for a project he wants to undertake. Just needs to be working and have power cable, keyboard, but not fussed of age, condition, speed etc Can easily collect. Request: Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs (AB12) - Hi, I'm looking for a board game called Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs. Anyone got a dusty copy somewhere? Request: Escape from Atlantis (AB12) - Hi, I'm trying to find a copy of a Waddingtons board game called Escape from Atlantis. Anyone got a copy gathering dust somewhere? Request: Jigsaw mat jig roll (AB12) - Hi, anyone got one of those mats for rolling up a jigsaw? Got a wee boy right into his puzzles just now. Can easily collect. Request: Fishing rods for a first timer (AB12) - Hi, looking for a couple of easy use first timer rods to take my kids fishing. Request: Gas Camping stove regulator (AB12) - Hi, does anyone have a gas camping stove regulator they don't use? Offer: Power Washer (AB12) Gifted - Halfords power washer with various attachments. Still working and free to a good home.
Request: Hiking GPS (AB12) - Hi, I'm looking for a hiking style GPS to go geocaching with the kids. Anyone help? Request: Shelving for a hut (AB12) - Hi, does anyone have any shelving or stand up racks I could use in my hut? Current system is boxes on boxes, and it's not working out. Thanks.