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Offer: Boxes- good for moving (Abbotts Brdg & Jones Brdg) Gifted - I have about a dozen boxes, good for moving. Offer: Kerosene lamp base + 1 bottle of (Abbotts Brdg & Jones Brdg) - I have a oil lamp base (honeycomb pattern) and a bottle of lamp oil. Request: Bread machine (Abbotts Brdg & Jones Brdg) - I just killed my 25-year-old bread machine :( If anyone has one they do not use anymore we sure could use it. Many Thanks! Offer: Anyone moving? I have about 8 boxes (Abbotts Brdg & Jones Brdg) Gifted - I have about 8 misc boxes if needed for a move Offer: Packing material (Abbotts Brdg & Jones Brdg) Gifted - Packing material. 06.21.20 I have a lot of bubble wrap, thin foam sheets (to wrap dishes, pictures...) and styro dividers to keep things from rubbing against each other... about a backseat FULL. If anyone wants this let me know. I plan on getting rid of it Monday if no interest. Offer: Pots and pans (Abbotts Brdg & Jones Brdg) Gifted - Calphalon skillets and Macys Cooks brand stock pots Offer: 7 bars Irish Spring soap in boxes (Abbotts Brdg & Jones Brdg) Gifted - in boxes not opened Offer: Oster blender jar w/lid and blades (Abbotts Brdg & Jones Brdg) Expired - Oster blender jar w/lid and black base with blades. Compatable with Oster Kitchen center and other models as listed. part numbers, 124462-000-090 Jar Cover & 050613-002-089 Filler Cup. This is the original Square blender jar. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE MOTOR BASE. Offer: Two 4" 3 ring binders (Abbotts Brdg & Jones Brdg) Expired - white- excellent condition Offer: 3 hole punch (Abbotts Brdg & Jones Brdg) Gifted - works great- excellent condition Offer: Tall mirror (Abbotts Brdg & Jones Brdg) Gifted - 20"x67" unframed mirror