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Offer: WORKING Singer Sewing Machine (Hatfield Borough 19440) - Portable. Electric, Works great. EASY front porch pick up once I know you are coming for it, I will put it out. I do not have a photo of THIS MACHINE... BUT THIS IS A PHOTO OF A portable Singer sewing machine that is sort of basically what this one looks like. (it does not have the "scrolling design on it.)
Photo of free WORKING Singer Sewing Machine (Hatfield Borough 19440)
Offer: 5 pairs of women's pants HATFIELD (Hatfield Borough 19440) Withdrawn - 1. LEVI 540 blue jeans 42 x 32 hem frayed, pants sturdy/no holes 2. DOCKER cargo pants baige 44 x 32 very good shape/no rips/holes/stains 3. GLORIA VANDERBILT cords dark brown 22 womens very good shape no holes/rips/stains 4. CABIN CREEK cords dark blue 24 womens very good shape no holes/rips/stains 5. CHEROKEE cotton med weight olive draw string/pockets very good shape no holes/rips/stains Please take all. Offer: Clothing (Hatfield Borough 19440) Gifted - Rainfair protective (rain) gear. Size XL YELLOW... jacket/head covering/pants..MODEL No. 00007020 Matching: Russ Woman: shorts, long pants, short sleeved "jacket" ALL WHITE, 60% cotton - 40% poly (feels like cotton) Size: 22w/24w Pants and short are elastic with draw string. Both have front pockets. Very comfortable. Arrow dress shirt, White, long sleeved. NEEDS EXTREME SOAK... THIS HAS YELLOWED OVER TIME IN CLOSET. Size: 16-32/33 60% cotton 40% poly Looks and feels like "broadcloth" fabric.
Photo of free Clothing (Hatfield Borough 19440)
Offer: tv/more (Hatfield Borough 19440) Expired - TV.... NOT A FLAT SCREEN... Magnavox/color... works great 22 inches deep X 23 inches tall X 26 inches long. Decorative Wooden Shopping Bag holder. 15 inches tall (including the cutout decorative hanging part (hangs on wall) X 6 and a quarter inches.... pale yellow cream color with apples painted on it... one of the 2 apples needs a little touch up paint.... Sort of a farm house Shabby-chic look, cute. Request: your unwanted meats (Hatfield Borough 19440) Expired - I use unwanted/freezer burned plain meats to make my dogs and cats food. Several of them have allergies to commercial pet feed, so this works great for them. If it was fit for human consumption when it went into the freezer, they can eat it! It doesn't matter if it was frozen for a year, three years or seven years...they will love it. Any plain raw meat, with or without bones, organs too. Beef, Poultry including duck, Goat, Lamb, Rabbit, Pork, Fish, Deer, Elk, Ostrich...Bison, you name it we can use it! **CURRENTLY*** ONLY DEER HUNTED IN New Jersey is safe from Wasting disease... PA and NY herds both tested positive for this disease.****** New Jersey herds tested NEGATIVE... No problems!! No breading, spices, herbs. We can not use Ham, sausage, bacon, lunch meat, or any other meat that has been smoked, cooked already, or had any other grains, veggies or fruits added to it. Meats a day or three past the sale date CAN BE used to feed the dogs with no problems. If you hunt or raise your own meat and have parts you don't want, like lungs, hearts, trachea, kidney, liver, brains...we CAN USE THOSE TOO! If you don't want to eat it, don't toss it out...I'll come and pick it up....the more you have, the farther I can afford to drive for it! Thank you all for your kind consideration! Laura Redhawk Saoirsa, my rescued pup. Her name is pronounced "Sueshaw," Gallic for Freedom/Liberty after being adopted and returned FOUR TIMES! Sipper, senior cat friend to a parrot, Katie-Catarina-FluffyBottom, a growing, MaineCoon Queen of the wanna be hunter kitty-girls, and Ruger who will climb into any UNATTENDED box or bowl, of any size at all. Offer: Refresh HAIR CONDITIONER/LAST CALL (Hatfield Borough 19440) Expired - LAST CALL BEFORE TRASH shoot me an email if you want this. Trader Joe's REFRESH CITRUS HAIR CONDITIONER with Vitamin "C" 16 oz bottle 2/3s of the bottle left. Wonderful fresh scent, very good for Dry Hair in winter. Mine is just not quite that dry over all and I hate to toss so much, if someone can use it. Offer: 6 Colored Frosted Candle Holders (Hatfield Borough 19440) Expired - For tea light candles or short candles. Each one a different color and as a set they are a rainbow. No chips or cracks (never used). Hexagonal in shape. Offer: freecycle christmas (Hatfield Borough 19440) Expired - PLEASE NOTE: After the past five years or is it six?, The Freecycle Christmas Elves are taking a break this year and we will not be "adopting" any families. This not-for-profit, 100% Volunteer Group has greatly enjoyed and appreciated those families who trusted us to partner with them for the Christmas Season of giving. As many have been hard hit by the adversity of this crazy year, so have many of the elves been slammed by unforeseen situations. Thank you to past families, THE ELVES and those of you who may not have been elves, but who did contribute gently used items to try and match the wish lists we received from our families. Everyone of you made a difference and were a help. We may or may not be able to rally again in the foreseeable future... but all are in our thoughts and prayers... that each of us in the community will be blessed as this year ends and the New Year is hopefully a lot better for ALL of us. Elf Laura