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Offer: Globe artichoke (Burgess Hill) Gifted - Globe artichoke ( bucket not included) it just grows too big! I have another to dig up as well.
Photo of free Globe artichoke (Burgess Hill)
Request: Shed door (Burgess Hill) Received - Hello all, I am looking for a replacement shed door. It is an old large homemade shed/workshop so needs a ' proper ' rather than the typical shed door. It would be great to have a stable door as that would be in keeping with my old house and style. The measurements are 185 x 75.5 cms Thank you so much. Offer: Phone protective cover (Burgess Hill) - For galaxy S5 /G900 Not sure what G900 is but I got it for a Samsung S5
Photo of free Phone protective cover (Burgess Hill)
Offer: Games (Burgess Hill) - Hangman and link letters
Photo of free Games (Burgess Hill)
Offer: 2 picture frames (Burgess Hill) - One light wood 40 x 32 one teal blue 36 x 29 . For hanging or restimg againt a wall ie no stands on the back. Offer: Zanussi cooker (Burgess Hill) Gifted - Working electric cooker with ceramic hob.The main oven door needs a new catch. I’m afraid it does need a clean 😏 For use or scrap.
Photo of free Zanussi cooker (Burgess Hill)
Photo of free Zanussi cooker (Burgess Hill)
Offer: Tupperware cake box (Burgess Hill) Gifted - Blue. Measures approx 21cms in diameter
Photo of free Tupperware cake box (Burgess Hill)
Offer: Lampshade (Burgess Hill) Gifted - Cream. Brand new 19cms/7.5"
Photo of free Lampshade (Burgess Hill)
Offer: Pallet (Burgess Hill) Gifted - Large pallet painted blue. Would anyone like to collect it ? Offer: Lots of envelopes (Burgess Hill) Gifted - Various sizes and unwritten on. Request: She'd door (Burgess Hill) Received - Hello, I need to replace my shed door, not typical shed,but a solid door. It's going on an old shed in an old garden with an old house so please if someone has an old characterful door knocking around hat you no longer require I'd love to recycle it for you. Thank you very much for looking. Offer: Lots of envelopes (Burgess Hill) Gifted - Various sizes and unwritten on.
Photo of free Lots of envelopes (Burgess Hill)
Offer: Massive bag (had logs in ) (Burgess Hill) Gifted - Useful for trips to the dump etc.
Photo of free Massive bag (had logs in ) (Burgess Hill)
Offer: New fence panel (Burgess Hill) Gifted - A small piece of this has been sawn off to fill a gap about 1' so the panel left is 6 x 5' . Just needs batten either side of one end. Must go today.
Photo of free New fence panel (Burgess Hill)
Offer: Rubble/hardcore (Burgess Hill) Gifted - Ex BBQ bricks suitable for hardcore They are in my drive so can be collected anytime just ask for my address. Otherwise they will go to the dump when i can get round to it.
Photo of free Rubble/hardcore (Burgess Hill)
Offer: Venetian blind (Burgess Hill) Gifted - Wooden blind measuring 53.5 cms wide and 131 cms long. Jas some water/steam marks as its been in the bathroom .
Photo of free Venetian blind (Burgess Hill)
Offer: Bin (Burgess Hill) Gifted - Bin 28cms high and 23 cms in circumference. Bamboo or similar. Has a plastic inner bucket.Used.
Photo of free Bin (Burgess Hill)
Offer: Bubble wrap (Burgess Hill) Gifted - 2 long ĺengths of big bubbled bubble wrap for moving or storing. To go asap.
Photo of free Bubble wrap (Burgess Hill)
Offer: Bricks (Burgess Hill) Gifted - This brick BBQ is coming down. Would anyone like the bricks ?
Photo of free Bricks (Burgess Hill)
Offer: Pallets (Burgess Hill) Gifted - I have 2 pallets.Clean bare wood.Can anyone make use of them? Project/fire wood.
Photo of free Pallets (Burgess Hill)
Offer: Packaging for moving (Burgess Hill) Gifted - Of use to someone who's moving or for storing safely. Size can be seen against armchair. Will be going to the dump as soon as I can get there next week if no one would like.
Photo of free Packaging for moving (Burgess Hill)
Photo of free Packaging for moving (Burgess Hill)
Offer: Large hama beads boards (Burgess Hill) - About 6" sq and 6x8"
Photo of free Large hama beads boards (Burgess Hill)
Offer: Old decking biards (Burgess Hill) Gifted - I have lots of old decking boards which are stacked up in the drive ready for collection. They are only suitable for bonfires or fire wood. Request: Carpet remnant/rug (Burgess Hill) Received - Hi , I am looking for either a rug or carpet remnant please. The ideal size is 180 x160 cms 'ish and it needs to be thick and comfortable as it is for floor exercises and I have floorboards ! Thank you very much Offer: liriope (Burgess Hill) Gifted - See plant label in photo. Lots of it more than in picture. Needs to be divided. Great for ground cover. Needs to be collected from Burgess Hill before dump run on monday
Photo of free liriope (Burgess Hill)
Photo of free liriope (Burgess Hill)
Request: fabric (Burgess Hill) Received - Has anyone any Christmas or Christmasy coloured fabric please. I work with a man with disabilities who loves to sew and we are doing a Christmas market in November. We need to get making as soon as possible and would make good use of anything that anyone can spare please. Thank you so much Offer: Craft magazines (Burgess Hill) Gifted - Just a few. Maybe someone would like to flick through them for ideas
Photo of free Craft magazines (Burgess Hill)
Request: Dogwood (cornus) (Burgess Hill) Received - Does anyone have any prunings or rootings of dogwood I could have please. Red,green,yellow it really doesn't matter. As nowish is the time to cut back I thought I'd ask . THANK YOU SO MUCH Offer: Long bolster cushion (Burgess Hill) - A few marks on it. The width of a double bed. No cover. From dunelm mill originally. Offer: 18 and 21 confetti (Burgess Hill) Gifted - 21 unopened 18 almost full amount but not in original packaging